Villain Husband, Please Let Go


A Fortune-teller once said that Tang Wan was destined to live her entire life alone, but she didn’t believe him, she had money and beauty, how could she not get married?

She ended up having 99 boyfriends, each of whom found their true love and dumped her within a month!

The last one even ran off with another woman on their wedding day!

Then she was bound to a daddy system.

Dad System: Want a perfect husband? No.998, no No.888, just bind to my Daddy System and the perfect husband will be delivered to your home!

Tang Wan: Daddy? EXM?

Daddy System (shy): Hello daughter~Call Daddy, you can have any kind of son-in-law you want!

After binding to the system, Tang Wan only wanted to strangle it. The promised perfect husband?! These men with crooked natures, who dares to want them?! Would I not be digging a pit for myself to fall and bury my head in?!

Daddy system: Daughter, why would father let you dig a pit for yourself to bury your head in? Con? You take a look, which one of them is not premium quality goods? Which one of them is not handsome with long slender legs?

Tang Wan:…