Author: Chao Can (Morning Brilliance)

Summary: Lu Lin prided himself on being decent and conservative. He never thought that he would ever relate perfume with men or high school teachers.

But the new English teacher's fingertips exude a faint scent of Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine.

And it smells really good.

When Pei Zhuo entered the staffroom office, his eyes were instantly attracted to his fellow Language teacher he shared a class with.

Serious, traditional, and unsmiling, even the shirt he wore was buttoned all the way up to the first button, like a restrained and withdrawn Chinese ink painting.

He felt an urge to lead him astray.

Prim-and-proper-innocent Gong (Lu Lin) X Still-waters-run-deep-icily-aloof Shou (Pei Zhuo)

Content tags: City Love, Devoted Love Interests, Sweet, Campus Love / School Romance

Search keywords: Protagonists: Pei Zhuo, Lu Lin┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:

Brief Review: Pei Zhuo transferred to Yi High as the new English teacher for the second year students, and he met the unsmiling form teacher Lu Lin. One was like perfume, faint, indistinct and beguiling, while the other was like an army officer, restrained, subdued and handsome. As their understanding of each other continued to deepen, their mutual flirting would be filled with full enjoyment of love and liberating self-expression. This novel has a fresh writing style and a rich plot, filled with the campus aura. From the perspective of a teacher, we revisit the three years spent in high school. The tale discusses family, love, friendship, and also highlights the pure love that can exist between two men. The novel is gentle, timeless and highly readable.