Never Meeting Again in Our Next Lives


[Volume One] Song Yan x Xia Lin (Never Meeting Again in Our Next Lives)

In his past life, Xia Lin was devoted to Song Yan, but he ultimately could not escape his fate of being someone’s replacement. In his reincarnated life, Xia Lin has decided to sever that evil fate and stay away from Song Yan. Only, he learnt that Song Yan has reincarnated too.

Gong and shou have both reincarnated into their younger selves, the story is told in chronological order.

[Volume Two] Zhou Shuo x Xia Liang (To Violate One’s Master)

One is a reticent servant that doesn’t like to express himself while the other is an extremely straight young master. Until one day, when fate opened a new door for them and completely shattered their stable master-servant relationship. When facing an increasingly domineering Zhou Shuo, what should Xia Liang do?

Every volume has a HE HE HE, important things need to be repeated in threes.

Author: 天袭 (Tian Xi)
Tags: Modern, Reincarnation, Angst, Beautiful Protagonists, R*pe, S*xual Assault