A Precious Pearl in the Imperial City


The imperial city has three treasures: me√ my husband√ my mother-in-law√

Noble Consort Su was the most favored within the six palaces, envied by countless imperial concubines. Chen wang grew up with His Majesty’s favoritism. Every single person who was more or less lettered sighed with sorrow -- this mother and son pair would definitely not meet a good end.

Ming Jiuzhu, who was about to marry Chen wang: Really? I don’t believe it.

Chen wang in Jiuzhu’s eyes: a beautiful and kindhearted little celestial vs. Chen wang in other people’s eyes: His Majesty and his favored consort’s hedonistic son.

Jiuzhu often wondered why others always used an expression of “you are done for sooner or later” to gaze at her and Chen wang. Could this be the ugly face of jealousy?

Aiyo, these people’s hearts were so dirty.