On the Eve of Breaking Up, She Turned Into a Mushroom


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AUTHOR: Qing Huaran

The Daoist Lord Xie Wuwang has peerless beauty, top notch cultivation, and holds influence over the three realms. He is known as the ruler of the world.

Those enamoured with his beauty are countless.

Everybody knows there are no feelings between him and his daoist companion, Ning Qingqing. He stays with her only because of the many years they’ve spent together. It was simply like how he had no need to throw away his swords or magical treasures.

That was, until the day he killed her mushroom.

That was the only gift he gave her. The last bit of warmth in her heart.

She gave up completely, deciding to let go.

That night, thrown into turmoil by her feelings, she took herself to be that dead mushroom.

This wasn’t the first time she used divorce to threaten him.

Xie Wuwang thought Ning Qingqing would calm down after a night’s sleep and regret it just like before, finding some excuse to pretend yesterday never happened.

But he never expected that instead of finding an excuse, he would find a plot of damp soil where she buried herself with only her head poking above the ground...

Xie Wuwang: “?!?!”

#Screw his love, this immortal mushroom just wants to eat dirt#

#My daoist companion doesn’t love me, she wants to reproduce by herself, what to do#

#Why does my wife’s crematorium seems different from other people’s#