Looting Equipment From NPCs


CN Title: 和NPC抢装备 [Unlimited Flow/Survival]
Author: 原叶原/Yuán Yè Yuán
Chapter: 102

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Lou Fan is an ordinary person, nothing special. However, after being suddenly drawn into the mission world, he found himself quite special-very lucky to be exact!

When other people's whole team is destroyed, his team passed with everyone intact; other people can't find equipment, they get rewards from NPC; other people's spirit weapons are used as decorations, while their spirit weapons leveled up like a rocket.

Lou Fan: Although I'm lucky, my strength is terrible...

Qin Tan: I will never waste time talking rubbish if I can just take action. Alright, who of you is my opponent?

NPC: No! We just want to kneel down and call Dad!

This terrifying lucky king not only robs players of equipment, but the important thing is that he doesn't even let go of NPCs!!! A violent but unlucky guy and a weak but lucky king teaming up, the NPCs decided to resign. They couldn't do this job!

A super lucky archer shou vs powerful but unlucky gong

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