True Or False? ~ Love Game? No, I Will Not Participate In The Competition


In the place where everyone gathered for an engagement announcement, suddenly – “I’m breaking this engagement!” was declared. Saya’s childhood friend tearfully exposed her as a bully. Believing this lie, Saya’s parents announced that they were cutting all ties with her.

Saya, who was suddenly hit with these three strikes all at once, was then adopted by an influential house that showered her in care, until the time she would know what true love is.

…Or not. Things wouldn’t happen that easily.

Why might that be? “Why won’t the scenario move along properly!? I see, you’re a glitch aren’t you!!” It’s because this delusional woman (heroine) is around.

As she dodges the attacks of such a heroine, please join Saya until she is able to reach her happy end.

※The otome game settings are only on the heroine side.