Chapter 79 - Cause of death

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Chapter 79 - Cause of death

An Hongche stared at Su Yu, who was full of curiosity, and moved his head close to the neck of his foolish slave, closing his eyes and yawning.

“Your Majesty, please finish your words before you go to sleep.” Su Yu poked His Majesty the Emperor’s shoulder with one finger. Stopping halfway through his words, this was leaving him in suspense.

His Majesty furrowed his brows, placing his arms on Su Yu’s chest, he stretched them forward, somewhat relieved of fatigue, and then took the opportunity to extend one hand into Su Yu’s inner garment.

“Do you want to know?”

Long and flexible fingers scratched his chest, and Su Yu suddenly became distracted. “Hmm, want…”

An Hongche remained silent for a moment, but the movement of his hand did not stop, seemingly thinking about how to tell Su Yu.

Su Yu’s whole body felt feverish from being touched, and he promptly caught the hand.

His Majesty raised his head in confusion, his clear eyes free of impurities. Suddenly, Su Yu felt that he was slighting the Emperor, so he swallowed back the words that he was about to say to stop him from touching randomly.

“Isn’t the border always very peaceful? Who did the late emperor fight?”

“Yazi.”His Majesty the Emperor suddenly blurted out such a word out of nowhere. He hugged Su Yu into his arms and placed his chin on his head.

“Ah?” Su Yu blinked and looked up at him. “What duck?”[TL_Note:Yazi sounds similar to duck in Chinese]

“Do you remember the dark shadow that sneak attacked you in the hunting ground last time?” An Hongche lowered his head and licked the tip of Su Yu’s nose.

Su Yu felt itchy and raised his hand to touch his nose.

“I remember.” At that time, the dark shadow was hiding in a tree and shot a hidden arrow at him, which really scared him a lot.

The hidden arrow was still carrying some very strange dark mist and shot straight at the top of his head. If it had hit, it would immediately turn him into a dead fish.

Later, the Emperor himself rushed up to destroy the creature himself, and the screams it made were terrifying. Su Yu wanted to take a look but was stopped by the Emperor who said he wouldn’t show it to him.

“That’s the descendant of the ancient fierce beast Yazi.” His Majesty couldn’t help but frown when he remembered the Yazi.

The Yazi was a ferocious beast from ancient times and was definitely not comparable to the thing that shot the hidden arrow. The ones that still survived in the Da’an Dynasty today were hybrids of Yazis and other things.

They had their eyes on the royal family for some unknown reason, and since the time of Emperor Taizong, there have been frequent assassinations of the royal family by the Yazi descendants.

The Yazi are different from ordinary assassins, the hidden guards could not kill the Yazi, it only could be done by the royal family themselves. This is also why the State Teacher urges them to practice martial arts diligently.

“The late emperor assassinated by the Yazi?” Su Yu’s eyes widened and he couldn’t help but wrap his arms around the Emperor’s waist.

This kind of thing that hides in the darkness is impossible to guard against, so doesn’t that mean that the Emperor is in danger every moment of the day?

Sensing Su Yu’s nervousness, An Hongche snorted coldly.

“With Zhen here, what are you afraid of? It’s merely a Yazi, it’s nothing to worry about.” The late emperor was indeed attacked by the Yazi, but it wasn’t because of this that he died.

Seeing Su Yu still feeling nervous, His Majesty the Emperor felt helpless towards this timid and fragile foolish slave, so he explained the whole story to him.

The so-called catastrophe has actually already begun since the time of the late emperor. Those sea monsters originally only appeared occasionally and were quickly captured by the royal family as a sacrifice to the heavens to ensure peace in the world.

However, since the time of the late emperor, sea monsters have appeared more and more frequently. It was not enough to rely on the State Teacher alone to offer sacrifices to the heavens, if there were too many of Qing Yu and Ying Yu gathered in great numbers, the world would be in chaos.

At that time, the East Sea was guarded by King Jing’s biological father, that is the seventh imperial uncle King Hao.

King Hao was on a patrol of the East Sea and realized that the frequent appearance of sea monsters was related to the Yazi and that these scoundrels were hiding in the East Sea.

In a fit of rage, the late emperor decided to conquer the East Sea. At that time, several Qinwangs who were guarding the sea, including Fifth Imperial Uncle, King Zong, Seventh Imperial Uncle, King Hao, and Ninth Imperial Uncle, King Yong, all followed him on the expedition.

No one knew exactly what the late emperor experienced at the sea. The State Teacher sensed that the late emperor was attacked by the Yazi and was gravely injured, and several of the Qinwangs were in critical condition, but there was no news of them after that.

The catastrophe was temporarily halted, and the frequency of the sea monsters returned to its original state, except that the royal warships were sunk and the State Teacher learned through the blood contract that the several hidden guards and eunuchs who followed the late emperor had also perished.

The emperors of Da’an only ascended to the throne after they were twenty years old. The late emperor died young and An Hongche, who was still a cub at the time, was forced to ascend to the throne early. His body was unstable so he was often unable to go to court.

The Empress Dowager supported the Lu family to temporarily support the situation. From the time he ascended the throne at the age of fifteen to the present, An Hongche had never stopped looking for news about his father emperor in the past five years and every time he was disappointed.

Su Yu felt heartbroken upon hearing this, and his hand around the Emperor’s waist couldn’t help but tighten. To let a kitten as big as a palm support a dynasty, thinking about it made him feel pity.

As a little kitten, one should eat delicious food every day, take a nap and back in the sun when they are full, instead of sitting on a cold dragon chair and facing the intrigues of the courtiers.

Besides, he had lost his father, so there was no big cat to lick his fur every day, and there was no big tail to pounce on…

In order to comfort Sauce, whose father died young, Su Yu decided to cook a sumptuous meal for His Majesty the Emperor in the evening.

The Ying Yu’s fins were naturally used to make shark fin soup. In his previous life, shark fins were a delicacy that was no longer allowed to be eaten because of wildlife protection.

Moreover, at that time, the sea was heavily polluted and it was said that shark fins contained a lot of heavy metals, which made them unsafe to eat.

Now, with Ying Yu in hand, he could eat it without any burden.

There weren’t many fins, just enough to make a bowl of shark fin soup. Shark’s fin itself does not actually have much flavor, it mainly relies on the surrounding ingredients, immersing the taste of those ingredients into the shark’s fin, enhancing the freshness of these ingredients several times.

Which made shark fin one of the four great ancient delicacies in ancient times.

Cut the mushrooms and sea cucumbers into thin shreds, and stir-fry them in a wok to bring out the flavors. The rest of the ingredients were processed in different ways and then placed on the bottom of the pot, and then add the finely sliced fins of the Ying Yu.

Modern restaurants use pressure cookers and other methods to speed up the cooking process, although it was much more convenient, it ultimately lacked the flavor of slow simmering over low heat.

The imperial palace had a good clay pot to stew the soup, so as to not destroy the original taste of the ingredients, and the stewed soup was particularly fragrant.

Place the shark fin soup in a clay pot and simmer slowly over low heat, then instruct the chef to watch the heat. In the afternoon, there was no need to go to the Anguo Tower, so Su Yu had ample time and prepared dinner with great enthusiasm.

The aroma coming from the small kitchen of Beiji Palace could be smelled from afar.

In the evening, His Majesty the Emperor, who had returned from practicing martial arts at Anguo Tower, saw a table full of delicious food. Steamed scallops with garlic vermicelli noodles, spicy shrimp, salt-baked crabs… They were all his favorite dishes and there was even a mysterious bowl of soup on the table.

His Majesty looked quietly at the dishes on the table for a while, then slowly looked up at Su Yu and said.

“Why did you make so much?” This foolish slave has not been so diligent for a long time, what did he want to do by fawning Zhen like this today?

“There was nothing to do in the afternoon, so I made a bit more. Your Majesty, you have worked hard practicing, so please take care of yourself.” Su Yu stepped forward to pull him and facing the handsome Cat Daye, he couldn’t help but smile.

After looking at the foolish slave who had a flattering look on his face, His Majesty the Emperor realized, this kind of attentiveness, he must be wanting it, and he even specially prepared a table of dishes to please Zhen, hmph, hmph! Since the foolish slave wants it so much, Zhen will definitely satisfy him tonight.

His Majesty the Emperor was choosing between eating fish first or eating first and finally decided to eat first. Only after finishing the meal would he have enough strength to satisfy his foolish slave. Having such a lecherous stupid slave is really distressing, His Majesty thought happily as he uncovered the soup bowl in front of him.

The author has something to say:

Small Theater:

Little Fish (serving the plate): Your Majesty, this is the steamed fish I made

Cat Gong: Hmm, to please Zhen so much, he must have wanted it, ba, Hmph, Hmph, Hmph

Little Fish: QAQ

Little Fish (Burning incense): Late Emperor, this is my steamed fish flavored incense

Cat Daddy: Hmm, to please Guaren so much, you must want Guaren to change his child’s dream

Cat Gong: Stupid slave, Zhen dreamt you wanted it, hmph, hmph, hmph


Taizong -> the first emperor

Guaren -> this lonely one

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