Quick Transmigration: The Host Is Sweeter Than Sugar


As the first refined sugar in the Three Realms, Su Tang was so sweet that anyone who saw her wanted to eat her. Among the people chasing her in the mountains and wilds, only the Immortal Xianzun Muli, who is as clear as a stream does not like sweets, and he won’t let others eat her!

Su Tang happily followed Mu Li back to the palace, and even followed his reincarnation to the next worlds. But who can tell her what happened to the reincarnation of Mu Li, who is said to not love sugar in every possible way?

In his first life, the sickly beauty whispered to her in paranoia, “Su Tang, you are mine. You can’t escape from me.”

In his second life, the lonely boy rushed to her softly and acted like a baby, “Tang Tang, I’m very good. Please like me. Okay?”

In the nth life, the cruel demon chuckled softly at her, “Tangtang, I am very easy to be fed, but I don’t like sugar. Would you like to consider feeding me?”

Su Tang hugged herself and shivered. She believed this ghost?! His reincarnations are liars! Con man!!!