As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!


Author: 琴子

Tiana, a timid girl whose magical power continues to decrease year by year, suffered a life of abuse due to her being an incompetent, powerless saint. Driven away to an empire called the 'Cursed Land', she almost got killed on the journey which caused her to remember her previous life as the great saint of the empire, Else.

"Oh? A little bit of my magic power is coming back...?"

Tiana was welcomed as an empress, and her husband, Felix, was the beautiful emperor and her protégé in her previous life.

"A contract marriage until I stabilize the country, and you will be my wife only by name. Once this ends, I will free you from the role and guarantee you no hardships for the rest of your life."

(He used to be so small... and wow, what a generous offer!)

Tiana was extremely busy in her previous life and was abused in this life. She vowed to save the falling country, but she's also hiding her identity to live a leisurely life.

"I have someone I love. I will live my whole life with only Else on my mind." (Um, and that's me from my previous life...)

As Tiana grew closer to Felix in her current life, she also found out that her lack of magic power and the empire's curse was related...!?

This is the story of Tiana, who used to be a powerless saint, reclaiming what was stolen from her and finding herself surrounded by many precious things.