STPDS Chapter 66

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Chapter 66


Translator: Mimi

When Bai Jingchen returned to the room this day, he found that Su Wenliang was in a bad mood.

Although Su Wenliang usually looked impatient or cold most of the time, it was only on the surface. In fact, there was no disturbance in his heart.

But this time, Su Wenliang’s expression was dark, an expression he hadn’t seen for a long time.

Bai Jingchen was startled and changed the subject, hoping to divert Su Wenliang’s attention. He said, “Master, this disciple bought a lot of things today, and even bought some things for Master. Although it’s not valuable, but there is my intention.”

As he said that, he watched Su Wenliang’s eyes fall on him, and unconsciously shivered.

Su Wenliang was a cultivator in the late-stage of Nascent Soul, and he rarely used power to overwhelm people, but he was a little out of shape today. The pressure on his body inadvertently leaked out, making the heart of Bai Jingchen, who was still at the late-stage of Foundation Building, tightened.

Bai Jingchen tried his best to calm down this cultivation’s suppression, and took out the things he bought these days from his storage bag with slightly trembling hands, and handed them over.

The corner of Su Wenliang’s lips twitched, as his eyes flicked back and forth between the things Bai Jingchen bought and Bai Jingchen’s flattering handsome face. Then he said gloomily, “This is what you bought to show filial respect to your master!”

Bai Jingchen swallowed and timidly said, “Master, don’t you like it?”

Su Wenliang amusedly picked up one of the small boxes and said, “Can you explain? What is the use of buying this kind of thing that has no spiritual energy at all?”

Bai Jingchen innocently said, “ can be used to hold important things and so on. Master, look how beautiful they made it.”

Su Wenliang immediately exploded. He almost instantly thought of what the Rouge Dragon ‘Bai Jingchen’ said, saying that Bai Jingchen would get all the beautiful things in the world to please him.

He didn’t believe it at that time. After all, Bai Jingchen was not stupid, and he taught Bai Jingchen. But he didn’t expect that he definitely thought too much. Bai Jingchen was not stupid, he was simply foolish.

He angrily roared, “You get mortal things to show filial respect to your master! Are you need a spanking?”

Bai Jingchen withdrew his body, and said aggrievedly, “That...this is this disciple’s wish, whether Master likes it.”

Su Wenliang’s reply was to stand up and walk in front of him, kicking him hard.

His posture looked extremely scary, but Bai Jingchen didn’t really feel the pain, because Su Wenliang was just putting on a show.

Bai Jingchen felt the sweetness in his heart as he grinned foolishly.

Su Wenliang angrily rolled his eyes and impatiently kicked him a few more times, only to be hugged by Bai Jingchen, who was so unrestrained today. Bai Jingchen looked up at Su Wenliang with a shy look on his handsome face and said, “Master, this disciple realizes his mistake.”

Su Wenliang said, “Okay, stop acting.”

Bai Jingchen shrugged his shoulders with a smile, and then let go of his hands. He didn’t care much on the surface, but in his heart, he wanted to hug him for a little longer.

Bai Jingchen stood up and asked, “Master, what happened today? Could it be that someone who doesn’t have eyes dares to provoke Master. This disciple will definitely teach him a lesson!”

Su Wenliang snorted when he heard this, and said, “It’s nothing to do with you.”

Bai Jingchen responded with a yeah.

Su Wenliang glanced at him, then returned to the bedside and sat down. The pile of things didn’t look so obtrusive. Indeed, most of them were mortal things, and there was no spiritual energy on them, but the workmanship was exceptionally exquisite. Even in modern times, it was absolutely impossible to make such a thing.

It was the first time he saw these things after he came into this world. He didn’t care about them before, but now he felt a little interesting.

He reached out to pick up one, thinking that when Little Liangchen was born, he could give these mortal things to him to play with, and he could make some tangram or chess, which would be both educational and entertaining.

As he was thinking, his eyes inadvertently glanced over Bai Jingchen. He saw he was looking at him with a pampering and gentle face. The smile on his face made people feel as if bathed in a spring breeze.

Under the red light of the setting sun, his face was delicate as a flower and refined as a precious jade. His beauty was incomparable.

Su Wenliang’s heart trembled violently. He lowered his head, pretending not to care. He put all these eye-catching things in a storage bag, and threw it into his mustard space, before asking, “Are you only bought these things when you went out today? You really give me a face!”

Bai Jingchen touched his nose and smiled embarrassingly, and told Su Wenliang about the matter of the storage bag, and also talked about the list of the exhibits that would be auctioned in this auction.

After Su Wenliang finished listening, he said, “Have you written all the auction items?”

Bai Jingchen nodded.

“Then you can just draw them as they are.” Su Wenliang said casually, but he thought in his heart that it would be great if he had a camera. The ancients paid attention to the resemblance of spirit and dissimilarity of shape in painting. The things they drew were like scribblings, basically looking the same. For him, a modern person, it was especially laborious and speechless.

However, he didn’t really want to see it, and just wanted to find something to do for the idle Bai Jingchen.

However, Bai Jingchen seriously agreed. Although he didn’t learn to draw in reality, he had learned it for nearly ten years in the dream, so drawing a few pictures was nothing to him.

Seeing that he agreed readily, Su Wenliang narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “If there is nothing else,just go away. Don’t stand in front of me to obstruct my eyes.”

Bai Jingchen’s heart was hit again, and he spurted blood in his heart. He said with a slightly dull face, “Yeah.”

Su Wenliang closed his eyes. He was originally in a bad mood, but after Bai Jingchen made such a noisy, it completely disappeared.

He thought in his heart, ‘Since He Junqian can appear in this place, will more people appear here at this auction?

For example: the current lord of Yan Yuan Devil Palace, Gu Hongxuan.

Su Wenliang sneered. Since they all came, just took this opportunity to make up for it temporarily.

He was busy teaching Bai Jingchen now, and had no time to make them pay with blood, so it was okay to cause them some trouble.

At this time, the little dragon Liangchen in his belly said in his mind, “Papa, when can I come out to play?”

Su Wenliang was stunned. He didn’t know the exact time, because there were too many variables in it. His voice was full of apology as he muttered, “I don’t know either.”

He used to want to give birth to him earlier, otherwise he wouldn’t have Double Cultivation with Bai Jingchen at the beginning, and consumed a lot of medicinal pills.

But, now...

He was leaving after the baby was born, and he would arrange everything before he left.

Such as Jiang Yanbei and the like, he would arrange many such people to appear in front of Bai Jingchen, and let him withstand one test after another, to grow step by step into a stronger cultivator than in the novel’s plot.

Su Wenliang felt a little empty in his heart. He laughed at himself, and thought, ‘Do I like a man, like Bai Jingchen? So I’m reluctant to leave?

He wouldn’t!

Therefore, he would definitely leave!

Su Wenliang coaxed Little Liangchen, “Isn’t it good to be with me?”

Little Liangchen said in a soft voice, “That...I want to play with Papa and Father, and play the things Father bought.”

Su Wenliang instantly became helpless. He really couldn’t do this, and could only do his best.

He sighed and said to him, “Then you go to play with your father for a while, and then come back to play with me, okay?”

Little Liangchen agreed, and his voice disappeared.

Su Wenliang silently sat on the bed for a while before closing his eyes.

There was a description of this auction in the plot, and Bai Jingchen came here at that time, and it was even closely related to this plot.

Because the female protagonist took Bai Jingchen here. He didn’t have so many spirit stones on him, so he didn’t enter the real auction venue, but wandered around Lane Market in White Horse City.

As a result, he accidentally picked up a treasure that caused a lot of trouble.

This happened after the auction. At that time, when this treasure appeared in the auction stage, the asking price was extremely high, but because of its extraordinary origin, many cultivators competed for it.

In the end, a person who the appearance couldn’t see clearly won it. But after paying spirit stones to get this treasure, someone saw through his hidden identity on the way out of White Horse City. The two sides fought fiercely, and finally both died, and the treasure fell to Bai Jingchen’s hand like this.

This treasure was a simple broken sword. It looked like a piece of broken iron, but it could withstand the full blow of a powerful cultivator in the late-stage of Nascent Soul, so one could see its firmness.

Most importantly, it was brought by people from the higher realm. The spiritual energy of the higher realm was much more abundant than Rook Islet World, and the things there were of a higher level than the things in Rook Islet World.

For example, the Nascent Soul stage was the strongest in Rook Islet World, but in the higher realm, such as Age River World, it only belonged to the middle and lower class. This was the difference in strength, and such a treasure, even if it looked tattered, but many people believe that there must be something in it.

After Bai Jingchen accidentally got it, he didn’t care. He threw it a few times, but every time the broken sword would fly over by itself. Bai Jingchen saw that fate brought together him and this broken sword, so he accepted it.

As a result, when he left White Horse City, other forces besieged him, and he almost died. After that, another important plot unfolded. His veins broke all over, and someone rescued him. This person was another important male supporting character in the plot, Nangong Zaiye.

Su Wenliang frowned and suddenly remembered the Nangong clan.

On the surface, the Nangong clan was a merchant clan in Rook Islet World. There were no powerful cultivators in the clan. It was only because they could earn money and have backers, so they could become the number one merchant clan in Rook Islet World.

However, people in the cultivation world looked down on merchant, to be precise, they looked down on ordinary people. Therefore, even though the Nangong clan was the richest, their status was not very high.

In fact, the Nangong clan was a branch of the witch race left over from the ancient times. They were good at business was actually because divination. Their divination skill was among the best in this novel.

The reason why Nangong Zaiye saved Bai Jingchen was also because he knew that in the future, Bai Jingchen would turn clouds and cover rain in the entire cultivation world, became a real powerful cultivator, and rank among the immortal class, and even finally become a dragon, ruling the four directions.