STPDS Chapter 68 Part 1

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Chapter 68 Part 1


Translator: Mimi

At midday, when Bai Jingchen went out, Su Wenliang got up and flew towards White Horse Mountain.

He went to the Immortal’s Cave he opened up in White Horse Mountain. Even after leaving for so long, the contents inside were still intact, so even if he stayed in the Immortal’s Cave, there was no problem at all.

The reason why he didn’t choose the Immortal’s Cave before, but came to White Horse Mountain, was only for Bai Jingchen. At this moment, Bai Jingchen had already taken care of everything at hand, so it didn’t matter whether he stayed in Shangguan Mansion or not.

Most importantly, as soon as he thought of He Junqian staying next door to him, he had an urge to sneak over to kill him.

However, he knew that the main matter he had to do now was to teach Bai Jingchen, instead of doing it impulsively, because there were too many variables during this period, and if he failed, the consequences would be disastrous.

Although He Junqian’s strength was low, he had a powerful master in the Nascent Soul stage behind him. If he couldn’t kill him once, he would cause trouble, and even revealed his true identity because of this, the loss outweighed the gain.

With this in mind, he left Shangguan Mansion and came to White Horse Mountain.

He was walking slowly towards his Immortal’s Cave, but at this moment, someone suddenly appeared and blocked his way.

Su Wenliang raised his eyes as he looked at a weak young man with a pale face, who was being supported by a black-clothed young cultivator and looking at him with calm and clear eyes.

Su Wenliang raised his eyebrows when he saw the attitude of the two. It seemed that they were waiting for him.

He asked, “Are you two waiting for me here?”

The weak young man coughed twice, and said, “I’m Nangong Zaiye, and I have no intention of going against Sir. I just found something wrong. I hope I can talk to Sir face to face.”

Su Wenliang was startled. He gazed at this young man named Nangong Zaiye, and said with a sneer, “I think about finding you people from the Nangong clan, but I didn’t expect you to throw yourself into the trap.”

The black-clothed cultivator who supported Nangong Zaiye glared at Su Wenliang with an angry face, and was about to yell at Su Wenliang, but was stopped by Nangong Zaiye, who coughed and said, “Yang Aohan, or more precisely, you are a soul from a foreign realm who resurrected with a borrowed corpse?”

After speaking, he calmly looked at Su Wenliang, and continued, “I wonder if this is enough?”

Su Wenliang knew this person was not simple, because he really inherited the bloodline of the Antiquity Great Wilderness witch race, so he could naturally see through his origin.

He also wanted to have a chat with him, so he said, “Then come with me to my Immortal’s Cave to have a chat.”

Nangong Zaiye nodded, pushed away the black-clothed cultivator beside him, and said, “I’ll go to chat with this person. You just wait here.”

Hearing this, the black-clothed cultivator’s face became unusually ugly. He wanted to say something hesitatingly, but was forced to retreat by Nangong Zaiye’s eyes. He lowered his head and said stubbornly, “This subordinate is waiting for Master here.”

Nangong Zaiye nodded, then glanced at Su Wenliang, and followed behind him, entering the Immortal’s Cave together.

The air in the Immortal’s Cave was a bit turbid. After all, Su Wenliang had been away for two or three years, so although he laid the formation and talisman seal at that time, the scent here had become less pleasant over time.

Nangong Zaiye was frail from birth, and he was even more prone to illness after that. It was difficult to grow to his twenties, but even after cultivation and his cultivation base improved, his body was never less sick.

Because the people of the witch race were really against the heaven, as they spy on the way of heaven, the stronger and more accurate their divination skills, the greater and irreversible the punishment of the heavenly law.

Nangong Zaiye violently coughed. Su Wenliang only glanced at him coldly, and then expressionlessly withdrew his gaze.

He waved his sleeve to disperse the turbid scent around him and then sat on the couch. Although Nangong Zaiye looked like a sickly person who was going to pass away soon, he was a real cultivation genius, and because he was good at divination, he was the best at avoiding ominous. So even after the first half of the plot was over, he was still alive and well, but many people around him died early.

He knew that although Nangong Zaiye was weak, he shouldn’t be underestimated. His mind was really terrifying, and he was almost emotionless. He was as cold-blooded as a devil cultivator, and his means were vicious.

Since so, Su Wenliang naturally wouldn’t have any sympathy for this person. Moreover, this person often entrapped the male protagonist in the plot.

Now Bai Jingchen was his person, he could do this or that to Bai Jingchen, but if others want to do this, he would be the first to refuse.

Su Wenliang coldly looked at Nangong Zaiye until he coughed enough, before asking, “What do you want to talk about?”

Nangong Zaiye waved his sleeve to take out a chair from his storage bag and sat down. He leaned on the back of the chair and said, “I just want to see what kind of person is the person outside the destiny. You changed the trajectory of the stars, and even let the purple star deviation for you. Although it’s bright and scorching at the moment, it’s only a moment of fireworks, which will backfire. Eventually, in the near future, you will suffer the consequences of your own actions.”

Su Wenliang sneered when he heard this, and said, “You didn’t come here just to warn me, did you?”

Nangong Zaiye’s eyes became gentle, as he said with a smile, “No, I’m here to ask for your help.”

“Heh, after you belittled me, and even asserted that I would bring greater harm to Bai Jingchen, you asked me to help you?”

Nangong Zaiye’s expression remained unchanged. He even nodded and said, “Yes, you will help me.”

Su Wenliang looked at him, and after a long, he said, “Give me a reason.”

Nangong Zaiye smiled happily and said, “You should know it yourself. I didn’t know your origin at first, but after getting close to Bai Jingchen, I understood a bit. You should know the future development, and even know me well. You have made a choice in your heart, only you are unreconciled now, or you want to take a step down.”

Su Wenliang’s forehead twitched fiercely. This person was really too honest.

He had read the original novel, so he knew the progress of the plot. He naturally knew that Nangong Zaiye was difficult to deal with. Most importantly, he was someone who could guide Bai Jingchen for the future.

He wouldn’t kill him, as many plots couldn’t unfold if he killed him, but as he said, he was unreconciled in his heart.

Nangong Zaiye helplessly frowned, and thought for a long time, before saying, “I was wrong. I shouldn’t offend you. I have a hunch that my future path will become more difficult because of your likes and dislikes. I apologize now. Will it be late? I hope you are a person of great moral stature who doesn’t remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature. Don’t sway Bai Jingchen through pillow talk.”

Su Wenliang, “......” ‘I wasn’t furious at first, but now I have completely hated you.’

And why was swaying Bai Jingchen through pillow talk? He was not the kind of person who sow discord between people.

Su Wenliang looked at Nangong Zaiye with displeasure on his face, which made Nangong Zaiye even more helpless, as he said, “Forget it, you don’t have a good impression of me, I just try to appear in front of you as little as possible in the future. You’d better not kill me now, and don’t attack anyone at will. Once the destiny changes, then the heavenly law will definitely arrange a more powerful opponent to replace this incomplete set.”

“You were an outsider at the beginning, but you had to take part in it, and even became the most important chess piece. The future is very variable, but I can vaguely glimpse a bit, so you do your best.”

His words were specious, Su Wenliang seemed to understand something, but when he thought about it, he understood nothing.

Nangong Zaiye stood up and said, “I would give you advice. When you leave in the future, you must arrange everything well, otherwise, you won’t be able to leave for the rest of your life.”

Su Wenliang was startled, but Nangong Zaiye had already turned to leave.

Su Wenliang was impatient in his heart. Nangong Zaiye was the diviner he hated the most. He obviously knew everything, and obviously even if he didn’t tell everything, the heavenly law would also punish him, so why not just say everything, instead he chattered first. After the event, he looked with a face of “I told you already, but you just don’t listen”, which was really annoying.

Su Wenliang stood up and walked in place for a long time, carefully analyzing the conversation he had with Nangong Zaiye in his mind.

Finally, he drew the following conclusions:

First: His own teaching to Bai Jingchen was regarded as counterproductive;

Second: Don’t touch the plot characters at will;

Third: They had paradoxically reached a cooperative relationship and would meet again in the future;

Fourth: Nangong Zaiye knew that he was going to leave, and even advised him he should arrange everything well before leaving, otherwise he could never leave for the rest of his life.

Leaving aside the first point that made him most angry, just looking at the fourth point was enough to make Su Wenliang puzzled.

The hateful thing was the vagueness of Nangong Zaiye’s words, letting him guess here and there, and finally only make himself nervous. The next time this person appeared in front of him, although he wouldn’t kill him, he wouldn’t let him had an easy time.

Maybe not next time, he could do it now.

Thinking so, Su Wenliang finally showed his first smile of the day. He took out a talisman seal from his storage bag, and engraved Nangong Zaiye’s birth date on it, as well as placed a strand of Nangong Zaiye’s hair that he got when he approached just now.

After a while, when Su Wenliang estimated it was about the time, he burned the talisman seal.

Nangong Zaiye, who had gone far away, suddenly had his body burned all over. Under the raging fire, he suffered quite a lot of injuries.

Most importantly, he had arrived in a crowded place, and now that his clothes were burned, he appeared in the crowd almost naked, immediately attracting countless onlookers.

No matter how calm Nangong Zaiye was, he couldn’t help cursing. Of course, he knew it was Su Wenliang’s doing. To be precise, he knew that there would be a catastrophe today, and he had already fully prepared.

However, he underestimated the degree of cunning and sinister of Su Wenliang. He actually did such an unscrupulous trick of burning people’s clothes, which was simply shameful!