Even the Lame Got Tricked by Me Into Standing Up


Gu Ye, the third young master of the Gu family, has a wooden personality and stutters. He can't even remember the answer to a question after being explained ten times. He didn't even dare to utter a word after being beaten; really a shame of the high society.

In a fit of rage, his father sent him back to their hometown in the countryside during the Chinese New Year. Unexpectedly, after returning from the countryside, Gu Ye seemed to change into a different person. Half a year later, he got admitted to the Capital University with the top score in the school!

The entire high society was shocked!

Upon receiving the admission notice, the Gu family search for Gu Ye for three days and finally found him under an inconspicuous flyover. That Gu Ye who used to keep silence after being beaten was found at a stall with a few punks under his foot. He was shouting for customers while drawing amulets: "Exorcism Talisman, Guanyin Peace Amulet, Evil Suppressing Residence Amulet, Evil Elimination Talisman... great sale on charms! If you are a fated customer, it's just 88RMB per piece! Do not miss this chance!"

Then looking down at his feet, Gu Ye said with a smile, "I have custom-made talismans for reforming evil and returning to righteousness. I think each of you needs three."

A 'shou' mystical master who is not afraid of going against the sky, earth, and air, and does things with brute force x A cultured elitist 'gong' who is a beast under human clothing, a black-bellied person who madly spoils his wife.

Author: Those random amulets and talismans were created for the sake of the plot, don't take it seriously~

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