The Deities of Hell


Seven devils suddenly appeared in Tokyo.
The devils slaughtered the people one by one, causing Tokyo to become hell.
However, Michelle Saienji, a self-exclaimed exorcist, put up barriers inside Tokyo and imprisoned the devils.
Since then, Tokyo has turned into a sanctuary with imprisoned devils.

But although Tokyo has become a restricted area, many people trespass out of curiosity.
And when people entered the sanctuary, they were randomly transported, with no one ever returning.
Five years later, there was no one who dared approach the place again…

Chapter 0
This is a story of the beginning of hell.

Mizuki Yumeno and Yua Kanzaki woke up.
The two have lost their memories and Mizuki has lost his ears.
In their first meeting, the two need to muster all of their wit and courage in the beginning escape play of fleeing hell.

This is a story of Mizuki Yumeno experiencing love and madness until he falls into despair.