A Villainous Slave Trader Who Has Nothing but Destruction Flags Doesn’t Want to Die, so He Trains in Healing Magic


The main character was reincarnated as the cannon fodder villainous slave trader of a game!

At this rate, there will be nothing but destruction flags, where the slaves will revolt and tear me to pieces!

That's it! If I practice recovery magic from now on as a child and master it, won't I be able to heal myself when I get hurt?

Moreover, I can sell flattery to slaves, so it's killing two birds with one stone!

I'm  just healing my slaves in order to save myself, but why are they grateful! ?

If I buy a disabled slave cheaply and sell them at a high price, I shouldn't receive gratitude? I wonder what this means! ?

Eh! ? The protagonist is the hero of light! ? Ah, I already healed them with my healing magic! ? Iyah, I'm sorry.

*This work does not intend to affirm real slavery