After Being Forced to Conquer the Crazy and Tyrannical Demon Lord, the Entire Book Had a Happy Ending


CN Title: 被迫攻略疯批魔尊后,全书HE了
Author: 不甜啊 Bu Tian A
Chapters: 274
Status: Ongoing

Wen Ruan transmigrated into the body of a low-ranking cannon fodder in a cultivation novel. The original owner of this body's neck was snapped by the antagonist Demon Lord as soon as she appeared on the scene.

Wen Ruan said, "No, I have to run!"
The system said, "No, there's an antagonist Demon Lord here that you need to conquer. Work hard to make him fall in love with you!"
Wen Ruan: "In your dreams."
Mu Zhe: "In your dreams."

However, on the 101st day as an undercover agent in the Demon Realm, she carried the heavily injured young Demon Lord on a flying sword, patting his face with a bright and unrestrained smile.

"Be good, from now on, I'll protect you."

In the embrace of twilight, her graceful brows arched, mirroring the resplendent horizon that painted the sky. A tapestry of vibrant hues unfurled behind her, casting a gentle cascade of colors. Within the young boy's chest, his heart resounded like a beating drum.

[A story with lots of inner monologues, a righteous survival-minded female protagonist × a tragically demonic Demon Lord with a frank and honest personality]

It is well-known that the supreme Demon Lord, Mu Zhe, had an unforgettable first love who died at a young age. However, no one knew that he had once cut out his heart and soul, kneeling before the gods and demons of all realms, just to meet her again. The lofty deities above laughed with amusement, saying, "I have stripped away your memories, erasing any recollection of her. How then can you reunite once more?"

"No matter how much I may have forgotten, the moment we meet, I will fall in love with her once again."

In the depths of my blood and the essence of my being, lies this unbreakable curse. My purpose, woven into my very existence, is to be hers.

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