The Nine Tailed Fox at School Keeps Staring at Me


On his first day at Kunlun High School, as the only human being in his class, Wei Zhi absolutely felt anxious. To his front, sat a Taotie who steals snacks all the time; behind him sits a Fuzhu who brings forth a flood whenever he cries; across him sat a dominant and tyrannical Golden-Winged Great Peng and right next to him sat a Nine-Tailed Fox who was always staring at him.

Wei Zhi: Oh my God! The nine-tailed fox is the scariest among them all. They say the more beautiful the demon the more deceitful they are, I must stay far away from him!

Duan Jingtang: You…let go of my tail before talking…

Wei Zhi: Breathing in a mouthful of fluffy hair.jpg

Race, age, gender are all questions, and I love you is the only answer

*Taotie - One of the four evil creatures of the world, implies a "glutton"

*Fuzhu - A mythical white deer with 4 antlers found in Chinese mythology, the Fuzhu usually appears during periods of flood.

*Golden-Winged Great Peng - A demonic eagle born from the primordial Phoenix, a king among birds, feasts exclusively on dragons. When Peng flaps his wings, the sea waters part clear to the deepest seabed.

T/N: Hi, I'm a Lazy Reader  who likes reading bl~ This story involves many mythological characters, so do hold on tight and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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