The Substitute Bride Is Adored by the Clumsy Margrave


Clarisse Farenheit is the second daughter of the viscount Farenheit who lives in the royal capital. Ever since her birth, she has always been compared to her beautiful sister, Matilda.

One day, Jean Gutenberg, a Frontier Margrave, known for his odd personality, asked for the “Jewel of Farenheit” from the king as a reward for his achievements in war.

The parents, who loved their eldest daughter the most, decided to give him their second daughter Clarisse instead of Matilda.

Clarisse, who has an unfortunate background, is being doted upon by the clumsy and slightly weird Margrave.

This is a story about an unfortunate girl who makes her way into the world and receives love from the people around her…

The author wrote, “I want to write a story about happiness!”

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