Live Action Murder Mystery


《Live Action Murder Mystery》Case File:

A live script acting, deductive reasoning game.
Poor performances result in death.

If you draw the Deceased Card, please follow the script accordingly and die;
If you draw the Murderer Card, you might be the real murderer, please ensure that you conceal your identity;
Detective, please try your best to guide the players and find the real murderer, or else you will be met with the death penalty.

Have you drawn the Murderer Card this day?

——–【System Reminder 】———

Please obey the character design set by the script during enactment, by no means OOC;
Inferences should be made with the script settings as the norm, by no means diverge your thoughts;
The system has the final right to interpretation, have a happy game!


Gong + Shou: “A pair of As.”

System: “Can’t afford it.”