Chapter 23: Fighting Monsters and Looting Equipment

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“How can you find anything if you bring a child with you?” the young man suddenly said.

Xun Yi looked at Hua Cheng.

Hua Cheng introduced, “This is Li Rui, a friend I met along the way. I initially planned to go home and pick up my mom, but I was stuck on the street with so many zombies around. Li Rui helped me a lot along the way.”

Xun Yi nodded silently.

“Lu Di, come with me. I’ll take you to level up.”

Xun Yi walked to the window as he said that. He did not intend to go through the door.

He totally ignored Li Rui’s skepticism.

“Are you going to leave or look for things?” Li Rui repeated his question.

Yu Xiao looked at them too. “Why don't you leave Xun Ye here and let me take care of him?”

Xun Yi turned around and glanced at them. If he refused outright, it may raise the suspicion that he didn’t trust them.

Xun Ye was his life. He would never put Xun Ye out of his reach.

Before Xun Yi could think of a good response, Xun Ye spoke.

“I want to level up too. With Hua-ge’s legs like this, you can’t take care of me. When you recover, you can bring me to level up… No, maybe I’ll be better than you by then, and I can take you under my wing instead.”

Hua Cheng couldn't help but laugh. “Okay, I’ll wait for you to take me under your wing.”

Xun Ye dissolved the awkward suspicion with one simple remark.

“Block the windows properly, and be careful,” Xun Yi reminded them before he left.

After they left, Li Rui walked to Hua Cheng.

“Hua-ge, do you really believe that they'll find a healing potion for you? He took his kid and people away. It doesn’t seem like he’s going to come back.”

In fact, Yu Xiao was a little worried too.

She wasn’t worried about herself. She was only worried that her son had injured his leg and couldn’t escape if he was in danger.

However, Yu Xiao said, “Xun Yi is not that kind of person. If he says he’ll come back, he will.”

Li Rui sneered. “Auntie, do you have any idea how valuable a healing potion is? On the way here, Hua-ge and I saw three groups of people killing many people for a healing potion.”

Hua Cheng closed his eyes and leaned on the counter.

“I trust him.”

It was due to friendship that Xun Yi was willing to find a healing potion for him. Refusing to help was to be expected. Hua Cheng couldn’t ask him for anything.

Li Rui shrugged. “Well, since Hua-ge said so, I'll believe him for now.”

After saying that, Li Rui led the others to watch the window.

Lu Di had no weapon before this. After Xun Yi gave him a pickaxe, he took it away without giving it back.

Xun Yi glanced at Lu Di several times. “Didn't President Yin give you a weapon?”

If Yin Fuchuan really had space equipment, there was no reason not to give one to his assistant, since he easily gave one to the father and son each.

Compared with Lu Di, he and Xun Ye were more like strangers to Yin Fuchuan.

Lu Di had long noticed the saber in Xun Yi's hand. It was exactly the same as the one held by President Yin. It should be given by President Yin.

He smiled awkwardly. “How can the boss have so many sabers? He doesn't run a weapons store.”

Xun Yi felt happy.

He didn't give Lu Di a saber but gave Xun Yi one without hesitation. Was there a more profound meaning behind it?

Moreover, he was also very kind to Xun Ye, giving him a dagger, a profession badge, and a pistol.

Xun Yi shook his head quickly.

No, he couldn’t let his thoughts run wild. He’d done it once. He couldn’t let history repeat itself.

Yin Fuchuan must have noticed that it wasn’t easy for him to bring a child along, so he kindly gave him a sword and a dagger for Xun Ye. He probably did it because he liked kids.

As for the profession badge and pistol…

As Yin Fuchuan mentioned, it was a thank-you gift for saving him.

Thinking of this, Xun Yi couldn't help but become dejected again. Sure enough, it was really difficult to have any ties with him.

It was true when the world was at peace, and no different after Doomsday.

Lu Di observed his reaction and thought that Xun Yi had misunderstood President Yin. He quickly explained, “The boss is a very nice guy. It’s all thanks to his protection along the way that I’m still alive now.”

“Oh.” Xun Yi couldn’t cheer up.

Of course, he knew Yin Fuchuan was a nice guy.

Lu Di said in shame, “Before he left, Secretary Bai told me to take good care of the boss, but in the end, the boss is the one taking care of me. I’m really an incompetent assistant.”

“Secretary Bai?” Xun Yi’s attention was attracted by this person.

“Yes, he’s the boss's personal secretary, a versatile, highly efficient, and competent person. Before doomsday started, the boss sent him out of town on an assignment. I was just an errand boy to help out for the time being.”

Compared with the omnipotent Secretary Bai, Lu Di felt so ashamed that he couldn’t even show his face.

Xun Yi thought for a moment and asked, “Is he… very close with President Yin?”

“Of course, Secretary Bai came from the headquarters and has the closest relationship with the boss,” Lu Di said enviously.

Xun Yi was envious of Secretary Bai too.

He really wanted to see Yin Fuchuan every day, work with him, and brave the future with him too.

Just the thought alone was too beautiful for words.

Xun Yi suddenly said, “Doesn’t President Yin bring bodyguards when he goes out? Why are there only two of you?”

“The boss assigned all his bodyguards to Secretary Bai. He doesn’t use them unless absolutely necessary. He prefers to work alone,” Lu Di explained.

Xun Yi’s mood went dark again. He even assigned his bodyguards to Secretary Bai. It seemed that Yin Fuchuan valued​​​ Secretary Bai very much.

Xun Yi didn’t go too far. He found a ruined building that could be used for both offense and defense and prepared for the hunt.

Xun Yi had discovered that killing level 1 ordinary zombies would almost never produce anything.

The fact was proven after killing so many zombies. Special zombies would have a higher chance of getting something, and the same went for zombies with levels.

“Lu Di, can you handle all the low-level ordinary zombies?”

Xun Yi decided to kill some zombies to cheer his mood up.

Lu Di clenched the pickaxe in his hand and nodded vigorously. “Sure!”

If he wanted to become stronger, he could only rely on himself. Others couldn’t help him. He could only gain EXP by killing zombies himself.

“Don’t rush. Do it one at a time.”

Xun Yi looked at his surroundings. He was at an angle formed by two collapsed walls.

If he hid inside, zombies would have to squeeze through the tight angle to get inside, the perfect opportunity for him to make his move.

“Xun Ye, what about you? Do you want to kill zombies or collect magic crystals behind us?” Xun Yi asked him.

Xun Ye grimaced. “I want to kill but I don't have any weapons. My gun only has one bullet left, so I can’t use it randomly. I miss President Yin very much during times like these. He must have many good weapons with him.”

Xun Yi missed President Yin very much too, okay?

Hearing Xun Ye’s grumbles, Xun Yi abandoned him without further ado.

“You can follow Lu Di to collect magic crystals then. If he can’t deal with them, you can loot after him.”

Xun Yi went to the side to hunt for zombies with levels, not far from them. If they were in danger, Xun Yi could turn back immediately.

Only a few zombies loitered around here. When they saw Xun Yi standing out in the open, they roared and rushed toward him.

Xun Yi led them to Lu Di and Xun Ye's hiding place and quickly stepped away for them to kill the zombies.

Xun Ye put away his gun and took out the dagger Yin Fuchuan gave him from his small backpack. He held it in his hand, ready for easy pickings at any time.

In fact, Xun Ye's level was higher than Lu Di's, and his attributes were not much worse either. If not for his height and weapon problems, he could totally hold the fort by himself.

Xun Yi’s exposure quickly attracted the attention of nearby zombies with levels. Xun Yi took care of the first one that came over, but nothing appeared.

After that, zombies with levels rushed over one after another.

Xun Yi could deal with one or two easily, but as he kept killing, the zombies with levels started to form groups before rushing over as if they made a pact. More than a dozen of them appeared at once.

Xun Yi could no longer fight them head-on, so he could only defeat them one by one while playing hide and seek.

During this time, a weapon crystal card dropped from a level 5 zombie, and an equipment crystal card dropped from a level 6 zombie. After killing more than 20 zombies with levels, he only got these 2 items.

After dealing with all the nearby zombies with levels, Xun Yi returned to where Lu Di and Xun Ye were.

Xun Yi handed the two crystal cards he got to Xun Ye, “You have no reason to slack off now.”

As soon as Xun Ye took them in hand, a prompt appeared.

[Phoenix Sword, excellent quality, attack +3. Very sharp. Please use it with caution.]

[Diamond Armor, rare quality, defense +5.]

Xun Ye crushed the weapon crystal card, and a beautifully shaped sword appeared in his hand. The pure black sword sheath was engraved with a golden phoenix, which was very beautiful.

He pulled out the sword. The blade was shiny, about 52 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide. As the name suggested, there was a lifelike golden phoenix on the blade, which extended from the handle to the tip of the sword.

There were also golden feathers on the sword handle, and the intertwining gold and black looked exquisite and grand.

“What a beautiful sword.” Xun Ye obviously liked it very much and couldn't turn his eyes away.

Xun Yi agreed. “Put on the armor.”

Xun Ye obviously paid less attention to the armor compared to the sword. He casually crushed the equipment crystal card and the pale blue data light formed around Xun Ye.

When the light faded, Xun Yi saw a black turtleneck with silver diamond patterns peeking out from Xun Ye's neck.

Xun Yi raised his eyebrows, unzipped Xun Ye’s coat, and examined the tight-fitting Diamond Armor. It turned out to be a one-piece bodysuit that extended to the neck, wrists, and ankles, leaving only a hidden zipper at the crotch.

This suit of armor reminded Xun Yi of Rock Lee's outfit in Naruto.

This small bodysuit looked very cute on Xun Ye.

But Xun Ye didn't seem to like it that much.

“Ugh, it looks awful.”

Xun Yi zipped up his clothes and said seriously, “It’s the best if it can protect you.”

He was extremely excited when he picked up this equipment crystal card.