Chapter 8: More Like Someone Else’s Kid

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Xun Yi felt sad for a moment, but he quickly bucked up and looked around at the survivors hiding inside.

All the people he swept his glance over kept backing away nervously. Everyone had witnessed this young man’s savagery. He could kill so many of those horrible and disgusting things outside without batting an eye, let alone a living person.

Most importantly, he was holding a rotten zombie head in his hand!

Xun Yi didn't expect his intimidation tactic to be so effective. He turned around and walked to the couch next to him. He took off the two backpacks he was carrying and put Xun Ye down too.

He was tired, and Xun Ye felt uncomfortable being strapped to his back like this.

After doing all this, Xun Yi couldn't help but look at Yin Fuchuan on the other side. He was talking to a man and didn't pay attention to this side.

The feeling of appearing in front of his crush with his illegitimate child was really… exciting.

As soon as Xun Ye's butt touched the soft sofa, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

“I don't want to be strapped to your back anymore. My legs are almost dislocated.”

Xun Yi smiled and squatted down. “Let me massage your legs.”

“No way. Just look at your hands. I’ll definitely take 100,000 points of damage with one strike.” Xun Ye exclaimed and moved his legs to the sofa to prevent Xun Yi from touching them.

Xun Yi took out the healing potion he had just obtained, and a prompt appeared in front of him.

[Basic healing potion can instantly heal wounds. It is effective for players below level 30. It has no anti-data virus effect.]

“Drink this.” Xun Yi handed the healing potion to Xun Ye. The soles of his feet were full of small wounds and he couldn't walk at all. With the healing potion, he’d recover within minutes.

Of course, Xun Yi knew how precious the healing potion was, but he didn't care. It was all worth it if Xun Ye was healed.

Xun Ye took it without any questions.

“Hey, what’s that? The kid drank it!”

Some survivors exclaimed. It was difficult for them to imagine what good things they could get from zombies.

“Does your feet still hurt?”

While saying that, Xun Yi took off Xun Ye's little shoes, removed his bloody white socks, and unwrapped the bandages to check the condition of the soles of his feet.

“It doesn't hurt anymore.” Xun Ye wiggled his toes happily.

Xun Yi took a quick look and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that all the wounds on the soles of his feet had disappeared.

He took out his outdoor clothes and helped him put them on. He put on his shoes and socks next, and a dazzling and handsome little boy emerged again.

Xun Yi knew that many people were looking at him, but only one person's gaze could pique his concern.

He sat down on the sofa next to Xun Ye to rest. The severely dented saber that was still dripping with black blood was placed on the sofa by Xun Yi, deterring everyone from approaching.

Yin Fuchuan was talking to Lu Di, and his eyes looked at the two from time to time.

It wasn't until this moment that he could clearly see the child Xun Yi was carrying. He was blocked by his big backpack the first time and Xun Yi’s body the second.

Yin Fuchuan was a little stunned.

He was a… very unusual and beautiful child.

Xun Yi had always protected Xun Ye very well, never allowing any paparazzi to photograph him before. Thus, the media only knew that Xun Yi had a child born out of wedlock but no pictures.

When the scandal was at its peak, the paparazzi stayed outside Xun Yi's residential area for three months but failed to take a single photo of the child. It wasn't because they weren't professional enough, but that the child never went downstairs at all!

At that time, many media accused Xun Yi of being a lunatic, refusing to let his child go to kindergarten to prevent him from being exposed. Cooping the child at home all day long and not letting him go out for several months was illegal imprisonment, personal harm, and illegal conduct. This incident even alarmed the police.

Xun Yi felt like a victim too. This was not his fault at all. He also wanted to kick Xun Ye out of his room, but it was useless. No one could imagine a four-year-old child addicted to the Internet.

Let him go to kindergarten? That would be an insult to his IQ. He knew the answers to junior high school knowledge without any problems. What kindergarten?

However, Xun Yi knew this couldn’t go on, and tried to use force to wean him off the Internet. As a result, Xun Ye left a letter, took a small backpack, and ran away from home with Xun Yi's bank card.

During that time, Xun Yi almost went crazy with anxiety. When he finally found him, Xun Ye was thriving in the Internet cafe. Food and drinks were delivered to him at regular intervals by the hotel every day. No one knew how he persuaded the Internet cafe owner to let him access the Internet!

This also led to the fact that Xun Yi's ‘illegitimate child’ had always been shrouded in a veil of mystery.

Everyone who knew Xun Yi never expected that his child would look like this. Wasn’t that too… unusual?

Lu Di said blankly, “Is that his child? Why do I feel that their genes are not a match at all?”

Yin Fuchuan chuckled. “Xun Yi is very good-looking too. Why isn’t he a match to that beautiful child?”

Lu Di explained, “No, just look at the child's hair and eye color. Also, the child doesn't look like Xun Yi at all, right?”

Yin Fuchuan pondered, “Maybe he takes after the other party?”

Lu Di tapped his head. “Maybe he looks like his mother. Everyone says that sons take after their mothers. It must be true.”

Yin Fuchuan didn't answer but looked at the beautiful child thoughtfully.

“Yin Fuchuan! Do you want to kill all of us just to let him in?”

Gao Jin returned to his senses and yelled, full of resentment. “Give me the key back!”

Hearing Yin Fuchuan's name, Xun Yi, who had closed his eyes to rest, suddenly opened his eyes and met a pair of quiet and deep eyes.

Xun Yi froze for a moment and just looked at him with bated breath.

H-How long had he been looking at him? Why was he looking at him?

Xun Yi was so nervous that he didn't even know where to place his hands.

“Hello, handsome guy, why are you looking at me like this? Do you have something to say to me?”

Just when Xun Yi was so nervous that he didn't know what to do, his son had already greeted Yin Fuchuan very enthusiastically.

Xun Yi's first reaction was to cover his son's mouth, but when he came into contact with Yin Fuchuan's smiling eyes, he froze again. He watched uneasily as Yin Fuchuan approached them.

Yin Fuchuan was amused by the child's words. He stretched out his hand and treated Xun Ye with adult courtesy. “Hello, my name is Yin Fuchuan. Nice to meet you.”

“Xun Ye. Nice to meet you too. You look very handsome.”

The little guy stretched out his small hand in a serious manner and shook the extended hand.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Yin Fuchuan replied like a gentleman.

Xun Ye admired the handsome face in front of him and sighed at his father's face. “Xun Yi, are you sure I’m really your biological son?”

Xun Yi was about to collapse. His son was so outspoken in front of his crush. What should he say?

Xun Yi stood up nervously and stiffly. “Uh, I’m sorry, President Yin.”

Then, he turned around and lectured his son. “Don’t try to be someone else’s son just because he’s good-looking.”

Xun Ye looked at him innocently. “Don’t you think that I look more like his kid?”

Xun Yi almost exploded. “Not at all!”

He really felt like stuffing his son back into his belly for reconstruction. Would a biological son screw things up for his father like this?

Xun Yi glanced at Yin Fuchuan nervously and anxiously, but the latter looked at them with a smile, seemingly not angry at all.

Xun Yi quickly composed himself and said respectfully, “Thank you for taking care of me before this, President Yin.”

As soon as Xun Yi said that, he wanted to swallow his words back. How could the president of a large consortium know a little starlet like him? If he didn't recognize him, how could he take care of him?

Was he implying that he had an outstanding appearance, extraordinary skills, and an excellent reputation?

Not at all, okay!

Xun Yi was flustered. He had been caught in the dilemma for two years and couldn’t figure it out at all.

Just when Xun Yi didn't know how to continue, Yin Fuchuan said with a smile, “It’s all thanks to you that the brand was successfully launched in the country.”

Xun Yi's face suddenly turned red. With a brand ambassador like him, the progress wasn’t smooth at all. It was more like he was forced to respond to public opinion.

Xun Yi felt very ashamed. The Yin Consortium chose him to be its spokesperson under such circumstances. In his opinion, the other party was a great benefactor, and also the turning point that brought him back to stardom again.

When a big boss praised a small star like this, he must be up to something. His big boss… actually, he was the one who wanted something, not his big boss.

“I'm sorry for causing you trouble.” This was something Xun Yi always wanted to say, but found no opportunity to talk to Yin Fuchuan.

“You did a great job.” Yin Fuchuan stated his compliments formally before saying, “You have a beautiful son.”

Xun Yi looked up into those smiling eyes and felt his breath catch.

Suddenly, an attribute panel appeared in front of him.

Name: Yin Fuchuan

Level: 7 (160/700)

Profession: Seed Cultivator (exclusive)

Basic attributes: Strength (68/70), Agility (69/70), Constitution (70/70)

Secondary attribute: Precision (70/70)

Skill: Cultivation & Creation Level 5 (exclusive)

Xun Yi was absolutely dumbfounded. The Doomsday Gaming Field had just started and he had already reached level 7?! How many zombies did he kill to level up so quickly?!

At the same time, he felt happy. As expected of his crush. He was amazing.

But why was he a seed cultivator too? And exclusive?

Since it was exclusive, why were there two of them?

Both he and Yin Fuchuan were seed cultivators, so what was the use of being ‘exclusive’?

Also, President Yin’s attributes were simply incredible. Xun Yi looked at his own attributes and felt ashamed.

Basic attributes: Strength (19/19), Agility (20/20), Constitution (17/17)

Secondary attribute: Mental Spirit (40/40)

He was simply no match for President Yin’s basic attributes. Even if he reached level 7, his individual attributes could never match those standards.

Simply outstanding indeed!

Since he went through levels 1 to 4 and saw Yin Fuchuan's personal attributes, Xun Yi would be stupid if he couldn't tell the problem.

He found that every time he leveled up, his mental spirit would increase by 10 points, but his basic attributes never reached that height.

From Yin Fuchuan's attributes, regardless of his basic attributes or secondary attributes, each upgrade would increase by 10 points. In other words, the max value of each level of various attributes should be 10 points.

Judging from Yin Fuchuan's attributes, he must be the strongest at each level, bar none.

Xun Yi suddenly felt exhaustion washing over him. He took a step back and bumped into the saber leaning on the sofa. He wanted to bend down to pick the saber up but it slipped from his fingers and fell to the floor.

Xun Yi was surprised. He found that his reaction had become slower and his sense of the surroundings a little blurry, not as clear as before.

He hurriedly checked his attribute panel, wondering what went wrong to result in this. Everything else was normal, except for his mental spirit, which had never fluctuated, suddenly only had 16 points remaining.

Xun Yi remembered that the values ​​​​of his basic attributes changed frequently, but the mental spirit in the secondary attribute never changed, always at full value.

He was wondering about the function of mental spirit, not expecting it to change so drastically once it did. He couldn’t even figure out how it happened.

Yin Fuchuan bent down and picked up the saber. The blade was all dented and could no longer be used. Xun Yi was able to fight his way here with this saber only because of his brute force and speed.