The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams

The Civil Officer Can Have Sweet Dreams - Chapter 14

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Translated by Momo. Unedited.

WARNING: Mature content. NSFW!

With Priscilla's consent, Cleatt decided to enjoy and proceeded enthusiastically. He completely removed his clothes and fully exposed his body. Cleatt looked thin, but he had a sturdy and firm muscled body. Perhaps because she was embarrassed, Priscilla turned away and closed her eyes tightly. Probably she had never seen an adult man naked.

Cleatt leaned on her, overlapping their naked bodies. The sultry touch of their skin made Cleatt's desire rise up again.

He grabbed her breasts with both hands and gently massaged them. Priscilla seemed to leave everything to him. She stayed still while her body and face heated up and flushed red.

The soft breasts on his palms were kneaded effortlessly. He rubbed them firmly but also carefully so that it wouldn't hurt. When he poked the protruding nipples with his thumbs, Priscilla's body stiffened. Since her body wasn't used to a man's touch, it must not feel that pleasurable at the moment. Cleatt decided to build up her sensitivity bit by bit by continually rubbing it.

By the way, it was the first time he was doing it with a virgin. Even in the sexually liberal country of Lucott, the first person was still considered a special one, and women usually fantasized a bit about it. It was somewhat fruitless because one rarely committed to that first person. Because they would soon meet another partner, people became greedy, thinking, "I might meet a better one next time." Especially since there were many men who thought like that, it was uncommon for people to marry their first partner and consider staying a lifetime together. The country also had a high divorce rate.

Cleatt had absolutely no intention of letting go of Priscilla. Leaving her would be the same as abandoning his job.

With that kind of thoughts running through his mind, Cleatt relentlessly licked her nipples, while moving his waist and legs around her naked body, further stimulating her through that skin contact.

"...Aah. Hmm, n-no."

Priscilla, who was quiet at first, gradually changed her physical response due to Cleatt's actions. She twisted her body and let out sweet whispers. Cleatt thought to himself how pleasant that sound was and soon after used his mouth to suck one of the peaks of her bosom. Her moans intensified and when he bit the hardened nipple softly and licked it around, playing with his tongue, her whole body shuddered. His eyes narrowed as she began to display pleasure. At this age, he just learned that teaching this kind of enjoyment to an immaculate and innocent body was this amusing. When he was younger, he didn't have the capacity and wouldn't have been able to enjoy it this way. Basically, he could only think of thrusting in as a young man. The always rational Cleatt thought it was enough to just get rid of his sexual desire in the most efficient and fastest way, and he really didn't have much experience enjoying it fully from the foreplay.

He knew that she was very devoted, kind and thoughtful towards him. That's why Cleatt wanted to treat her as lovingly as he could. It's the least he should do.

It was said that the first time could really hurt, so he wanted to make her feel less painful as possible. If she ended up feeling pain and refused to do it again, he would be deeply troubled. They haven't done it until the end yet, but just after touching her for this first time, he definitely wanted to avoid being rejected.

Immersed in his thoughts, he continued to stroke Priscilla's smooth back with his palm, going back and forth many times tracing along the spine. Under Cleatt, her body was burning hot and constantly twisting to escape the stimulus coming from her chest.


He heard that spoilt and steamy plea, but in this kind of situation, he would be a fool if he took it straightforwardly. Cleatt continued to slide his hand on her back and then turned to reach her belly, slowly letting his hand go further down. He reached inside the base of her thighs, and Priscilla's back twisted again.

"Aah! Don't."

These naive words spilling out from the usually calm and composed Priscilla incited Cleatt's desires. Priscilla must have instinctively figured out where Cleatt's hand would go next. Shaking her neck, her soft hair made rustling noises on the sheets.

His fingers reached her most intimate place. Feeling the moist sensation, Cleatt's lips, that were still teasing her chest, slightly perked up into a smile. It wasn't much but it was already wet. Even though it was her first time, it looked like she was really enjoying his caress. With the evidence at his fingertips, his emotions rose up. He traced around the inner lips that moistened his fingers with love juices, and when he gently pushed up the protrusion on the top with his wet thumb, her body writhed in pleasure, giving out the biggest reaction until that moment.


"It's fine."

While holding down her body, Cleatt gently soothed her. However, he continued to move his fingers. That very delicate place, of course, had never been touched by anyone else. It would take the same probing as he did to her breasts to make it more pleasing. From Cleatt's perspective, there was nothing more gratifying than this undertaking. In order not to frighten her with a sudden movement, he just pushed his thumb there and gently tapped it. That alone was already a new experience for Priscilla.


He understood that she was feeling shameful from that slightly teary voice, so he released the tip of her chest from his lips, stretched his body up and kissed her cheek. Her exposed nape was dyed red. That cuteness made him spontaneously smile, and he overlapped their lips again, sucking and biting hers.


At the same time, Cleatt robbed her lips, and Priscilla's voice, which she had desperately held it down, leaked from her pressed mouth.

"Don't worry, just let it out."


"I want to hear it."

Cleatt was still a little amazed at himself for being able to say these sorts of sweet words, but he really wanted to appease her. In the meantime, he continued to fondle her secret place. Before, it was only slightly wet, but now it was overflowing with evidence of the pleasure she felt, and it kept his hand moist and slippery. As his fingers got wetter, the smoother their movement over her inner lips became, and the slimy hot fingers teased her relentlessly. The aroused nub, which had only been patted until now, was slowly rubbed with a wet finger, and she felt like an electric shock ran over her whole body.

"Aaaah, aah..."

Cleatt observed her change of expression happily. Even if this kind of stuff could be considered a bit embarrassing, for Priscilla, it was a matter of being her very first experience.

Every time his finger moved, Priscilla's body loosened up. She could feel that something strange and hot was approaching the deep part on the lower half of her body. The fingers were creeping in slowly.

Fearing that unknown sensation, Priscilla didn't know what to do.

"P-please, stop..."

When she complained, breathless, Cleatt kissed her cheek again. But his hand didn't stop.

"I, I...feel strange."

"It's not strange. You aren't used to it because it's your first time."

She had heard some stories and she was a bit frightened, she wondered if this could be what they called an orgasm. The heat on her lower half was steadily rising, and something like an indescribable longing was aching deep inside her body.

"Aah, I'm scared..."

"It's okay. You can come."

Cleatt whispered gently and made his fingers move a little faster. As if he knew exactly how to push her towards her limits. A slimy finger rubbed her nub using small wiggling movements, and the splashing sound of it made it to her ears. Priscilla was desperately trying to resist the oncoming wave, but her struggle didn't last long. Cleatt's fingers didn't stop...


Priscilla’s eyes widened. "No, something is coming!" the moment she thought that her body twitched intensely almost like she had no control over it, and then it suddenly contracted tightly.


Overwhelmed by the hot waves surging through her body, Priscilla felt a strange sense of helplessness and brazenness in a corner of her head. She couldn't tell if it was ecstasy or not, since she wasn't used to it. But she knew that it had made her body move so crazily and twitch so much that she couldn't help herself. There was also the moaning that just slipped out of her mouth. Her head was entirely filled with all the stimulation she had just received.

“Did you cum for the first time? I'm glad you felt good."

Cleatt gently stroked her body, that was still a bit tense, and let his lips touch her temples.

Priscilla, exhaling tiredly, lifted her face bashfully, and suddenly saw that Cleatt was smiling while looking back at her. Her chest went numb like it was hit by a cupid's arrow. Cleatt looked at her affectionately. She had never seen such an expression when they were at the royal palace. The man she saw at the palace was always buried in work and had a strained expression, and he often had a tired frown during the time they spent the afternoon together.

She could obviously tell that Cleatt was being especially kind to her. The face he showed others and the way he treated Priscilla was completely different. In regards to the time he spent with Priscilla, Cleatt was always calm. Even Priscilla was surprised that he was actually such an easy-going person.

Still, the expression that he was showing her was kinder and sweeter than ever. His narrowed brown eyes and his soft gaze were only aimed at Priscilla.

"Oh, he is really taking care of me dearly."

What Priscilla felt at the moment was exactly what those words described. The reason why Cleatt valued ​​Priscilla might be due to the power of her hands. But it really didn't matter. Cleatt looked at her with such a gentle look. She felt like she was really precious to him.

"What happened?"

Seeing tears falling from her eyes, a troubled Cleatt laughed a little and scooped the tears with his fingers.

"I love him." Priscilla thought to herself. She really fell in love with him.

She had pushed that thought deep into her heart, but the truth was that she loved Cleatt. That person she could make fell asleep happily with her own hands. A very smart man who supports the foundation of the country. The one who devoted himself to work until the last second. A distinguished noble with a high position at his job but that also escaped and crammed himself in a dirty small room while desperately trying to rest for a while.

From that first time she saw him sleeping there and when she felt his tiredness by touching him, Priscilla couldn't leave this man.

She really wanted to heal him and give him some relief. For that reason, she thought she would do anything.

She thought that if Cleatt discovered she had those kinds of feelings, he could be unwilling to stay with her, and so she pretended not to be aware of them. Even after they got married, she couldn't get rid of that habit. She thought it was better to not let it out since it seemed unlikely that he loved her too.

But he looked at her with such kind eyes. He gently took care of her. She felt like she was being pampered. Cleatt may not have the same feelings for Priscilla. He didn't look like the type of person who would demonstrate such love.

The one thing she was sure of was that he really cared for her. He was her one and only splendid husband.

Although tears spilled from her eyes because of her happy feelings, she didn't say anything and just extended her arms towards him, hugging his neck silently. He sighed at her cute actions and laughed a bit.

"When you get used to it, it will feel a lot better."

Priscilla laughed at him since he completely missed the point. In her experience so far, it didn't look like he understood the delicate heart of a young woman. But she also really liked that part of his personality.

Without any clue of what Priscilla was thinking of while hugging him, Cleatt started to move his fingers again. Once she climaxed, even though she was still a virgin, she had acquired a bit of sensitivity, and her body reacted remarkably.

He was probably getting ready to go all the way. A strange feeling ran in her body, and Priscilla held her breath for a moment. She felt a sharp pain. His finger was pushed inside.

"I'll try to make it the less painful as I can."

He whispered in her ear while patting her body. Although she nodded, Priscilla thought to herself she didn't mind even if it hurt a little. If she's able to accept Cleatt and make him feel good, it was okay even if it was painful. She would experience her first time by someone she loved. Moreover, they were already married. There wasn't anything more fortunate than to become one with the person she loved.

The fluids kept overflowing from the straight body of Priscilla, and the splashing sound echoed in the room. While burying her face in Cleatt's shoulder, Priscilla desperately embraced the slight pain and discomfort in her body.


Her heartbeat sped up the moment she heard his faint voice. "Ah, it seems he's done preparing..." She understood that he was ready. Cleatt stood up and grabbed her thighs. Embarrassed, Priscilla closed her eyes. She was so nervous that it felt her heart was about to beat out of her chest.

"Forgive me if it hurts."

He probed his finger again to open the entrance. Then, something hot was pressed against it. When that thing that was hotter and bigger than she imagined trembled against her body, Priscilla shuddered and the hot rod suddenly pushed in.


Priscilla almost let an involuntary scream come out but bit her lips to hold it. When she stretched her hands trying to find something to cling to, Cleatt grabbed her arms and embraced her in a hug while covering her body.


Just like that, his body moved into hers. Priscilla held her breath and clung to Cleatt while feeling the heat and pain.

"Priscilla, I'm sorry, does it hurt?"

Cleatt asked in a distressed tone. She also felt her insides clutching in pain and tightening up the place that he had entered in her body.  He was probably also suffering as it was crammed into such a narrow space.

"Ah, I-I'm fi-fine."

Priscilla managed to utter something while stuttering. She didn't want it to stop at this moment and it was an experience that she would have to go through someday. She took a deep breath and tried to relax her body as much as possible.

It looked like he also didn't intend to stop, and while fondling her body, he moved his hips and stroked forward again.

"...It's okay, it's all in now."

He talked while patting her head gently, and her wet eyelashes quivered, shedding tears after she opened her eyes. Her lower half still felt a stinging pain, but she was somehow relieved to know that it wouldn't go deeper than it was.

But after all, "The first time really hurts", Priscilla thought and sighed. She had no idea what other people's experiences were like, but it seemed that Cleatt was being very thoughtful. If it still hurt even like this, she thought that it would have hurt much more if she had a different partner. She was really glad that Cleatt was her partner.

In fact, since she had never had another partner, Priscilla simply didn't realize his size, being bigger than average, contributed to her current discomfort.

He could feel it throbbing hotly inside her, but he waited and tried to remain calm until she had settled down. While they were still connected like that, he stroked her hair and slowly kissed her.

"You really can't get rid of your own pain with your hands, right?"


"Hmm, that's really inconvenient. I wish I also had that power."

Cleatt, in a serious voice, slid his hand and placed it on her lower belly. Priscilla carelessly followed it with her eyes and saw not only his big manly hand stroking her stomach but also that place where they were both connected. That made her dizzy with embarrassment. That scene was too graphic and stark for the innocent Priscilla.

Since the situation made her mind and body react and become restless, that place also tightened and clenched around Cleatt.

He frowned.


He smiled at her, with a pleading, sweet voice. He was playing his tricks. She didn't know if he was also aware of it, but whenever he wanted something from her, he always used this tone. She never attempts to refuse anything he asked like that, most likely, she never even thought about refusing.

"I promise you I won't be rough..."

Still using that sweet voice, Cleatt stole her lips, grabbed her waist, and began to move slowly. Priscilla closed her eyes almost immediately, but for a moment, she saw that Cleatt looked a little happy, and she secretly thought that he looked exactly like Peter when he was in front of a toy, with a cheerful childish expression.

"Aaah, hmm."

Not long after that fleeting thought passed her mind, Cleatt started to move, and she desperately tried to hold back her voice. As he said, she thought he was really attentive. He moved his hips without trying to push it further or pull it out, which would have caused more pain and he only tried to stir it inside in a small circular movement. Even with all that, she still felt a dull pain, and it was nothing compared to the pleasant feeling she had reached with his fingers. But there was also the subtle happiness that she felt because the person she loved was burrowed deep in her body and seemed to be suppressing his heat to thoroughly enjoy their time together.


Priscilla turned bright red when the sudden loud panting came out. Her body that was only feeling something akin to pain was suddenly struck by a different sensation, like an electric shock. As she widened her eyes, Cleatt twisted his body and put his hand around the place where the two were connected.

"N-no! Stop!"

While still connected, he stimulated the same protrusion that made her climax earlier. Since she had already felt it before, Priscilla's body accepted that what she was feeling when Cleatt attacked that spot was "pleasure".

"N-no, n-not there. Don't."

When Priscilla clung to Cleatt, he laughed, and sweat dripped from his forehead.

"But it sounds like you really like it there."

"N-no, it's not like that!!"

He knew she was obviously trying to cover it up with a lie. After all, every time he messed around that spot, she would let out sweet moans and her body shivered.

"I really want you to feel it from the inside too, but that can be done after you get used to it."

He declared it happily, and rubbed the protrusion with his wet finger again, and humped his hips forward. Her insides seemed to have loosened a bit because she was distracted by his fingers, and he could gradually start to piston his shaft. His overjoyed expression was a bit twisted, probably because he was feeling too good. Priscilla, looking at his face with misty eyes, was delighted at the fact that he was feeling pleased.


Perhaps because he could tell that she was feeling good, Cleatt's finger pushed her nub strongly, and her back arched widely. That weird feeling from before rushed in again. This time, she knew exactly what it was.

She held onto his body firmly whilst letting out smalls shrieks. Her vagina clamped and entangled with his member over and over again, making her fully embarrassed.

On the other hand, he held her head that shook while stunned by the intense titillation, and Cleatt also exhaled a big sigh as he withstood the passionate act. Hearing his sexy moan close to her ear, Priscilla reacted again and at the same time, she felt a hot thing shooting inside into her body.

"……Aah! Hnn!"

A soft moan escaped from her lips as she received a man's essence for the first time. Cleatt poured all his pent-up energy into her body and somewhere in his mind he calmly wondered how could he release so much at one time. The heat that was pressing her insides calmed down.

Cleatt, leaning over Priscilla's body, was still breathing roughly beside her ears. Her breathing was also messy. And she noticed that hair strands were sticking to her sweaty body.

Priscilla realized it was such a tiring activity, and in her mind, she admired all the people in the world who did it. At the same time, after letting out a long sigh, Cleatt moved his body. Then he slowly took it out from Priscilla. She frowned at the complex feeling that mixed in pain and an odd sense of loss.

The moment she glimpsed at that place, there was a white liquid mixed with red streaks, the proof she had just been deflowered. That sight was too shocking for a novice like her, and she immediately buried her face in the bedsheets.

"Are you feeling okay?"

"Excuse me……"

While Priscilla was shivering in shame, Cleatt took care of her body and dealt with the aftermath of their actions, he also helped her put back her sleepwear. She regretfully apologized to Cleatt for letting him do everything, but he only laughed and hugged Priscilla softly.

"What are you apologizing for?"

"...Well, you just did so much for me and..."

"It's all that I'm supposed to do."

Cleatt's voice was cheerful, and she noticed he seemed to be in a good mood.

"Ahn, was I...good?"


"...Did I do it properly?"

Her face kept getting redder while she talked. Cleatt peeked at her and answered, "Hmm, you did very well." Then he kissed her neck with his lips and sucked on it.

Priscilla felt relieved that she was able to satisfy her husband, and placed her hands on Cleatt's head. The usual feeling of tiredness didn't transmit to her hands, but it was a bit regretful that tonight he came back earlier than usual, and now it ended up being very late.

"Cleatt, please rest."

"Hmm, I will. Thank you, Priscilla."

No longer concerned about the casual skin contact, he kissed her chest once again peeking through the fabric of nightgown and as usual, he leaned his face there, peacefully closing his eyes.

Gazing at his face, Priscilla continued to gently stroke his hair, still feeling the tickling dull pain deep inside her body.


In the morning, the sound of knocking on the door awakened her. The body embracing her moved, and when she felt the comfortable warmness leaving her and opened her eyes, Cleatt had just got up. Priscilla was dressed by him last night, but he didn't cover himself, and his bare skin was visible in the morning light, making her eyes follow all over that sight.

"……Good morning."

As usual, Nella came into the bedroom and after glancing for a moment, she greeted them with a smile as always.

"Hm, good morning."

Cleatt didn't seem to care, he only put on his robe and got out of bed. When Priscilla tried to do the same, Cleatt held her back.

"You should rest more. I'll ask my parents to excuse you."


Cleatt came home every day as promised. But as also expected, he was usually too late for dinner. So in the morning, they were supposed to have a meal together as a family of four, unless it was necessary for him to head out early for work. This was the compromise that his mother, Feim, had reached after arguing with Cleatt countless times.

However, because of what happened last night, Priscilla still felt a little pain and decided to follow his words. Actually, she didn't feel like she could have breakfast normally with a calm face after doing it. She wouldn't know how to behave in front of Duran and Feim.

"Nella, please take care of Priscilla."

"Yes, I understand."

When Cleatt left the bedroom, Nella looked at Priscilla with a warm gaze.

"What would like you to do, milady? Would you like to take a bath or sleep a little longer?"

"...I'm sorry, I think I'll take a bath..."

Her body felt a little sluggish, but she was concerned about all the sweat from the last night. Cleatt wiped the lower half of her body, but it was definitely still messy.

Nella must have understood what had happened during the night. It was very embarrassing, but it was only natural for a servant to know these things because it was their job to clean up the chambers. Since being too reserved would actually make Nella's job more difficult, Priscilla decided to be more open-minded about it and let go of her awkwardness.

She carefully washed with the bathwater that was previously prepared and return to the bedroom. It seems that Nella had already changed the sheets and re-arranged the bed.

In Priscilla's bedroom, Nella was preparing the breakfast that she had skipped earlier.

"Excuse me, thank you very much."

She felt refreshed after taking a bath and the weariness around her body also seemed to be washed away. When she saw the meal lined up in the table, she realized she was hungry. As she remembered how much energy she spent during the night, her cheeks turned red. She sat down at the table while Nella was quietly observed her.

"Mrs. Priscilla."


When Priscilla looked up at her, Nella looked a little troubled but had a determined expression.

"I know it's rude for me to ask this kind of question but-- Does Mrs. Priscilla love lord Cleatt?"

Nella's eyes seemed to be worried about her. Priscilla looked once over at the breakfast in front of her and then looked up again.

"Yes, I do."

Priscilla stared at Nella and nodded firmly.

"A lot. I love him very much."

When Priscilla smiled, Nella's expression softened.

"Is that so? Then it is very good. I'm glad you're happy, Mrs. Priscilla."

"Yes, thank you for worrying about me."

A warm feeling spread in Priscilla's chest. Nella knew that there was no physical relationship between the two until then. That was obvious as she was responsible for making the bed every morning. After all, almost half a month passed since they married and yet there was no sign of anything happening between them.

And suddenly this morning, she must have noticed it while cleaning and arranging the bed. Since it was Priscilla's first time, the proof would have been left on the sheets.

Two people that suddenly got married but there was no intercourse. And for half a month, they didn't make any progress. Nella must have been worried when she discovered it. She might have thought that Priscilla was forced to do it all of a sudden.

"Please take your time today, milady."

"Thank you."

Priscilla felt she was about to cry, and in a bit of panic, even though it was unfit for a noble, she hurriedly started to eat breakfast.

Somehow, she felt her lacrimal glands had weakened since yesterday. But Priscilla wanted to remember the taste of this slightly salty but superbly delicious breakfast for the rest of her life.

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