Pampering Big Cat Wife

PBCW Chapter 21

“If I don’t wear this, do you think you would look at me?” Tang Wan glared at him in a flirtatious manner. “You're finally willing to face me now? I only want to tell a certain idiot that if he has something on his mind, then he should say it out loud in the future. If he always hides it in his heart, then how will people know about it?”

“You’re saying…” His mind was in a flurry. His pair of eyes directly looked at her glorious body that appeared indistinct and his mouth felt extremely thirsty, but he didn’t dare to rush.

He could still actually stand there without moving after seeing her being so seductive? In her heart, she was so angry she laughed. With this sort of dunce husband, should she be happy or sad?

However, she still patiently explained. “Ai, I call you dumb, and you really are dumb. You’re my husband. If you don’t like me talking to someone, dislike me hanging out with someone. Don’t wish for me to see someone. All you have to do is tell me clearly. Just like I don’t like seeing you flirt with another woman as well, if someone dares to cast an amorous glance at you, I will dig her out…Um no, I’ll punish her well. This kind of thing is mutual.”

“So…” Zhao Shi Cheng understood her meaning at once. He held back the desire surging from his heart for a moment and forced himself to calm down. He made his decision like a warrior breaking off his wrist and said, “What if I say...I don’t want you keep on thinking about Lu You?”

Tang Wan’s eyes lit up. “Haha! You finally said it. I didn’t think about it. From the start, it was always you who were thinking too much. I only have one man in my heart all along.”

“One man? Could it be...” His gaze gradually emitted wild joy that was hard to describe.

“There couldn't be it. It’s you, idiot!” Under Xiao Chun’s guidance, she finally understood her own heart. As someone who always did things casually and wasn’t bothered by trifles, she didn’t have the plans to hide her feelings. “Listen carefully to me. I already fell in love with you, Zhao Shi Cheng.”

“Wan er!”

Zhao Shi Cheng’s heart felt moved for some reason. Prompted by excitement, he took a step forward and reached out his hands to hug her. He wished he could dote on her properly. Yet, he hadn't expected her to dodge him agilely. She stood up and took a step back, the light silk fabric swayed along with her movement. The spring scenery suddenly appeared.

[note] Spring scenery points to the private areas of a woman are revealed [/note]

His nose felt hot like he was about to have a nosebleed.

“Hug me later.” Tang Wan played hard to get and extended one hand and became willful. “Even though I know you definitely love me and even loved me for a long time, I still want to hear you say it to me directly…”

“I love you. Wan er.” He didn’t wait until she finished. The emotions surged in his heart already made him blurt out. “Maybe it’s when I saw you for the first time that I fell in love with you. Perhaps it was during the time we spent together; the feelings already grew to an unimaginable degree. In my heart, you comfort my heart like the spring’s gentle breeze. You're also dazzling like the summer’s radiant sun.”

What was with these old actors' lines? She nearly laughed out loud, but for the sake of not destroying the mood, she forcefully endured the laughter.

“Okay, okay. Next, are you going to say the autumn’s moon and the winter’s blanket?”

Zhao Shi Cheng was dumbfounded. “Uh, it’s not that corny, but the meaning is about the same.”

He even felt she was corny! Tang Wan was both annoyed and amused at the same time. “Actually, the only thing I wanted to hear was the first sentence you just said. The rest was all nonsense.”

He awkwardly said, “I’m sincerely…”

She coughed lightly, stopping him from talking. Furthermore, she deliberately turned her body. The light silk fabric fluttered and revealed even more of her beautiful figure again. “You’re still saying it’s not nonsense. I seduced you for such a long time. A normal man would already pounce on me. How come you can endure it for so long?”

“Wan er…” Zhao Shi Cheng couldn’t take it anymore. If he continues to talk, even he will look down on himself. Therefore, he took a big step forward and used his long hands to carry this fragile body that was soft like there were no bones onto the bed. After that, a passionate kiss followed.

Tang Wan really missed the gentle feeling of his lips interacting with hers and even enthusiastically responded to him. His hands scouted the inside of the light silk fabric, sliding on top of her curvaceous body. He nearly couldn’t tear himself away from hat tender and smooth feeling.

Tang Wan never thought that his touch would bring her such a big stimulation. It was like there was a fire burning her whole body, constantly emitting heat, but it was also hard to endure the numbness. She longed for him to give her even more for some reason.

Her writhing movement teased Zhao Shi Cheng to the point where he was nearly unable to maintain self-control. But he spared no effort to maintain his gentle movement and even feared his strength was too great that he would hurt her. Unexpectedly, she turned the tables and probed the lean physique under his shirt, imitating him. In the end, her hands unexpectedly groped for the desire that was already scorching hot and upright, causing him to draw a breath sharply.

“If you continue to be courteous, then I won’t be polite anymore.” How could she not sense his restraint? But she was about to explode. What was the point of him restraining himself? She had already longed for this day for several thousand years. He couldn’t disappoint her.

Tang Wan rolled her eyes at him, filled with feminine charm. This one glimpse caused Zhao Shi Cheng to be bewitched. His soul almost flew away. What happened next, he completely depended on the urge of his instincts. Whatever intentions of being gentle with her were all gone...

The love fiesta and the affection changing into countless ties of desire wrapped the two people layer by layer. This long-awaited night was so perfect but also very short.

After doing it, Zhao Shi Cheng laid on the bed and closed his eyes slightly. Recalling the joyful event that happened just now. While his big hands stroked the soft and glossy back of Tang Wan, who was lying on his chest.

Comparatively to his relaxed demeanor, Tang Wan’s eyes were sparking and her content smile was like a desirous cat. Her hands teased him, ready to make trouble.

That old-fashioned and inflexible brain of his thought that tonight was their first-time having sex and it wasn’t good to do it too much. To his surprise, his young wife wasn’t normal people. After experiencing the pleasure, of course, she would do it as much as possible.

“Wan er, you…” he sensed her suggestion that was filled with desire and his voice became a little hoarse.

“Husband, that was so fun. Let’s do it again.”

“Can you still do it?

“I don’t know if you like it intensely or not. Do you want me to change into my original form? It might be somewhat furry, but it is going to be more fun!”

“What turned into the original form?”

“Ack! I forgot. I can’t do it right now. Then, let’s still play like this.”

“Wan er…no, I can’t stand it any longer…” After saying this, Zhao Shi Cheng flipped around and pressed down on her again.

In the following days, Zhao Shi Cheng felt like he understood what paradise was. He interacted with his beloved wife intimately and was affectionate with one another every day. He indulged in pleasures, but fortunately, his self-control was still enough. In the morning, he was as serious and strict as before. It was only until night that there was no longer anyone who could find him.

That’s because he was neglecting his household duties some time ago and was occupied with catching up with his little wife!

As for the seven or eight men that were captured last time. Zhao Shi Cheng finally discovered that they were the Iron Gate fort’s bandits, outside the capital and on the Wu Yan Mountain. The Iron Gate fort committed all manner of crimes. The yamen repeatedly wanted to exterminate them, but it always seemed like they got notified beforehand and moved the stronghold that very night. After waiting until the threat of the extermination of the fort was over, they would come back to the Wu Yan Mountain again and lord over the land.

For this past several years, the Iron Gate fort didn’t commit too many crimes. At most, it was robbing the traveling merchants passing by and they also didn’t harm people's life. But this time, the capital's two murder cases were too ruthless. Since Zhao Shi Cheng found out that this was related to the Iron Gate fort. This group of people even aimed to murder Tang Wan, suppressing the bandits was of great urgency.

Before Zhao Shi Cheng briefed him, private advisor Cao already investigated roughly the scale of the fort and the number of enemies they will face. Therefore, they transferred an army of troops from the government with Zhao Shi Cheng personally commanding the army. After nightfall, they set out to suppress the bandits and private advisor Cao stayed in the yamen to coordinate with them.

As for Tang Wan, although he knows she has outstanding combat skills, he wouldn’t let her participate in such a dangerous matter. As a result, they could hardly tear themselves away from each other until the last moment. Then he let private advisor Cao arrange for the guards to escort her and Xiao Chun back to the great general residence.

Originally, suppressing bandits shouldn’t count as a difficult matter, especially since Zhao Shi Cheng even brought three hundred picked troops with him. But when Tang Wan sat inside the sedan chair and gazed outside the window. Looking at the pitch-dark sky, she kept on feeling ill at ease like there was something bad about to happen.

Suddenly, the carriage she rode in shook ferociously. After that, it plunged halfway down on the ground with one side high and the other side low. She was startled and it was only because she promptly protected her head that she didn’t bump her head and became groggy. She lifted the curtains bravely and stepped down the carriage to investigate and saw several hefty fellows standing before the party of sedan chair carriers. Their expressions were frightening, and several guards were already knocked out on the ground, unable to move.

At this time, Xiao Chun also came down from another carriage. When she caught sight of the situation, she screamed loudly in alarm.

Tang Wan rushed to pull Xiao Chun behind her back and yelled fiercely, “Who are you? Don’t you know this is where the yamen is?”

“It seems like you’re Tang Wan.” The man in the front said coldly.

“Her legs didn’t turn into Jell-O when she saw us. It’s most likely her. As expected of the wife of the magistrate,” another burly man with one eye sneered.

“You actually dare to block the sedan chair, even though you know I am the magistrate’s wife?” Tang Wan displayed valiance that extremely contrasted her delicate appearance.

“Aren’t you scared that I will cry out loudly, and you’d immediately be surrounded?”

“Hmph! You think we don’t know that Zhao Shi Cheng took away a portion of the capital’s soldiers and horses. The capital isn’t defended right now at this time."

Her arched eyebrows creased, and she suddenly cried out, “Help!”

Under Zhao Shi Cheng’s caution, she didn’t need to use her martial arts. She has to try to not use it as much as possible. So, she attempted to call someone. It’s good even if it will disturb the residents around here. It’s a pity that what responded to her was silence. It shows this area was already controlled by these people.

“Hahaha, no one will come save you even if you scream your head off!” Another man with a scarred face distorted his already hideous face and wanted to scare her.

His words made her recall a certain boring, cheesy joke from the later generations. She nearly wanted to scream out, “hoarse throat, hoarse throat,” and see if anyone will come and save her. [1]

[1] This joke is about a demon lord and a princess. The demon lord kidnapped the princess, and she kept on yelling for help. The demon lord then told her that even if she screamed her head off, no one would come and save her. At this time, someone came and said he was here to save the princess.

But this idea was so discouraging that even she couldn’t help but roll her eyes, not to mention she was completely not scared right now.

“Why are you targeting me? Could it be that you're in the same group as the bandits on the mountain?” Tang Wan heard the reasons why from the mouth of the scarred face man.

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