When you post, you want to ensure that you're properly making your posts. Doing so will keep the layout of website consistent and ensure that the proper feeds are updated properly.

When you post a chapter, you want to first create and post the chapter, then create and post the clickthrough post to lead readers into the chapter.

The first step in posting a chapter is creating a new post so we want to go into the ghost panel and go to Posts

Select the "Posts" option

Then we will create a new post from there

Select the "New Post" button to create a new post

From there, enter your chapter number and title in the Title section. A recommended format is Chapter # – Chapter Title. Once you have done that, you may go ahead and place the contents of the chapter in the post content area.

When you're finished with the chapter, it is time to properly tag it to ensure that it goes to the right Table of Contents by clicking on the Settings (gear icon) on the top right corner

Settings (Gear Icon)

After that, go under the tags section and find your novel (either by typing it in the tags box or by scrolling down the menu, it's in alphabetical order) and add your novel as a tag.

Find your novel under the tags section

Then publish!

Publish, or schedule the post

Once the chapter has been posted, it is time to make a post to update the chapter feed. Create a post like you would a chapter, except this time, create an appropriate title and ensure that your post content links to the chapter itself.

Important: Make sure you copy the link from the 'preview' section, or, if you're using the link under post url, that you add the https:// Otherwise, it won't link correctly.

Once that is done, you will want to add the tag #chapter update.

Posting the notification for a chapter update

Once that is completed, publish!

Following these steps helps ensure that our website remains consistent so that the experience for our readers is pleasant.

To easily create footnotes, put your footnote in-between "[note]footnote here[/note]"

Then, go to

The tool will also remove JP/CN text.

It will output your chapter as HTML, which you must paste into a HTML block. Pasting directly into the Ghost editor will break all the footnote links!

You can easily do that by clicking the + symbol next to a new line and clicking HTML then pasting the chapter in.

Then paste your chapter in!

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