As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 11 - The Empire's 'Curse' (2) (『皇帝』フェリクス・リーヴィス 2)

translated by myonnie

"Good morning. A lovely morning, isn't it?"

I awoke feeling refreshed the next morning. With a smile on my face, I sat down across from Felix in the dining room.

Felix politely greeted me back, his beauty remain dazzling even in the morning. Too bright.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, of course. Thanks to you."

(How long has it been since I've had such a relaxing morning? It's probably since my previous life.)

Eating well, getting a good night's sleep in bed, and getting dressed in clean clothes were enough to make me happy. I already started to enjoy life here on my second day.

Unlike the life where I only washed my face with cold water from the well when I woke up, the maids carefully took care of my appearance.

Since I was going to be the empress, all my dresses and accessories were of the highest quality. I unconsciously stretched my back when I saw the items I had never worn even when I was still the Great Saint.

"Lady Tiana, you're very beautiful!"

"You look like a goddess...!"

My hair was tied with a mint green ribbon to match my dress of the same color. The maids exaggerated their praises so much that it made me feel awkward.

(But I do have a much prettier face than I'd imagined. It's a shame I looked so shabby back then.)

This should make me a little more convincing as an ornamental empress and saint. This appearance made me feel like being silent was enough to give off some kind of regal aura.

"It's great that you're living comfortably."

"Yes. Thank you."

I feasted on the luxurious breakfast with Felix while having a somewhat impassive conversation. When I was thinking about when to bring up the topic, the servants suddenly left the dining room all at once.

Just like that, only the two of us remained. Before I could wonder what was happening, Felix quietly opened his mouth.

"I wanted to talk to you alone, so I have them dismissed."

I nodded in silence, still with a nagging bad premonition.

"Do you think those who attacked you on the way from the kingdom to the empire were sent by Fallon Kingdom?"

"...Yes. I'm sorry."

So that's why he dismissed the servants. Understanding dawned on me, and I answered honestly. It would be bad for me, someone from the kingdom, to earn suspicion by lying for no reason here.

After that, he asked me many questions about what happened that day.

Felix seemed to have realized that Fallon Kingdom had completely abandoned me and used me as fodder to extort the empire. He remained soft-spoken the entire time, no hint of blame directed at me.

"Is it true that you can use magic?"

"I don't know what you've heard about me, but I can use magic. Though I only have a little amount of magic power."

I wasn't lying. I did use magic for chores like polishing the saints' wands and a few other things, though it was to the point of ridicule.

"Is that so? Forgive my impertinence."

"It's fine."

Deep down, I was taken aback by the direct question. Felix seemed to sense that I didn't want to talk about it in detail and he didn't ask me any further.

We already discussed all the contract details regarding this marriage and my duty in writing and stamped it with a seal.

(Even if I can use some magic, Felix promised me that he won't ask for anything more than what's written on the contract.)

That's probably why he hesitated to mention 'unrelated things'. I apologized to him in my mind, since I also planned to do something in my own way. I decided to make a request immediately.

"I want to know about the 'curse' of this country, so can you give me permission to go to the library? I might embarrass you if I remain ignorant as a saint and empress."

Felix blinked his eyes with long eyelashes in surprise, but his expression soon returned to normal.

"...Sure. Go ahead as long as you won't regret it. Just keep in mind that I can't return you home if you want to go back to the kingdom."

(Does he have to phrase it that way! Seems like it's really that bad, huh.)

"I won't return to that country even if you ask me to. No need to worry."

"Is that so? After breakfast, I'll have Byron, my aide, guide you there. Please wait in your room."

"Yes, thank you very much."

After that, time passed quickly as I listened to my future schedule.

(Did Felix sleep properly? From what I've heard and seen, he should be incredibly busy.)

That said, I wouldn't have much free time in my first month either.

The tailoring of the wedding dress would begin starting tomorrow. Two weeks later would be a ball for my debut to society, and I had to learn at least some imperial etiquette before then.

These were clearly written in the contract, and I had agreed to them. Felix was frighteningly detailed.

(I was originally the Earl's daughter of this country, and I attended social gatherings and ceremonies as the Great Saint. There shouldn't be any problems.)

It was when I was eating beautifully cut fruits as desserts.

(Ah. Maybe now is the perfect time to ask.)

Remembering what I wanted to ask him, I put down my fork and turned my gaze to Felix.

We were going to be a married couple, but we wouldn't have any occasions to be alone together. Making use of the great timing, I opened my mouth.

"Felix, do you have a woman you adore?"

Felix then stopped eating and looked back at me, as if he was looking at something unbelievable.

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