As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 14 - The Empire's 'Curse' (5)

“Why are you crying?” Felix inquired, his well-trimmed eyebrows raising.

It was definitely weird finding someone crying out of nowhere. But I couldn't control it.

“Saint Tiana is crying for what the empire has suffered due to the ‘curse’.”

Though the tears finally began to stop, I was still unable to speak well, and Rufino answered on my behalf.

“Your Majesty. She’s a kind saint with a beautiful heart.”


Rufino wouldn't lie. That’s why Felix put his trust in those words, for some reason breathing a sigh of relief.

(Ah, so he thought I am crying in despair over the state of the country?)

Did he misunderstand that they were tears of wanting to return home from this country, and was worried I might run away?

“Your Majesty, what brings you here?”

“I stopped by the magic tower for a task. Since I heard Tiana was here, I came to check on her.”

“So it’s like that. I was explaining things to her.”

“Sir Rufino did that? Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.”

(I’ve never seen Felix use honorifics with anyone but me as Else before.)

Like me, Rufino had known Felix since he lived in the detached palace, back when he was the third prince in a weak position. Perhaps it was the remnant of that time.

Whenever I found something that hasn't changed, it made me a little happy.

“Then I’ll take my leave here.”

I watched Felix leave and turned to Rufino again, who was staring at me with his honey-colored eyes.

“Do you have a bad relationship with His Majesty?”

“Um... It’s not good, but I hope we can get closer from now on.”

Felix didn't try to be amicable like usual in front of Rufino. It might be because Rufino wouldn't gossip and because he trusted him.

“I’m sure it’ll go well if it’s you.”

Rufino assured me with such conviction that I really began to feel that way.

“Thanks. Also, I'm sorry I cried."

“No. You did because you care for this country. And, don't worry. Actually, a few days ago, Nightly Lake’s impurity was completely cleansed.”


From what I heard, the lake, which had been completely polluted, was completely purified and restored to its original state out of nowhere. And the unbelievable and miraculous event left everyone amazed.

(It's truly a miracle. And that’s great news... That’s why everyone was so motivated.)

This blessing definitely became a great hope for everyone.

Once they could determine what caused Nightly Lake’s purification, it would lead to solutions on other sites.

“By the way, the people think that it’s because you, the saint, came.”

“...That’s a bit of a stretch.”

“Fufu, I think it’s fair.”

At that time, I was almost killed. How could I purify a lake by then? Taking credit for something I have nothing to do with... didn't feel good.

“Of the four remaining locations, which is the closest from here?”

“The Red Cave. It takes half a day to get there on a horse.”

I had no idea what I could do now, but I had to see the ‘curse’ with my own eyes for once.

“I want to go to the cave and check it directly, but it’s too polluted, right? How close can I get?”

“With my barrier, I think we can make it to the far end. Shall we go?"

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Since Lady Saint wants to. Let me help you."

(I can’t do much, my power is definitely less than a tenth of what Rufino is capable of now...)

Still, having Rufino with me is reassuring. I expected him to decline, but his sincere response went straight to my heart.

Besides, no danger could come near with Rufino accompanying me. Knowing that, Felix would definitely grant me permission.

“Thank you, really! But, why?”

“Since I know you would make a change.”


(Does Rufino really, really not know that I’m the ‘Hollow Saint’? It’ll be awkward if that’s the case.)

I returned to my room after learning about the "curse" and borrowing a few books, feeling doubtful and apologetic for shouldering so many expectations.


Then at night, after getting ready for bed, I made sure it was time for my appointment and moved to the shared area of the bedroom.

I always use the red magic circle, but today I stood on the blue magic circle that lead to Felix’s room. With just a little bit of magic power, the magic circle immediately activated, glowing bluish-white.

And soon the view in front of me shifted, moving me to Felix’s room in an instant.

“...Um, sorry to bother you.”

“You’re here.”

Felix, who was sitting on the sofa, looked like he just had a bath. His hair was damp, making him look younger than usual. His clothes were simple, very different from his usual appearance.

(Then again, it's a very bleak room.)

Although the room was decorated in white and gold, it was so empty that I couldn't see it as the emperor’s bedroom. Even the furniture was all simple.

It was clear he had no interest in luxury at all. How typical of Felix. I chuckled.

“Have a seat.”


I sat down on the sofa, and Felix moved to make us a cup of tea. I feel bad making him do it, so I offer to do it myself.

The room was well stocked with many tea leaves, indicating that Felix was still as fond of tea as he had always been.

(I thought he has changed a lot, but turns out he hasn’t too.)

“Oh, would you like brewing it with orange flowers?”

“...Yes, sure.”

This tea was the one I always brewed for little Felix, who had trouble sleeping.

There was a slight pause in his reply. Was he not in the mood? Still, he already agreed. Stopping now would be too awkward.

Although orange flowers had a sweet aroma, their taste was light and bitter, so they should be adjusted by blending with other herbs.

(I kind of miss this. They wouldn’t let me drink tea in the kingdom.)

I brew a cup of tea for two, placing one in front of Felix. I took my own cup, the fragrant aroma calming down my nerves.

(It still tastes great. It's been a while, but it's perfect.)

Felix, on the other hand, stared at the cup for a moment, but eventually sip it quietly.



Then Felix, for some reason, looked terribly surprised and puzzled, and muttered so.

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