As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 17 - Chasing After the Beloved Remnants (3)

translated by myonnie

"Ex... cuse, me...!”

“Huh!? What is it, all a sudden!?”

Seeing me entering the study room without a knock or waiting for a reply, Byron’s face reddened out of anger.

Felix looked surprised too, staring at me with his long, ice-blue eyes wide open.

“...Ugh... Haa... Um... The wand...”

My stamina was almost nonexistent that a short run left me out of breath. As I tried to catch my breath, I went straight to Felix’s desk and grabbed the wand.

“Just what do you think you’re doing!?”

Felix immediately reacted, asking me with a voice colder than usual.

Right. I was trying to take out his beloved’s relic, of course he would be upset. But...

“I want to borrow this wand! I need this, no matter what... A lot of people’s lives depend on this.”

“--What happened?”

Seeing my desperation, Felix realized the gravity of the situation. The knights would send him a report later, meaning it’ll not reach the emperor’s ears immediately. He, naturally, didn't know what was happening.

"I'll explain properly later...!"

Every minute and every second was precious. I swiftly apologized, running out of the office.

(I did say I should hide my power as much as possible, but doing that now isn’t me. I should do everything I can and save as many lives as possible in front of me.)

My lungs began to hurt, but I continued to run without rest and headed toward the knights.

“Saint Tiana! That wand is...?”

Marielle, who was helping the wounded, looked at me and the wand with a confused expression.

Anyone who had ever set foot in the study room had seen this wand.

And she probably knew that this belongs to the former Great Saint, that Felix cherished it.

I knelt in front of the injured man and clutched the wand.

(...It’s been a long time, huh. I’m sorry for leaving you this tattered.)

There was no response from the wand full of scratches, and I couldn't feel any magic power. Still, I couldn't afford to give up and keep calling out to the wand.

(I’m not worthy, but I want to save the people in front of me.)

(Sorry for only making selfish requests.)

(Please lend me your strength just one more time──!)

My burning desire materialized as the wand starts to shine dazzlingly.

At the same time, a nostalgic magic power flowed into my body. The wand was responding to me... The thought made my vision blurry.

(...Turns out I had such a beautiful and gentle magic power.)

Wrapped in a warm and beautiful light, my heart was full. Truly, you realize what you’ve lost once it’s gone.

Half of Tiana’s original magic power was filled with the amount of magic power inside the wand.

(With this much, it’ll definitely be fine. Thank you, I will definitely save everyone.)

I gently thanked the wand and then proceed with the treatment with the additional magic power.

──Normally, it's not possible to store magic power in an item. I could do that because, I, Else, had a special magic power.

But there was a limit to that, and I couldn’t supply magic power from the wand again after this.

(Even so, I have to thank the past me and Felix for preserving it.)

After an hour, I let out a sigh of relief once I was done healing the knight’s most mild injury.

The knights thanked me politely, and I returned it with a smile.

(Thank God...)

I saved everyone. The tension in my shoulders withering.

(However, it’s only thanks to the wand that I make it through it.)

The helplessness of my inability to do anything when the same thing happen again in the future made me scared.


Meanwhile, the wand that I was holding onto started to crumble silently, turning to ash.

That must be its limit. Perhaps on the day I died, it too had reached the end of its life.

“...Sorry. And thank you so much for everything.”

This wand was gifted to me by my late parents when I entered the temple at twelve years old. My important partner, always by my side in hard times and happy times.

(Thank you for all your help.)

The wand had completely disappeared, leaving only a red jewel. I bit my lip while feeling the inner corners of my eyes heat up.

I gently picked up the jewel that fell to the ground and kept it close to my chest. And as soon as I thanked it again, a shadow casted over my sight.

It was Felix. The tears retracted to my eyes, and another liquid came out instead.

“Um, since when did you get here...?”

“Right after you get here.”

Meaning, he was here from the very beginning. On top of being seen, I’d done something terrible to him too.

(Ah... Oh no, I said I was borrowing the wand, but it has completely disappeared...!)

Though there was no helping it, it must be a shock for Felix. I bowed my head, preparing myself to face his anger.

"I'm very sorry, I—"

“Raise your head. There’s no need to apologize.”


“That wand doesn’t belong to me. ...And I’m sure she would’ve wanted to do this too.”

Felix’s words made my chest tight. I know it. His most important core hadn’t changed.

"Thank you for saving the knights."

Felix held out his hand to me who was sitting on the ground. Once I gently grabbed that hand, he pulled my arm and helped me stand up.

(He’s really an adult man now, isn’t he?)

In the past, I used to pick up Felix since he fell down and cried a lot.

As I tried to brush off that mysterious feeling, I opened my mouth.

“Thank you, Feli--”

“However, may I ask you the reason you took the wand and what happened just now?”


My relief only lasted for a short while. I slightly nodded, about to be crushed by the pressure of Felix’s smile.

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