As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 19 - Turning Around is Hard (1)

“Good morning, Felix.”

“Yes. It feels like a long time since we’ve had dinner together, no?”

I was stuck in bed with a high fever for entire five days, finally healthy enough to have breakfast with Felix.

While I was bedridden, Felix showered me with many gifts of concern. He kind of overdid it, and now the maids were excited as they said that I was loved and cherished.

(As expected of Felix, he makes sure not to waste an opportunity like this. I should work on my acting too.)

“Do you have any plans today?”

“I plan to spend the rest of my day leisurely walking around and doing research.

“The ball is coming up, so take it easy."

“Yes, I’ll make sure to watch myself.”

Yes. I was sleeping my days off, and the ball is now only three days away.

Since I had been frantically pounding the list of attendees into my head in bed even when bedridden, it should be fine... I think.

(The maids told me a lot about Felix’s popularity, so it’s definitely going to be a battleground.)

An emperor of singular beauty, a master of magic and swordsmanship, gentle-mannered and amiable. It’s clear a mountain of women adore him.

(And yet he likes Else... How curious.)

Anyhow, as the next empress and a saint, I shouldn’t let myself get looked down on. I must show up in perfect condition.

As I’m heading to the library with Marielle after breakfast, a familiar golden color approaches me from across the pathway.

“Morning, Byron.”

“Good morning, Saint."

Since that day, Byron's attitude has softened just a bit. It seems like the word is spreading not only within the castle but throughout the country that I saved the knights. My popularity continues to rise.

That’s never my intention, but it’ll be nice if the presence of a saint makes the citizens feel at ease, even if only a little.

I then go to the library to research the fluctuation of magic power, but I still can’t find any books that can help me.

“Where has all my magic power gone...?”

I’ve completely used the magic power I absorbed from the wand, only recovering about fifty perfect of what I should have while I was in bed.

It’s as if there’s a lid completely stopping it from increasing after reaching a certain amount.


“Why are you sighing? Is there anything wrong?”

I look up at the voice and see Rufino looking at me with a book in his hand.

I haven't seen him since I last visit the magic tower. Although a twinge of panic bursts for a moment when I recall his confession, I hurriedly put up a smile.

(Rufino can keep a secret and he knows a lot. I might as well ask him.)

“Hey, have you heard of magic power decreasing?”

“Magic power decreasing, huh?”

Rufino put his hand on his chin and said, "Hmm," and after thinking hard for a while, he offers,

“I've heard of demons that suck magic power out of people. I can find the books if you need them.”

“There are demons like that? Yes, please.”

I know it, Rufino is dependable! I stand up from the chair. It’s pointless for me to investigate further.

“If you like, I hope you will dance with me at the ball.”

"Of course. The only thing I'm good at is dancing!"

“Then I’ll look forward to it.”

I part ways with Rufino, who told me he would contact me as soon as he found the books, and then continue to walk around the imperial castle to build up my stamina.


Then came the day of the event. Fully prepared with dress and makeup, I attend the ball, the event of my own unveiling.

The great hall in the royal castle, illuminated by a large chandelier, is crowded with people in glittering costumes.

“Tiana, are you okay?”

“Yeah, Thanks.”


Felix, standing next to me, is grinning, which causes the noble ladies to shriek behind us.

(This is Tiana’s first social gathering, but thank goodness I still remember how to behave.)

Without the memory of my previous life, there’s no way I can show myself in this kind of gathering, considering Tiana never had any education before. It’ll be embarrassing just to walk.

“My, is that the saint? She’s so pretty...!”

“She looks like a goddess. She’s a perfect match with His Majesty, don’t you think so?”

Great. Thanks to Marielle and the maids who have polished me up, I seem to make a quite good first impression.

The blue dress Felix gifted me is made by the empire’s best designer, and it’s so beautiful that it took my breath away when I saw it for the first time.

It matches the color of his eyes to show off our amicable relationship. It’s perfect.

(And Felix is dazzling.)

Felix in his navy blue formal attire with gorgeous gold decorations looks absolutely pretty.

“You’re beautiful, Tiana.”

“Ho, hoho... That’s my line.”

As the invited guests come to greet us one after another, Felix maintains a seamless and sweet aura.

He lightly hugs me around the waist and whispers in my ears, and it makes even someone like me nervous.

“It’s great that you’re both getting along so well.”

“Yes, now the future of the empire is secure.”

Though our harmonious relationship is important, some of the noble ladies are giving me stabbing glares.

(A woman from another country suddenly appears and steals the empress’ position. Of course they’re unhappy.)

In the meantime, Felix seems to have an important thing to discuss with the ministers, so I smile at him and tell him it’s okay to go.

“Call me right away if you need anything.”

“Okay. I want to make friends too, so don’t worry about it.”

As soon as I’m alone, people start to gather. It’s easy to understand that most of them want to butter up to the future empress, but I want to expand my interactions for now.

I go to several faction-like gatherings to acquire a variety of information. Apparently, the only duchess is the center of social life among the young ladies of the empire today.

(She’s not here yet? I’m pretty sure I saw her name on the guest list...)

In the midst of my eagerness to greet her, someone unexpectedly calls out to me, and I turn around. There are several noble ladies there.

“It's a pleasure to meet you."

“Yes, I've only seen saints in books.”

Though their intention is a bit suspicious from the beginning, I smile and give the appropriate response to them. Then I realize that they are the ladies who had sent me those thorny looks.

Still, the conversation is full of informative topics such as the latest trends among the women of the empire, and I listen attentively.

"So, the other night at the party..."

“Oh, my God, I'm so jealous! I was actually just there the other day..."

The girls, who have been chatting happily like young women, soon turn their attention to me, who remains silent.

“Sorry, I just realized we're the only ones talking...”

“Perhaps the saints can’t follow our conversation?"

“Well, of course. She’s from Fallon Kingdom.”


A sneer is clearly visible in their mouth.

(Ah, it’s happening.)

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