As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 5 - The 'Great Saint' Else Reese (2) (『大聖女』エルセ・リース 2)

translated by: myonnie

"...Sheesh, all bark and no bite," I muttered to myself, clapping my hands lightly to clear the dust.

It took me a mere ten minutes to defeat all the men. Even with my current amount of magic power, a few tricks would be enough to face this level of people.

On the other hand, Marielle and the empire's knights were still staring at me with dumbfounded expressions, shocked.

"Are you okay? I'll heal the injured, so come over here."

After looking at each other, they timidly approached me.

"A-As expected of Lady Saint...!"

"Lady Saint, I once heard that saints can only fight against monsters, but turns out they can also fight against humans?"

While listening to their bewildered voices, I treated the injuries.

Compared to the other magic attributes - fire, water, wind, and earth - the holy magic used by the saint was quite different in a sense.

Therefore, most saints were accustomed to the holy magic, and they couldn't use other attributes.

Of course, someone in my position should be able to handle all attributes, but their surprised reaction might be the standard.

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect you."

"No, seems like they're after me in the first place. I'm the one who's sorry for causing trouble."

The knights were clouded with apologies while I was healing them. Though it's their job, they were hurt after getting involved in my business. They shouldn't have to worry too much.

"Okay! That should be everyone, right?"

I took a deep breath once I healed them all with no hitch, racking my brain as to what to do next.

My magic power had completely dried up again. It should take several days to recover.

(Honestly, I want to immediately go back to Fallon Temple and beat Sylvia to death, but doing that in this condition is the same as suicide. I won't be able to inflict her a single injury.)

When I was living as the Great Saint Else, Sylvia was my subordinate and friend, and a saint with average ability. Yet for some reason, she now had the power to be revered as the Great Saint.

(How did she obtain that much power? The current Sylvia is the worst kind of villainess, but she used to be gentle and kind. She wasn't that kind of person...)

Seventeen years. Was that enough to change a person that much?

"Hmm... I guess I'd better keep going."

I had no place to return to in Fallon Kingdom. And no money. I was completely screwed.

Since Marielle and the knights were accompanying me, it might be better to keep heading to the empire for now.

Above all, Reavis Empire was an important homeland for me in my previous life. It's much better than Fallon Kingdom, where I had no good memories and no place to stay.

(I can use magic now even if just a little. Even if I'm incompetent, I shouldn't be treated badly right away.)

"The horses seem to be safe. Shall we move on?"


And so Marielle and I boarded the carriage, and we set off again for the empire.


Looking out the window with my chin resting in hand, I let my thoughts pick up the 'disgusting feeling' that absorbed my magic power. I could feel it gnawing on me even now.

(In the first place, why did my magic power suddenly return? It's also strange that my memory has returned.)

I had managed somehow by relying on my intuition and momentum, but I still had no clue about the cause. I was pretty confident with my knowledge of magic, but I never saw anything quite like this before.

As I tilted my head in contemplation, I noticed Marielle was staring at me.

"Lady Tiana. Thank you very much for earlier."

"Nu-uh. Don't worry about it."

She had already thanked me and apologized to me many times.

"Also, you seem to have changed somehow..."


Certainly, Tiana was timid and hesitant. Mixed with Else's personality, or more like my personality as Else became stronger after regaining my memories, I could see myself acting like a completely different person this whole time.

Anyone would be puzzled and bewildered by this change.

But how could anyone believe me if I said, "Actually, I regained my memories of when I was the Great Saint!"

Not even once had I heard of anyone regaining the memories of their previous life as well.

"Well, um... I was nervous the whole time. After that scary experience... I've kind of gotten over it."

Although the excuse was too flimsy even for me, Marielle didn't question me anymore.

Rather than that, she interlaced her fingers, eyes sparkling in wonder.

"Anyhow, your magic was wonderful! It was amazing!"


Compared to my golden age, it was so flimsy that it embarrassed me, but this was probably Marielle's first time watching a saint on duty. That would explain her response.

After talking about my splendor for a while, Marielle opened her mouth again, this time a little awkwardly.

"...Actually, I was informed that Lady Tiana couldn't use magic. That's why I was surprised."


Apparently, the knights and other people didn't know about it. The secret was passed only to Marielle, my personal maid.

(Reavis Empire knew that I couldn't use magic...? Then why are they welcoming me with such high treatment, and even making me their empress?)

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