As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 6 - The 'Great Saint' Else Reese (3) (『大聖女』エルセ・リース 1)

translated by myonnie

It didn't make sense no matter how much I thought about it. Something was wrong here.

I was born again, yet look at all the piling troubles coming my way. I sighed.

"Um, you see. Rumors are often twisted as they spread, right? Besides, I'm actually not that powerful..."

"That's absolutely not true! Saint Tiana, you were really, really impressive just now!"

"T-Thank you...?"

I could only return a wry smile to her insistence.

(But hey, Tiana's heart was one of a splendid saint's.)

Because I remember. Tiana had almost no magic power, yet she used them all in the embroidery of handkerchiefs and gave them to children in areas with many monsters as amulets to ward off evil.

She tried to do other things she could do, working hard until late even after being forced to do menial work from morning to night.

I clenched my hands, vowing that one day, I would definitely take revenge on everyone who had mistreated me all these years.

...After that, I was lionized by not only Marielle but also knights, and spent the entire journey to the empire feeling awkward and itchy.


We safely arrived at the Reavis Empire, facing no other troubles after our encounter with the men.

(Hopefully, Sylvia won't try anything again once she knows she failed to kill me...)

We reached the regal castle with the carriage used by ordinary nobles. It was to hide from the civilians; my arrival as the saint wasn't announced so as not to cause an uproar.

(This place hasn't changed at all since then. Those days now felt like a long time ago...)

I lived in the castle when I was the Great Saint. The mere sight gave me a sense of security and nostalgia, as if I was in my parents' home.

I entered the castle from the back door with Marielle and the knights, proceeding through the long corridor.

"So that's Saint Tiana...!"

"Oh my, what a beautiful woman!"

Such whispers were exchanged by the people we passed by.

Being subjected to Sylvia and the saints' abuse caused Tiana to have low self-esteem, but she was actually quite a beauty.

Her long, shiny violet hair and rose-pink eyes complemented her well-proportioned face.

(I had red hair in my previous life, so I understand. I too always wanted to have this kind of soft color.)

While thinking about such things, I arrived at a familiar place--the study room used by successive emperors.

"My Lady, you are now going to meet the emperor."


Marielle knocked on the door and called out, "We have brought Saint Tiana from Fallon Kingdom". Soon responded a male voice, "Come in."

"Excuse me."

I immediately bowed after entering the room with Marielle, and it suddenly came to my mind.

(Wait, who was the current emperor? Since they brought me here to be the empress, that old raccoon must be dead.)

Seventeen years ago, the emperor was already quite old. It wouldn't be strange for him to have long passed away.

He was the worst. That senseless womanizer even tried to get his hands on me, the Great Sage.

And I'm sure he had three princes. Who ascended to the throne?

"Please raise your face."

A low, soothing voice reverberated in the room.

Lifting my face, my eyes were greeted with a pair of transparent, ice-blue eyes.

(W-Whoa...! He's so pretty...!)

Not giving me a chance to recover from my amazement, the beautiful man beamed. His slightly long obsidian hair gracefully fluttered in the wind.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Saint Tiana. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to our country."

Judging from his gentle smile and demeanor, he didn't seem to be an arrogant person like the former emperor.

Before I could answer, he continued, "My name is Felix Reavis."



The smitten me instantly came back to my senses.

(Y-You're kidding me!? Are you saying that this is the little, crybaby Felix!?)

Seeing me gasping in surprise, the emperor who introduced himself as Felix frowned, "Saint Tiana?"

Unable to hide my confusion, I covered my mouth with one hand.

(I never thought that Felix would become the emperor...)

Felix. When I was the Great Saint, he was only ten years old. He was the third prince... my protégé.

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