As I Awakened from Being a Hollow Saint, I Will Fully Enjoy This Hopeless Contract Marriage!

Chapter 8 - The 'Emperor' Felix Reavis (2) (『皇帝』フェリクス・リーヴィス 2)

translated by myonnie

Why's that displayed in this kind of place? I've never heard of a culture where the wands of past saints have to be displayed in the emperor's study... especially right next to his desk.

(Besides, I was beaten up quite a bit before I died, so the wand doesn't look too great...)

I don't know why it was on display, but the wand used to be a dear partner of mine. Thank God it didn't break. Being able to see it again me makes very happy.

"That wand is...?"

"It was used by the previous Great Saint whom I respect. I don't know anyone as strong, beautiful, and wonderful as her."

Felix's unexpected words are uttered with such sincerity that tears almost came out of my eyes.

(I can't believe he saw me that way... What a shame! There's no way I can face him as Else with my current poor body.)

The strong desire to remain a great teacher for my cute protege fuels me to make a vow; to take this secret with me to the grave.

"I want the citizens, including the servants, to recognize that the emperor and his wife are amicable, and that you are the saint who will save this country. May I have your promise to that?"

"Yes, of course."

After that, we make various arrangements, such as eating breakfast together every day whenever the situation permits and sharing only the entrance to the bedroom before moving to each other's room with teleportation magic.

We also decide exactly when we will see each other. Seems like he plans to have minimal contact with me.

(But I want to at least be friends with Felix...)

I've just met him again after all these years. I like Felix a lot, I know all his good points, and I still consider him my important, much younger brother.

That's why I want to build a good relationship with him as "Tiana" in my current life.

"The wedding is scheduled to be held in a month. Preparations are already underway. What's left to do is to tailor your outfits as soon as possible."

"I understand."

(Though it's just a formality, marrying Felix is making me restless. It feels weird.)

It can't be helped since we are in a completely different status now, but speaking politely to Felix also feels wrong.

After receiving various explanations and exchanging contracts, I'm guided around the castle.


Once I am done with my first dinner in the empire, I return to my assigned room.

"...Being this full sure is a happy thing."

By the way, this room is used by the previous empress, and I have visited it many times as the Great Saint. Due to that, I can't get rid of the feeling of intruding into someone else's room no matter what.

Still, the exhaustion gets into me. I slump down on the big bed without hesitation.

(Fluffly, clean, and smells good... It's like heaven.)

The environment in Fallon Temple where I originally lived was so terrible that I can't help myself from being easily moved by such a normal thing.

(I also messed up a while ago because of that...)

Right. When I was having dinner with Felix, I made a blunder by crying in the middle of the meal.

Thinking back on it makes me so embarrassed that I want to smack my head into the wall.

"...Uh...? Oh, I'm sorry..."

Big grains of tears suddenly plopped out of my eyes. Even Felix was surprised at my sudden outburst.

Deep down, being able to eat warm, delicious, and nostalgic hometown food with someone... and it's Felix more than anything else, might have left me deeply moved more than I thought.

(Tiana's emotions up until now are still very strong.)

"Are you alright?"

"Yes. I was moved because it was so delicious."


I wiped my tears in a hurry and offered him a smile. After that, I asked Felix many questions to change the mood.

"If you don't mind, may I call you Felix?"

"Of course. We're a married couple."

"Then please call me Tiana."

"I understand. I will call you that."

"Felix, how do you usually spend your days off?"

"I often go hunting and long-distance riding."

"What kinds of books do you read?"

"Most of them are related to magic."

I took advantage of the necessity of showing our harmonious relationship in front of the servants, and Felix responded to that with a genial smile.

All the servants around us were also staring at us with happy expressions... except for Felix's aide.

(He used to be frightened by small rabbits and cried out of fear just by riding a horse, but now his hobby is hunting and long-distance riding...? Fufu!)

I'm sure Felix also saw me as a talkative woman. But I want to know what he's up to these days.

(It's great that he seems to be living as he likes. Felix didn't have much freedom at that time...)

"I'm really happy Lady Tiana came here!"

"You make me feel very relieved. Thank you very much."

And all the people I met in the castle looked very happy and comforted every time they met me, the saint.

This country has a strong faith in saints, and the absence of saints for many years must have cast a dark shadow on the hearts of the people.

(I hope I can live up to their expectations, even if just a little.)

"Good night, Felix."

"Yes. See you tomorrow."

By the way, Felix wouldn't spare me a glance once we entered the shared part of the room.

(I guess that's normal. I'm sure he would rather welcome a talented saint who can use healing magic and purification with ease.)

I know that, but it still makes me feel a little lonely and frustrated.

"...Little Felix used to be so cute."

When I close my eyes, the memories of those days come back vividly.


──It happened one night, two years after I assumed the position of the Great Saint of the Reavis Empire.

I was twenty years old at the time. When I was resting in my room after work, an unfamiliar woman who seemed to be a maid entered my room with her face burning red.

"Great Saint, please save me... I don't care what happens to my life, so please...!"

"Why are you throwing away your life like that? It'll be okay. I'll do what I can, so calm down first."

She told me that it was an emergency, still completely upset.

From what I inferred as I calmed her clattering teeth and pitiful cries, she was the third prince's maid.

(Speaking of the third prince, he has been living in a detached palace since he was born, so I have never seen him before.)

I'd only heard rumors that he was recuperating because of his weak body. Unlike the first and second princes, who were always by the emperor's side, he would never appear in public at all.

"He's suffering so much, at this rate... he'll..."

The maid couldn't say much due to her panic, but it was clear that the prince was suffering from illness and injury.

"I understand. Anyhow, guide me to His Highness immediately."

I grabbed the stole hanging from the chair, hid my face to avoid the public eye, and ran with the maid to the detached palace.

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