Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright

Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright

Translated by: Kushina Uzumaki

After Chu Zheng was inexplicably determined to be dead, the only trouble she had was to spend money.

Since the binding of her bastard system, there is not a day when her waist is not sour, her legs are not hurting or when the special ones are not breathing. She lives every day in the fear of having to spend money.

System: Xiaojie Jie, don’t just enable the invincible mode!

System: Let’s set a small goal first, spend a hundred million!

Chu Zheng: Being a good person and spending money? What kind of nonsense is this? Don’t stop me! I’m going to conquer the world!

A certain male lord: (quickly renamed) my name is the world.

TN: Xiaojie Jie = Big sis Young miss


Latest Release: chapter 58

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