Quick Transmigration: Male God, Shine Bright

Chapter 38

The next day.

Su Jiu was lying on the bed with the changed quilt sheets, his wrists wrapped in a clean bandage.

Last night’s memory was so vague that he couldn't remember many of them, and he felt dizzy at this time.

But he knew who he was with this time.

Su Jiu sat up on the bed and opened the quilt to take a look. It was okay; his pair of pants remained.

The pants are a little wet, so he should just be picked up and thrown on the bed...

That means...she didn't do anything to him.

Su Jiu breathed a sigh of relief.

He looked around and found his folded clothes next to him, with sticky notes on them. Has he been sent for dry cleaning?

Su Jiu quickly picked it up and put it on. No shoes were found, so he could only go out barefoot.

Outside in the living room, the girl is sitting on the sofa, looking at him sideways.

The young man stood guard at the door: "Who are you?"

"Chu Zheng." Chu Zheng paused and added: "Gu Chu Zheng."

Gu Chu Zheng...

I never heard of this name.

Su Jiu asked again: "Why did you bring me here last night?"

Chu Zheng retracted her gaze and said in a soft voice: "Otherwise, you would wake up in someone else's arms at this moment."

Su Jiu: "..."

He remembered that something was wrong when he left; it should be Gao Xueyun's glass of wine.

Think about it, how could that woman let him go so easily?

It's just that although he blocked Xue Zang and she tried her best to pester him, she had never used such an underhanded method against him.

Su Jiu glanced at the girl: "Aren't you afraid to offend Gao Xueyun?"

Gao Xueyun is the daughter of the Gao family. Even though Gao Xueyun has no abilities, no one wants to offend her.

"Gao Xueyun?" Chu Zheng asked back: "Who?"

Su Jiu's beautiful eyes flicked a ray of doubt, didn't she know? Still, pretending not to know? Or is she not afraid of Gao Xueyun?

Su Jiu's doubts were only for a moment. His expression gradually became docile, put his hands behind him, and walked to Chu Zheng: "Thank you."

The young man's voice is so good that it falls on the tip of people's hearts, like a feather blowing, soft and itchy.

Chu Zheng gave a hum, and the room was quiet for a few seconds. She asked, "Where do you live?"

Su Jiu clenched his hands slightly behind him, but looked like an innocent white rabbit, fluttering with big eyes, and asked curiously: "Are you going to send me back?"

Chu Zheng nodded.

Su Jiu: "Don't bother you, I can go back by myself. You helped me once, I will remember it, and I will repay you again if I have a chance."

In any case, my escape is thanks to her.

No matter what her purpose is, this debt must be paid off.

"Clean up, let's go." Chu Zheng got up, took his things, and walked outside.

Su Jiu: "..."

I won't listen to her at all.


Su Jiu got into the car with Chu Zheng in the end. She didn't give him any chance to speak or escape, and she forced him into the car.

The driver drove a long distance before Su Jiu reported an address.


In the quiet carriage, the cell phone vibrated suddenly.

Chu Zheng tapped several times and connected her mobile phone. Su Jiu saw her answer the phone and looked at her carefully.

"I am busy."

"Back in the afternoon."

"Well, you can."

Chu Zheng glanced sideways at Shang Su Jiu and peeked at him. Like a cat caught in a bag, Su Jiu hurriedly looked away and looked out of the car.

"Mobile phone."

Su Jiu looked at the hand stretched out in front of him, and subconsciously took out the phone on his body, the phone was turned off.

He looked at Chu Zheng and said innocently: "It's out of power..."

Chu Zheng stretched out her hand and took the phone. Su Jiu wanted to take it back but was frightened by the cold aura coming from Chu Zheng's body.

When Chu Zheng pressed the power button, the phone warns that the battery is low, but it can still run for a little while. Then there was the SMS alert tone, which stopped after a while.

She entered her mobile phone number and then threw the phone at him. Su Jiu hurriedly picked up the phone, and the interface stayed on the contact- Chu Zheng.

It starts with the letter C and ranks first in his contact. In the next second, the phone vibrates and shuts down.

A cold voice sounded from the side: "You can call me if you have something."

Su Jiu pursed his lower lip: "What do you want to do to me?"

"It makes you think I am a good person." This is a broken setting, don't let her catch the bastard and kill it!

... 】The system is scared to death, hugging his little tail tightly.

Su Jiu: "..." Good guy? The vague memory came up last night. Although she hadn't done anything to him, her behavior was not like a good person.

Su Jiu's place is not good, not even a community.

"Thank you for sending me back." Su Jiu's voice is well-behaved, and his expression is even more docile, utterly different from what she has seen before.

Chu Zheng: "..."

Is this weak chicken fine?

"You're welcome."

"Su Jiu!"

The woman screamed, and a woman in a red dress stepped on high heels and came over aggressively.

The person here is not someone else, but Gao Xueyun, who hasn't slept all night.

Gao Xueyun's expression was terrible, and she pointed to Chu Zheng: "Were you with her last night?"

Su Jiu glanced at Chu Zheng, then at Gao Xueyun, and nodded, "Yes."

Gao Xueyun's already ugly face was suddenly covered with dark clouds, and his sharp gaze poked Chu Zheng directly.

She knows exactly what the medicine does. The two people were together last night. What would be the result?

She had been thinking about him for so long, but she made a wedding dress for others, making Gao Xueyun think about what most likely occurred the night before.

"Su Jiu, come here!" Gao Xueyun suppressed her anger.

"Go up." Chu Zheng motioned to Su Jiu to go upstairs.

Su Jiu's heart was slightly stagnant; he did it deliberately... Didn't she see it?

Anyway, I don't know what her purpose is, so let them fight.

Su Jiu thought so and walked upstairs when he raised his foot.

Gao Xueyun glared hatefully before catching up to stop Su Jiu.


Su Jiu turned around, and Chu Zheng’s wrist held Gao Xueyun in a twisted arc, and he was slightly stunned.

"Go up."

Su Jiu pursed his lower lips and quickly went upstairs.

Entering the room, he stood hesitantly in front of the window, looking down.

He happened to see Chu Zheng let go of Gao Xueyun; Gao Xueyun wanted to beat her but was kicked away by Chu Zheng.

The girl walked up to Gao Xueyun, bent over, and said something to her; Gao Xueyun stared at her with angry and bitter eyes.

The latter didn't care, took a step back, and looked at Gao Xueyun indifferently.

Gao Xueyun got up embarrassedly, pointed at her, and said a few words, then quickly got into the car, and the vehicle drove directly towards her.

Gao Xueyun probably just wanted to scare her, who knew the girl would stand put.

Seeing this, Gao Xueyun increased the throttle, as if she was about to kill the girl.

However, when Gao Xueyun was about to hit her with the car, she flashed aside, the vehicle rubbed her body, and her clothes’ corners rose.

Gao Xueyun's car couldn't stop in time and slammed directly into the telephone pole behind.

The telephone pole smashed down, and the top of the car was sunken.

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