Return of the Goddess

Chapter 103

Some relationships were passionate; they would promise themselves to each other in life and death, and wouldn’t separate till the end of the world. However, when the flames in such impassioned relationships were extinguished, the lovers might go their separate ways, or force themselves to maintain the façade of love, torturing each other. In the end. even if they became the supposed “model couple” in everyone’s eyes, only they knew that their hearts were already barren.

A love in life and death was certainly enviable, but aren’t relationships that are tender-hearted, filled with mutual respect and support also love?

Ning Xi looked at the man standing in the snow, then quickened her strides towards him. She also gave him a glorious smile.

In the twenty-odd years of her life, she had experienced life-changing events, and had even seen past life and death. What she wanted was a peaceful home, a warm relationship, and a man who could fully understand her. It wasn’t about a turbulent nor fervent relationship.

Someone like her was never fated to be the lead in a romance novel. That was because she wasn’t gentle or caring enough. Her interactions with Chang Shi Gui weren’t like that of a domineering president and an innocent actress. She wasn’t innocent, and Chang Shi Gui wasn’t an unreasonable and overbearing man. Hence, when she met him, it was as though a regret in her life had been resolved, and she started to look forward to her future.

“Don’t run so quickly,” Chang Shi Gui swiped the snowflakes off her shoulder, then nodded gracefully at the other actors in “A Father’s Selfless Love.” He opened the door to the car and let Ning Xi in before bending down and telling her, “It’s cold outside. Sit here.”


“I’ll help you bid farewell to the crew.” Chang Shi Gui closed the door, then turned towards the production crew. Before he could speak, someone else had greeted him.

“I’m sorry, Xixi seems to be a little drunk. I’ll leave with her first.” Chang Shi Gui nodded lightly at the director, “Hopefully, the movie will be a box office hit.”

“Thanks for the well wishes,” the director was full of smiles as he thanked Chang Shi Gui.”

Chang Shi Gui returned a polite smile. As his gaze swept across Guo Ji, it stopped for a couple more seconds, though it wasn’t clear if he did so intentionally. Just as Guo Ji imagined that Chang Shi Gui was going to kick a fuss with him, Chang Shi Gui withdrew his gaze, his expression calm, as he walked back to his car.

Yet, Guo Ji’s heart wasn’t at ease now. Right now, he was extremely regretful of his impulsive behaviour of asking Ning Xi to drink. Unfortunately, there was no machine to turn back the time, otherwise, he would surely use it to beat his self from half an hour ago up.

After all, he was the one who went recklessly ahead to create trouble!

Guo Ji’s terrible feelings were in stark contrast to the rest of the crew. Everyone, from the director to the production assistants were all rather happy. Mr. Chang was really quite a nice man who was both noble and graceful, and he had such a good way with words that every action he made and every word he spoke could be recorded as textbook examples.

Towards the new year, “Rolling Good Fortunes”, the movie that Ning Xi acted in, premiered in theatres. There were a large number of blockbuster movies during the Chinese New Year season, all aiming to capture a share in the market during the season. Thus, most of the smaller productions wouldn’t dare to pit themselves against these movies during this period. Not only would they be unable to hit the charts, the discerning audiences also wouldn't pay attention to these unassuming movies without popular celebrities and publicity.

As a successful commercial film director, before Director Lin’s “Rolling Good Fortunes” premiered, there was already quite a lot of attention on it. Bolstered by Ning Xi’s extreme popularity, “Rolling Good Fortunes” was given good showtimes, and on it’s first day, it had already taken in close to a hundred million dollars in earnings.

Following China’s rapid economic development, the movie industry was also improving. Ten years ago, it would be an amazing feat if a movie could take in more than a hundred million, but if blockbusters nowadays didn’t earn anything near eight hundred million or a billion, they would be too embarrassed to flaunt their achievements.

It was the same this Spring Festival. There were a large number of blockbusters, and the one which was the most critically acclaimed was a movie relating to the education profession, but the one with the highest box office earnings was “Rolling Good Fortunes”. During the new year, nobody wanted to watch a movie that would make them feel gloomy, thus “Rolling Good Fortunes” became the top choice for most people.

Of course, “Rolling Good Fortunes” delivered the audience’s expectations. There were both comedic and tear-jerking moments. The storyline was logical but not inflexible. It was funny yet not vulgar. The plot was positive, the actors were good looking and acted well, hence the audiences who purchased movie tickets all felt that this movie was worth the ticket price.

The success of the movie benefitted the actors as well. For instance, the male lead Gao Li was originally a B-lister, but now, he received a number of scripts and endorsement invitations, paving the way for his entrance into an A-lister.

And the person whose performance shone in the movie, Ning Xi, was certainly the person who garnered the most attention. However, the reporters who wanted to interview her searched far and long, only to find that she had already moved into the Chang family estate, and even went out shopping with Chang Shi Gui’s mother.

Someone would meet them at the jewellery shop today, while someone else would meet them at a branded luxury boutique tomorrow. Regardless of whoever met the duo, they would see that the two of them were close, as though they were a pair of mother and daughter. Sometimes, Chang Shi Gui would appear behind them, carrying their bags, looking like a live-in son-in-law instead.

Initially, quite a number of people felt that even if Ning Xi married into the Chang family, she wouldn’t be treated well by her mother-in-law. After all, Chang Shi Gui’s mother was also from a prestigious family, why would a daughter-in-law from a humble background catch her eye? Of course, there were also those who thought that the Tao family had good upbringing, so even if Tao Huixue didn’t really like Ning Xi as her daughter-in-law, she wouldn’t treat her too harshly, because this wasn’t in line with her upbringing.

In the end, the truth surprised everyone. It turned out that Tao Huixue was truly fond of Ning Xi. Everything she said previously when she accepted the press’ interview came from her heart.

Did Ning Xi save the universe in her previous life? How could she accomplish the things that people didn’t even dare to covet?

Any dramas she acted in would be immensely popular; any movies that she acted in would be box office hits. Did her life come naturally with golden fingers?

Ning Xi, who lived her life to the fullest daily, didn’t even bother about what the media was saying about her. She was too busy - busy shopping, eating, going for beauty treatments, and visiting relatives with Chang Shi Gui. She really didn’t have much spare time.

This was the busiest new year she had in eight years, but she was very happy, because she was no longer alone this year.

The New Year Gala was showing on TV, and there were occasional fireworks outside the window, causing the outside to be bright as day. After Tao Huixue was done eating at the reunion dinner, she excused herself and returned to her room, saying that it was more comfortable to watch the TV in bed, leaving Chang Shi Gui and Ning Xi alone.

“The Gala is getting less interesting year after year." Ning Xi leaned lazily into Chang Shi Gui, sinking her entire body onto the couch as though she was boneless all over. “However, without the Gala, it would feel like something’s missing.”

When Chang Shi Gui heard her criticizing the programme, she placed the fig that he’d peeled into her hand. “I heard from Zhang Qingyun that a TV station asked you to participate in the New Year’s Eve concert. Why did you reject it?”

“There are many opportunities for me to go on programmes every year, but there’s only one New Year’s Day every year.” Ning Xi raised a brow, “This year is the first New Year’s Day that we’re spending together. Do you really want me to go to the TV station?”

Chang Shi Gui smiled but didn’t reply, but Ning Xi could tell from his gaze that he was unwilling.

Time passed, and it was finally midnight. The fireworks outside seemed to be in agreement as blooms of fireworks burst all around. It was a heavenly sight.

Ning Xi stood up from the sofa and walked to the window to view the outside. She then turned around and said to Chang Shi Gui, who was still at the sofa, “I remember that this time last year, you gave me a call.”

Chang Shi Gui was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Ning Xi to remember this. He thought that back then, he didn’t even hold a place in her heart.

“The fireworks last year were beautiful, but this year, it’s even more impressive.” She looked out at the breathtaking world outside and laughed.

“Xixi….” Chang Shi Gui walked up behind her, then brought her into his embrace. His sexy voice reverberated in her ear, “Let’s get married in spring.”

Ning Xi pushed her head back and leaned onto his shoulder.

The warm season of spring was when hundreds of flowers would bloom. It would certainly be magnificent if the wedding was held then.


Chang Shi Gui tightened his embrace, “Xixi, I love you.”

Someone had said this before, the three words “I love you” weren’t worth a cent. Even if the person said “I love you”, they might not really love you. However, when a person loves another, how could the person not say these three words?

There were some words that didn’t have to be creative or refreshed, because it would never be old-fashioned.

The Spring Festival ended amidst a bustle of activities. When everyone was just walking out of the festive mood, Tao Minya and Jiang Yuanpeng finally settled their divorce, and she obtained a large amount of alimony. But the Jiang family’s misfortune didn’t end there. Two weeks later, Jiang Hongkai was sentenced to death for causing a death while drink-driving, hit-and-run, getting a scapegoat, hiring killers, and all sorts of heinous crimes.

When most of the people from the upper class heard about Jiang Hongkai’s sentencing, all of them couldn’t help but shake their heads. If this matter hadn’t blown up and the entire country wasn’t watching, the Jiang family could have manoeuvred the outcome. Jiang Hongkai would probably just land a life sentence or a commuted life sentence, unlike now, where he couldn’t even keep his life.

He’d spent most of his life in wealth, toyed with countless women, but in the end, his downfall was at the hands of a young actress. Perhaps this could be considered karma.

If one didn’t believe it, they should look up at the sky. Did the heavens ever let anyone off?

So long as someone did something evil, they would be exposed someday.


May. It was the warm season. Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui’s wedding was to be held by a beautiful lake.

Since she was orphaned, and didn’t have any reliable relatives, hence the person who walked her down the aisle was her teacher and friend, Mr. Zhang Yimin.

The white wedding gown was embellished with sparkling diamonds. Every step she took would reflect a shining light under the stun. Yet, what was more dazzling than those diamonds, were the smiles of the bride and groom.

She was standing at one end of the red carpet, and he was on the other. Even though there was a distance between them, their gazes were on each other.

There was no media at the scene, but the invited guests took up their phones and started filming the scene where the couple would meet.

“Xixi.” Chang Shi Gui strode towards Ning Xi and reached his warm hand out.

Zhang Yimin looked at these two young people and revealed a congratulatory smile on his face, before handing over Ning Xi’s hand slowly into Chang Shi Gui’s hand.

“I wish for both of you to walk together, hand-in-hand, for the rest of your lives, and remain loving forever."

One would never miss their true love. Even if they were separated for eight years, and were a long distance apart, someday, they would surely meet.

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