Return of the Goddess

Chapter 106 - Extra 3

There was a very popular post on the Tianya forum which already had more than two hundred thousand views, and more than eight thousand replies. The title of the post was “As someone from the entertainment industry, let’s do an expose on some of those loving couples in the industry.”

The OP’s tone was comedic and humorous, and captured everyone’s interests. Furthermore, the information that was shared contained half truths and half gossip, hence for the common folk who didn’t understand the entertainment industry, it sounded believable.

There was a couple who were displaying their love on Weibo daily, but in their private lives, the man loved clubbing and regularly stayed out. There was a male celebrity who loved showing off his daughter on Weibo but was, in reality, biased towards males, usually didn’t take care of the child at home, and simply spent his time playing games. There was also another couple who would usually be affectionate publicly, but the couple’s relationship had long been broken, and they lived separate lives privately.

The more the originator revealed, the more attention people paid him. There were even many netizens who requested for him to tear down the celebrities they liked. Among them, the request for Ning Xi was the highest.

As the most popular next generation celebrity in China, Ning Xi not only had good acting skills, her works were well-produced, and she was also very famous overseas, unlike other celebrities who wouldn’t be recognized by foreign media even if they went overseas and appeared on some red carpet events there.

The domestic fans had long been used to foreign fans who opened up Weibo accounts for Ning Xi. They were also accustomed to foreign reporting about Ning Xi. This day, Ning Xi would be acting in an worldwide blockbuster, the next day, she would be walking down the red carpet with an international superstar, and on another day, she would be on the covers of some global magazine.

All in all, other international superstars weren’t as young as her, and those her age weren’t as popular or well-regarded in the industry. Two years after Ning Xi’s debut, she married her husband, causing both male and female fans to wish her well on one end, but also secretly wipe off their tears of sorrow on the other. Their goddess was married, and they were neither the bride nor the groom. That was certainly something very upsetting.

It’s been four years since Ning Xi got married. Ning Xi didn’t really like to post adoring photos on Weibo, while her husband’s Weibo account was mostly inactive. He would only occasionally repost or like some posts, but all of them about Ning Xi. Their behaviour caused fans to feel that even though they weren’t intentionally showing off their love, it was still a piece of evidence about their love.

The second piece of evidence was another revelation by another director: when they were filming night scenes in the city, there would always be someone delivering supper while picking up their lead actress. That person was Ning Xi’s husband.

The third piece of evidence was pictures that fans took with the couple when they were travelling or in some popular restaurants. In these pictures, even if the couple weren’t kissing or hugging, the sweetness and love between them would still seep through the picture, causing everyone who saw the pictures to believe that they were still deeply in love with each other.

Hence, when the expose post was published, quite a number of people hoped to understand the truth about the status of Ning Xi’s marriage, even though her husband wasn’t from the entertainment industry.

Perhaps the demand from the masses was too strong, the OP finally couldn’t take it, and started discussing Ning Xi’s marriage.

Comment 5892, from OP: In all honesty, when all of you asked me to do an expose of Ning Xi, I was resistant internally. That’s because while most people know that her husband came from a wealthy family, they don’t know how wealthy they actually are. Put simply, any big shot who appears on the news has familial relations with Ning Xi’s husband. Does everyone remember Ning Xi’s wedding four years ago? Back then, there were countless plain clothes police officers at the wedding venue, and outside the wedding venue, there were also quite a large number of patrolling officers. If not for that, why would the all-powerful media be unsuccessful in their attempts to infiltrate the wedding? The wedding pictures that were made public back then were all taken by the guests themselves. The entertainment reporters who attempted to sneak in were “invited” out of the venue quickly. There were still a few other details which I won’t delve into, but everyone else can think about it more.

Comment 5893, from OP: However, since everyone is insistent on getting me to do a revelation on Ning Xi, I’ll bear the brunt of the pressure and do this expose. All of you have asked me if Ning Xi and her husband are truly in love. My answer is, Yes! When Ning Xi and her husband first got married, many people in the industry didn’t really look upon their marriage favourably, for reasons that all of you can probably think of. However, the relationship between Ning Xi and her husband is really very good, and there are so many people in the industry who are envious of Ning Xi’s good life. Even an ordinary husband might not pick you up when you are working late, and when you are on a business trip for a long period of time, they would try to find the time to visit you. However, her husband did all these, and he went out of his way to do them. Even when he visited her on set, he looked like he didn’t want to leave.

Comment 5976, from OP: There are some people who are doubting what I said. I’m just revealing this, you can choose to believe it or not. Anyway, I’d personally witnessed how the couple interacted. If it isn’t real love between the two of them, then there’s no such thing as true love in this industry.

Comment 6001, from OP: As for the question about whether Ning Xi is doing well in a rich family, I’m not too sure about it. After all, I haven’t seen it myself. However, with such a caring husband and a mother-in-law who respects her, no matter how wealthy this family was, Goddess Ning Xi’s life is guaranteed to be smooth.

Because this post was too popular, it piqued the interest of quite a number of media outlets. Some of the celebrities who had been reported by the OP had already started investigating his identity, anxious to seal his mouth.

Ning Xi was filming overseas and had seen the post when she chanced upon the post in her free time. She was tickled when she saw the revelations. She would pull out and read this post as and when she was free, just to while her time away. One day, she came across another compilation video on a certain website, and was touched by the seriousness of the video originator.

The contents of this video were all of Ning Xi before she had signed on with Jiuji. There were scenes of her working overseas as an extra, and even as a body double. There were also images of her modelling on print media, and working in convenient stores and restaurants. She was clear how difficult it was to find these photos, but seeing how this video creator gathered them bit by bit showed how much effort this person made.

There were also two pictures in the video of her receiving an award during her high school days. In the pictures, she was still plump, but her smile was so wide that her eyes couldn’t be seen.

She recalled that when she was receiving the award back then, her parents had been sitting below the stage, clapping enthusiastically and excitedly, feeling even happier than her. In the blink of an eye, more than ten years had passed. She was now wearing made-to-measure exquisite designer outfits, luxurious accessories, and had a husband who loved her. However, the time she spent with her parents was still like a dazzling gem of her memory.

In this life, she was more fortunate than unfortunate.

After filming, she went to a café alone. There were a few people waiting for her there. These few people came from different countries, and had met by coincidence, but eventually became friends. All of them had an unhappy period in the past, but through their own efforts, filled their own lives with hope.

All of them had a coffee together, then hugged and wished one another all the best, before leaving on their own.

Only Ning Xi remained in the quiet cafe. She took out her phone and launched a particular social media app, then logged into the account “The Returning Emissary".

The Returning Emissary: Thanks everyone for your help. I’m living blissfully now, I hope it’s the same with all of you.

Ten minutes later, looking at the familiar accounts who liked her post and wished her well, she showed a genuine smile.

A waiter walked over and asked politely, “Dear Madam, there’s half an hour left to the room you booked. Do you want to extend the time?”

Ning Xi shook her head as she smiled in reply, “Thanks, but there’s no need.”

She then logged out of the app, bade her goodbye to the waiter, then walked out of the café.

Perhaps she would never need this account in future.

Walking down the exotic street, Ning Xi gave an elderly man playing an accordion some money, accepted the rose given to her by a clown, bought and tasted a piece of toast that was slightly too hard, and even ate a high calorie ice cream.

The sweet and cold ice cream sweetened her from the taste buds to her heart. She finished the entire ice cream, then closed her eyes and stretched before making her way back to her hotel.

When she alighted from the car at the hotel’s entrance, she saw someone standing there.

She stood there in a daze for a while, then quickened her footsteps and pounced into his embrace.

Even though they hadn’t met for only about half a month, she felt that the man before her still made her feel so much surprise.

Under the lights, the couple was in an embrace with blissful smiles on their faces. It was the most beautiful picture.


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