Return of the Goddess

Chapter 91

When Zhang Qingyun saw the yard that was filled with all sorts of flowers, including red, white and blue roses, the first thing that came to his mind was… How much would it cost to bring in so many flowers?

No, wait, could it be that Mr. Chang was going to propose to Ning Xi?

He looked back into the house at Ning Xi, whose expression was sullen. Sounding as though he was squeezing these words out, “Ning, Ning Xi, come over and look at this.”

Ning Xi noticed Zhang Qingyun’s strange expression, so she walked up to the door. When she saw the sea of flowers outside, she was shocked. Someone had said this before - using flowers to pursue a woman or propose was the most tacky and old-fashioned method. However, so long as this tacky and old-fashioned method was sincerely carried out, it could be touching too.

“Miss Ning, these flowers are from Mr. Chang. Please accept them.” A man in a white suit handed a bouquet of white roses to Ning Xi. Ning Xi was in a daze as she carried the bouquet in her hands, then walked out the door blankly.

Outside, roses filled the area, and the thick fragrance of roses evaporated into a sweet aroma, overwhelming Ning Xi so much that she felt somewhat dizzy. The negative news was everywhere, but the main character in the negative news was currently surrounded by flowers that represented romance. Standing behind the door, Zhang Qingyun couldn’t help but let his thoughts run wild - did Mr. Chang know about the events online? If he didn’t and prepared all these this morning, it would be awkward if the matter blew up later.

The more he thought about it, the more plausible his hypothesis became. Hence, he started worrying. He couldn’t help but place himself into Chang Shi Gui’s shoes - if he prepared a wide array of flowers one morning, and was possibly going to propose, but someone told him later that there were ambiguous images of his girlfriend with other men, and he was probably cuckolded….

That image was truly….

As he thought about how the media had come up with unscrupulous methods in order to tarnish Ning Xi’s reputation, not only misleading netizens, but might have made Chang Shi Gui doubt her, causing a tear in their relationship, he felt that the person behind this was inhuman.

In reality, when the flower shop employee saw that Ning Xi was the recipient of the flowers, he was dumbfounded. Right now, the situation had escalated, and the media outlets were even sending out push notifications. In the eyes of most people, Ning Xi was already a promiscuous woman, and Chang Shi Gui was a pitiful cuckold. Whoever knew that the woman who was being demeaned by countless people would be given such a lavish declaration of love from Chang Shi Gui? They could only feel shocked.

These flowers were shipped overnight; every stalk was fresh and beautiful, and of course… they were extremely pricey.

The gates to the villa opened. A luxurious car covered with flowers drove in slowly and stopped before the sea of flowers, and Chang Shi Gu alighted from it.

Ning Xi stood on the steps, looking as Chang Shi Gui walked towards her. She couldn’t help but tighten her grip on the flowers in her hands. Last night seemed to have ended on a bad note, and this morning, she was defamed by throes of media outlets. When she saw the allegations, she even thought to herself, her relationship with Chang Shi Gui was probably going to end.

Unexpectedly… he appeared once again before her in this fashion.

It was as though she was a patient who had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, but later learned that she was not only healthy, she even had superpowers. This was a strange feeling, and she also felt somewhat uneasy.

“Xixi,” Chang Shi Gui walked to Ning Xi, then pulled her into his arms, “I’ve made you wait for so long.”

The bouquet in Ning Xi’s hands were squashed between the couple, and emitted a sweet aroma. Ning Xi sniffed, but didn’t say a word. She didn’t know what to say at this point in time. Her mind was in a mess, and confusion was creeping all over her.

“I’m sorry about last night. I wasn’t in a good mood, but I shouldn’t have snapped at you.” Chang Shi Gui released Ning Xi reluctantly, “Will you forgive me?”

Ning Xi blinked. She looked at Chang Shi Gui’s guilty expression and her heart ached, as though something was about to burst. In reality, the entire issue wasn’t Chang Shi Gui’s fault. She thought about it the entire night; if she was Chang Shi Gui, she might have been even more furious, and unaccepting….

He gave his entire heart to her, but she still kept so many things from him.

“No.” Ning Xi shook her head, threw the flowers onto the ground, then tightly wrapped her arms around Chang Shi Gui’s neck.

In the house, Zhang Qingyun looked at the embracing couple, and silently shrunk back, trying his best to be a non-voyeuristic, non-questioning manager. Even though he felt that he was shoved a whole mouthful of affection, he was relieved. Mr. Chang’s feelings for Ning Xi were so deep, perhaps he wouldn’t believe the ridiculous reports from the media.

So long as Mr. Chang didn’t believe them, to Ning Xi, that might be the best outcome.

Others might not know it, but Zhang Qingyun could see that Ning Xi looked at Chang Shi Gui differently. That look was filled with trust and closeness, something that she didn’t have when she looked at others.

If Mr. Chang didn’t trust Ning Xi this time, to Ning Xi, that would be the strongest blow.

Fortunately, Ning Xi met a good man, and fortunately, Mr. Chang was a good man who trusted his own lover.

Zhang Qingyun didn’t know what happened between Ning Xi and Chang Shi Gui the night before, but Chang Shi Gui’s method was already full of love.

Logically speaking, this was the proposal between the couple, and he shouldn’t be too curious about it. However, after sitting in the living room for less than a minute, he stood up restlessly, then hid behind the door as he secretly peeked out and watched the loving scene.

Who could blame him? All that could be blamed was his overly strong curiosity.

Ning Xi thought about it. If Chang Shi Gui had seen the photos and comments online, would he break up with her? She thought about everything that might happen, but she had never expected that what awaited her wasn’t rebuke or suspicion, but an entire land of fragrant flowers.

“Xixi, to me, no matter what happens, what I can’t accept the most is to lose you.” Chang Shi Gui got down on one knee, opened up a blue velvet jewellery box. In it sat a magnificent diamond ring. “I want to protect you, stay by your side, and when others talk about you, they’ll remember that your husband’s surname is Chang. I want to be your husband, your spouse, and the man who will silently support you from behind. Will you give me this chance?”

When Zhang Qingyun heard this confession, he shook his head in resignation. This was what Mr. Chang was capable of; coming up with such a simple plan that could easily move women. In many proposals, men would always ask the other party if she was willing to be his woman, his wife, or be buried together in his family’s graveyard. However, in reality, these proposals implicitly showed that in the man’s eyes, the woman should completely belong to him alone.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with such proposals or possessiveness. However, to Ning Xi, it was Chang Shi Gui’s words that were more moving.

I want to be your man, will you give me this chance?

He wanted to be hers, and not make her his. While these two ideas might sound similar, there was a tiny difference between them. However, the outcome was the same - it was excessively romantic.

What’s the most beautiful feeling in this world? Is it - you being mine, me being yours, there’s you in me and me in you, our lives are intertwined and till death do us part?

Ning Xi looked at the man on his knee in front of her, and the diamond ring that he was presenting to her. She was suddenly reminded about that night under the dazzling lights, when he was also looking at her this way, waiting for her to come down.

He was always generous with her, and always waited for her. When he liked her, she didn’t know it. When he did things for her, she didn’t know about it. He did so much for her, but there was so little that she could do for him.

Eight years. He met her when she was plump, and fell in love with her. In the end, after all the twists and turns, she was carrying a vengeance, but he tolerated everything.

He was clearly a billionaire boss, yet he was foolish enough to do such silly things. When she promised to be his girlfriend, she felt that he was silly, and even now, she thought the same. However, it was precisely because of his silliness that she was reluctant to give up on this relationship.

“Silly.” Ning Xi smiled as she reached her hand out to Chang Shi Gui, the back of her hand facing up while her palm faced down.

When Chang Shi Gui saw her action, he was overjoyed as he took the ring and wanted to slide it into her middle finger. However, the moment the ring touched the tip of Ning Xi’s finger, her finger shrunk back. Immediately, Chang Shi Gui panicked. He looked nervously at Ning Xi, looking somewhat aggrieved and pitiful.

His reaction made Ning Xi’s heart soften. She turned her gaze away slightly, “Did you see the entertainment news this morning?”

Unexpectedly, just as she finished saying this, Chang Shi Gui forcefully grabbed her hand, then slid the ring onto her finger without giving her the chance to say anything else.

“I like the you that I see, the you whose hand I’m holding.” Chang Shi Gui held Ning Xi’s hand, “The one who’s sleeping beside you is me, the one who’s eating at the same table with you is me too. I don’t believe anyone else would know you as well as I do.”

Hmph. What Zhou Zhengchuan, Hart or Bai Lu? They were all rubbish with the fighting power of two geese. It was him who was Xixi’s true love and confidante!

“Pfft.” Ning Xi wiped her eyes, then ran into Chang Shi Gui’s embrace.

This was the man she loved, and his embrace was so comforting.

“Shenyan, right now, I don’t think it’s suitable for us to go out and applaud.” Squatting behind the gate, Zhao Meng looked at Tao Shenyan and yawned. “For Brother Chang’s proposal, I didn’t sleep the entire night. Now, I’m even thrown this display of lovey-doveyness, this world is truly evil to singles.”

“Are you even lacking any girlfriends?” Tao Shenyan looked down and toyed with his phone, not even bothering to look at Zhao Meng. “Brother Chang’s proposal is such an important event. We can already be here to witness it, what are you still unhappy about?” How many people out there would dream of carrying Chang Shi Gui’s shoes, but they didn’t even have the chance to do so.

Zhao Meng saw Tao Shenyan playing with his phone, and he couldn’t help but pull his hand, “I must say, why are you always on Weibo after coming back? Is this thing so fun?” As he thought about how there were still large groups of people condemning Ning Xi online, he wanted to call them idiots.

If Ning Xi was like how the media described, would their group of brothers be willing to address her as Sister Ning?

They were truly a group of idiots!

“Why wouldn’t it be fun? It’s so interesting.” Tao Shenyan typed at an incredible speed, his fingers flying across the screen, then posted on Weibo.

Speak and act cautiously [1]: Congratulations <3 (Picture attached)

[1] Tao Shenyan’s username on Weibo. Previously also seen in Chapter 86.

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