Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1314

Giant Beast Forest, the operating base…

“I am done eating!”

Wu Yan cleaned up the plates in front of him. Then, he ran out of the tent.

“I got something to do, see you all later.”


Mikoto and Hinagiku subconsciously called out to him. But, Wu Yan had already run out of the tent.

The girls looked a bit disappointed.



Meanwhile, Astrea and Tohka slowed down a bit, their hamster-like faces are also sporting crestfallen looks.

Other than them, the other girls are also feeling a bit down.

Nobody can blame them.

Recently, Wu Yan kept leaving them behind without giving any explanation.

Wu Yan usually sleeps until late in the afternoon.

However, he is early to wake up these days, even earlier than the other girls.

At night, Wu Yan also changed his behavior. He stopped plowing his girls and left them alone. Normally, Wu Yan would keep bugging the girls until they either give in to his demands or chase him out of their tents.

Even when his ladies intentionally try to seduce him, he would always cite fatigue as the reason and go to sleep cuddling with his harem. He is so couth that people might mistake him for a chaste chad.

Wu Yan typically leaves the base and then comes back late at night without telling anyone where he went or what he did. He also looked like he was pressed for time, spending the bare minimum duration to eat.


This situation is very weird.

“I don’t think it is as simple as this.”

Misaki gave that assessment.

“He is acting very shady.”


Kotori stopped chomping on her candy.

“This isn’t like Onii-chan at all…”

“Did something happen?”

Kurumi started wandering.

“Given his personality, other than favorable events, it is highly likely that hubby-sama will tank the adverse event by himself.”


Ikaros mumbled her master’s name with a sad look.

“That is a bit mean, isn’t it?”

Mikoto said.

“We are already one. He shouldn’t be trying to take everything on by himself. I won’t forgive him if I find out he is doing that.”

“Don’t arrive at a conclusion so early.”

Hinagiku chimed in.

“We are just speculating here. Maybe he is doing other things…”

“I think so too…”

Yoshino who was sitting near Flan raised her hands timidly.

“If it’s Onii-san, he probably has his own ideas…”

“In the end, he still left us without discussing anything, right?”

Frenda said, she is also a bit bummed out. She tugged on her beret cap.

“We are already sharing the same fact, he shouldn’t be hiding anything from us.”

“That bastard, he super doesn’t have us in his eyes.”

Kinuhata said, she also snorted.

“I hate guys who like to show off their macho sides. They think all women are just waiting for a big damn hero to save them, it is super gross.”

“I am sure he has his own secrets…”

Rikou tried to pacify Saiai.

“Saiai, are you sure you’re not hiding something from him?”

“Of course…”

Saiai wanted to deny it but she lost steam.

“Of course, I do.”

“Is Onii-chan tired of Flan and the other sisters?”

Flan looked like she might cry.

“Onii-chan probably found someone cuter than Flan and Nee-chans, he is probably so infatuated with her that he is ditching us.”

The tent became silent. Then, the temperature steadily dropped.

“I… don’t think so…”

Astrea tried to deny it but she found herself awkwardly laughing anyway.

“Master isn’t that kind of person…”

The other girls had dark looks. Nobody retorted while Astrea started feeling paranoid.


Tohka turned anxious.

“Is it because Shido doesn’t like us anymore? That’s why he is choosing to stay away from us?”

“We need to do something about this.”

Kotori stood up. She looked at Ikaros.

“Onii-chan should be nearby. Ikaros, scan for Onii-chan’s position.”

Ikaros started scanning and then she nodded.

“Master located, he is heading toward the Giant Beast Forest.”

“Let’s go!”

Mikoto and Hinagiku stood up.

“Let us see who is this vixen.”

The girls donned their killer auras as they marched to the forest.


“Master located.”

Ikaros pointed at a plain field in front of them.

“Let’s slowly go there.”

Shokuhou said.

“Remember, don’t let him notice us.”

The girls tiptoed over there.

They brushed the bush aside to find something shocking.

They expected Wu Yan to be beating the meaty bush with some vixens, but, they saw a cake near an elevated platform in the field.

It was a huge cake too, about 4 meters wide and a few meters tall.

Wu Yan placed utensils and smaller cakes and pastries around the giant cake as if he is setting up a giant tea party.

“What the…”

The girls gasped.

“What’s going on here?”

“Who’s there?!”

Wu Yan noticed them.

“It’s us.”

The ladies climbed out of the tall bushes.

“Why are you girls here?!”

“I-It’s your fault…”

Hinagiku shifted her gaze away like a guilty individual.

“What are you doing here anyway?”


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“Man, I got busted, huh?”

“This cake…”

The ladies looked at the giant cake.

“What is up with that?”

“Well, you girls were busy building the base with the Sisters, I was thinking you girls could relax.”

“I am not good at building stuff and planning so I felt bad leaving it all up to you girls. I also didn’t know how to take some weight off you girls so…”

“I did what I knew best, this is how I can express my feelings.”

Wu Yan finished the writings on the cake using butter-based letters.

“Together forever.”

The girls were stunned. Then, their hearts melted.

This is Wu Yan’s honest thought.

Wu Yan’s face was smudged by the butter and icing he used.

The girls felt their hearts melting away.


Mikoto started tearing up. She also felt bad for doubting the guy.

The other ladies were also a bit ashamed of themselves.

He wasn’t out flirting. He took the time and effort to plan this massive de-stress party for the girls.

It was all for them.

But they thought he was fooling around with other girls in the woods.

“Hey, what’s the matter?”

Wu Yan felt a change in the vibe so he asked them.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you didn’t.”

The ladies glomped Wu Yan.

“We also want to live with you forever!”

Wu Yan hugged them back as the air took on a warm air.

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