Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1333: The dying Maestro

Wu Yan closed the dragon stable’s main entrance while sweating cold bullets.

“What a scary maid…”

Wu Yan had to steady himself after that maid got up close and personal with him.

“Why am I like this just because she got close? Is my wiring faulty?”

He had an entire harem of gorgeous and cute ladies.

Cossette might be cute but she paled in comparison to Ikaros’ soul-capturing beauty.

Although he had to get accustomed to Ikaros’ beauty, he did it after a while without any issue. He thought that was a sign that his immunity had grown. His unsightly behavior just now betrayed him.


Wu Yan steadied himself again.

The Seventh Dragon Stable is a stable exclusively for Maestros. This is like a holy spot for the academy.

There are only five Maestros here. But, this stable is the biggest, tallest, and fanciest stable in the entire academy.

It looked like a super luxurious mansion from the outside but the interiors were plainly constructed.

There is a vacant area near the entrance zone. This area was constructed with precious blue marble while golden decorations gave the space a simplistic but well-thought design.

Then, there are multiple walls, separating the huge space into dorm rooms for Maestros.

The rooms are like gigantic rooms with nothing special to note. There are water ditches inside the rooms to supply the dragons with water. The caretakers are entrusted with the job of feeding the dragons.

The rooms only had swinging doors so it was obvious the rooms cannot keep the dragons locked in, not that anyone wanted to. If he strolled past them, he could peer inside each room.

Wu Yan first visited the biggest room here, the room of Cu Chulainn.

As the strongest Maestro and the Arch Dragonar Rebecca’s Pal, this mighty Maestro enjoyed his own attention.

With a body so large it outsized any other dragons here, its immense power cannot be overlooked.

Generally, the bigger the size, the older the dragon. This means the dragon tends to be more powerful. This is an easy indicator of a dragon’s power.

Because it is so large, the largest room meant for Maestros could barely fit it.


The dragon felt Wu Yan staring at it so it greeted him with a regal roar.

Wu Yan is the only other rider acknowledged by Cu Chulainn other than Rebecca. He fed him tasty food so he is like a benefactor to the dragon. Naturally, giving his benefactor a ride should come as a common courtesy.

Wu Yan might not rank as high as Rebecca, the only person it will craft an Arc Armor for, but, he is the second closest person to the dragon.

This dragon might bow to Rebecca as a form of submission but it would start begging for attention despite its large size whenever Wu Yan entered the place.

Naturally, Rebecca is incredibly jealous of this difference in treatment.

Rebecca would actually prefer to hang out with her dragon than be revered like a lord.

Silvia is in a worse situation.

Lancelot is actually closer to Wu Yan than Silvia.

Because Lancelot hadn’t given its Arc Armor to Silvia, this means the dragon isn’t as loyal as the mighty red dragon.

If Silvia ever found out, this would most likely cripple her ego.

Wu Yan grinned while waving back.

“It’s not lunch yet. Go rest, I will bring you some snacks when lunchtime comes around.”


The dragon roared happily before entering its napping position like an obedient kid. Obviously, the dragon wanted the promised food.

Dragons can eat five meals a day. They are also rather picky with their food. They are intelligent creatures that can craft Arc Armor, use dragon magic, and hoard precious materials.

Wu Yan’s cooking is tantamount to culinary treasures for Cu Chulainn.

Wu Yan shook his head while smiling.

He looked around the dragon stable.

Lancelot is training outside with Silvia. The other two dragons are always hanging out with their masters. This means there is only the abnormally sick dragon in the dorm.

Wu Yan can sense a weaker breath in the stable.

He traced that breathing sound to a rather desolate corner of the dorm.

There is a dragon about the same size as Lancelot, an immature Maestro.

This dragon had white fur too but it glistened with a purple tinge. It had more elegance than Lancelot’s fur.

Its horns were more like antlers than horns. Its purple eyes gave it slightly more intimidating than other dragons.

This dragon is very eye-catching, to say the least.

However, he can feel a heavy sense of oppression from the Maestro.

The luster of the dragon's fur was dim. Its eyes are feeble, and the air it is exuding is one that of a dying dragon.

Wu Yan frowned.

"Cossette was right. This dragon is heading for trouble."

Wu Yan can feel this dragon slowly weakening.

It won't take long before the dragon meets its demise.

Wu Yan closed his eyes to think about this for a second. Then, he started approaching the dragon.

The Maestro turned around when Wu Yan entered a 5-meter radius circle around the Maestro.

It warned Wu Yan with its purple eyes.

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