Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1334: A Maestro with attitude

Gawain: Level 62

Wu Yan paused when the Maestro tried to stare him down.

“I come with no ill intentions. I am merely checking on you.”

The dragons can access a collective pool of knowledge and experience known as the Dragweiss.

With this immense pool of knowledge, each dragon is born with immense intellect.

Although the dragons usually don’t converse in human language, they can still understand human speech.

Gawain understood Wu Yan.

Still, the dragon started pouring out fighting intention.

If it was any other human, Gawain would have roared and the humans would usually scamper off.

This existence before Gawain is on another level, he has a mighty aura around him.

Gawain’s blood is telling him not to make Wu Yan angry because he is looking at another existence beyond its comprehension. Wu Yan’s higher bloodline made it easy for him to ride other dragons.

Normal dragons would turn subservient upon recognizing this bloodline difference.

Even Maestros showed respect when Wu Yan first encountered them.

Their immense pride is the only defense against this overwhelming bloodline difference.

Cu Chulainn made Wu Yan fight it if he wanted to ride the dragon. It is a cardinal sin to let anyone other than their masters ride them. People died or got injured from trying to ride someone else’s dragons.

It acknowledged Wu Yan after being bested in a fight.

Lancelot is still immature so it immediately put Wu Yan on the friend list when Wu Yan bribed the dragon with good food. Plus, after Wu Yan showed Silvia who is the top dog by repeatedly whipping her into shape, Lancelot decided that it was safe to allow Wu Yan to ride it.

Gawain is a Maestro too. It is still young so it is similarly undeveloped in terms of bloodline difference resistance.

However, the mere act of approaching drew the warning of the dragon.

Is this dragon of a purer bloodline than Lancelot and Cu Chulainn? Is it a similar case with Eco who could resist his influence?

Wu Yan denied that possibility.

Gawain showed slight fear and reverence in its eyes.

This means it is also respectful in his presence.

Respectful doesn’t mean subservience.

Gawain will still fight him if he carelessly approached.

Evidently, this dragon has attitude for days.

That is how Wu Yan categorized this dragon.

He is even more eager to dominate this dragon as a result.

Isn’t it way more interesting to make this resisting dragon bow down to his will? He didn’t like the attitude Gawain is giving him.

Plus, he is just checking on the dragon. He didn’t mind helping the dragon out once he identifies the source of its feebleness.

Wu Yan moved forward.


Gawain turned hostile.


It stood up immediately as Gawain emitted another loud roar.

Dust fell from the ceiling.

Gawain is serious and Wu Yan knew it.

Any closer than this then the dragon will attack.

Wu Yan grinned before entering its room.

Gawain had enough.


Something sharp slashed through the air. It looked like a long whip.

Gawain unleashed a tail swipe.


The tail struck its target. Blinding clouds of dust flew up.

With its attack unleashed, Gawain wanted to pull back when something powerful held on. The mighty dragon couldn’t retrieve its tail.

Gawain’s eyes widened as it unleashed a claw smash into the center of the dust cloud.


The claw smash blew away the dust there. Finally, the dragon saw the culprit behind this immense resistance.

A small hand clenched onto the dragon’s slender tail. Its claw was also caught in the target’s other hand.

Gawain immediately knew it went deep over its own head.

Wu Yan growled.

“I said I am only checking on you.”


The dragon didn’t want Wu Yan to butt in.

Wu Yan frowned.

“I am not trying to ride you, why are you resisting me?”


Shaken but not convinced, the dragon continued trying to scare Wu Yan off.

The dragon warned that if Wu Yan kept this up, it would get serious.


Wu Yan smirked.

“You’re young but you’re a feisty dragon…”

The dragon opened its mouth to reveal a blue magic circle. The magic circle had magic power infused in it.

Wu Yan turned cold. His veins bulged as he pulled the dragon up.

Using its claw and tail as the handles, he hoisted it up.


Gawain didn't see this coming.

Wu Yan lifted the Maestro's 3-meter tall frame without breaking a sweat.

Gawain couldn't control its dragon breath. The dragon's breath hit the ceiling after it lost control.


Wu Yan smashed Gawain down like Gawain was just an oversized toy.


The dragon roared in pain as a dull thud echoed in the room.

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