Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1337: expectation, a chance at victory?

Silvia started training in that area.

Wu Yan kept pushing Silvia to the brink with his training. He unleashed his seals to resupply Gawain with Astral needed to keep the dragon alive.

He can’t cure the dragon’s root cause so this is as much as he can do.

If he didn’t do anything, the dragon would last 2 months at most.

Still, it is better than not doing anything.

Wu Yan also started making dishes designed for Gawain’s survival. He did this by using ingredients infused with Astral.

Death is still waiting for Gawain. He keeps doing nothing but shutting itself off in its room.

Maybe he should intervene?

Truth be told, this Gawain piqued his interest. It would be a shame if this dragon died.

Gawain didn’t want his intervention.

This can extend the dragon’s life by 1 or 2 years. Wu Yan kept supplying the dragon with high Astral food.

Just like that, three days passed.

The golden sky illuminated the blue sky. The promised duel will happen the next day.

Similarly, Wu Yan and Silvia geared up to fight the knights.

The seventh dorm….

Silvia rode Lancelot while heaving hard. Her blue eyes had fatigue written in them.

In front of the Silvia-Lancelot combo, there is a large ditch about 5 meters long.

Wu Yan grinned when he saw this.

“Looks like we made it.”

Silvia looked at the giant ditch. She couldn’t see the length as the ditch extended into the horizon.

Silvia saw her own work. Though weakened, she is pleased with her job.

“Lance’s speed and this… I am sure I can win.”

“Yes, I already gave you the conditions to win.”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“You won’t be assured certain victory but you can at least prove your worth.”

“I understand, you already did so much for me.”

Silvia got down from Lancelot.

She breathed in deeply before bowing to Wu Yan.

“Thank you! Rowan!”


Wu Yan accepted her bow nonetheless.

“You’re the fourth princess. I am just a bodyguard. If people saw this then you won’t hear the end of this.”

“This has nothing to do with identity and status.”

Silvia said.

“Without you, I would have never been able to stand up to my sister. Moreover, you empowered me to embrace my fate and dictate my own path. This is a debt that cannot be repaid.”

“Chill, I just didn’t like Veronica’s attitude. And, you look like you could use the push.”

Wu Yan said. Then, he looked at Cossette. He rubbed his cheek.

“Plus, I did get something out of this. Cossette winked while Silvia was puzzled.

“Benefit? What do you mean?”

“It’s fine…”

Wu Yan shrugged.

He patted Lancelot’s mane.

“I poured great attention into both of you. Don’t make me lose face now.”


Lancelot lifted its head high as if he is trying to assure Wu Yan that he will not fail.

Cossette, Silvia, and Wu Yan laughed at the same time.

“Rowan, what about you?”

Silvia hesitated.

“You didn’t do anything these three days? Are you going to be fine?”


“You want me to train like you? Nah, three days won’t be enough to increase my powers.”

“At least, think of a plan?”

Silvia trembled.

“My sister isn’t a kind person. She has seen your duel with Glenn. I am sure she already came up with measures against you. You better be careful…”

“Yes, I see where you’re coming from.”

Wu Yan is indifferent.

“But, I am excited to see what has in store for me.”


Silvia and Cossette were confused.

“I wonder who she roped in to fight me?”

Wu Yan smirked.

“She should know an average Arch Dragonar isn’t a match for me. I am looking forward to meeting my opponent.”

Cossette and Silvia exchanged another look.

It is as Wu Yan said, Arch Dragonars can’t beat him.

He fought Arc Armor-empowered Glenn to a standstill.

Wu Yan didn’t even call out his Pal.

If he rode Cú Chulainn, Glenn would have had a tough fight.


Arch Dragonars wore Arc Armors which are magical armor made from magic power. The source is the dragon so if the Arch Dragonar returned the magic power to their Pals, the Pals would become stronger.

This is like how Rebecca merged her Armor energy with Cú Chulainn to beat back the undead dragon.

Wu Yan will be at a disadvantage against Glenn when he is on his Pal. This assumes he can only use other people’s Pals.

Cossette and Silvia knew Wu Yan had his own Pal. He is most likely a dragonar, perhaps, even an arch dragonar.

If Wu Yan summoned his Pal and wore an Arc Armor then Glenn won't stand a chance.

Cossette and Silvia are also looking forward to his duel.

They wanted the next day to come sooner

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