Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1341: turning the tide of the battle

Faced with the sea of fireballs, Silvia who was sitting on Lancelot only grinned.

Silvia ordered her dragon.

“Fly! Lancelot!”


Lancelot’s eyes shined brightly as a hint of bloodlust leaked out. The dragon emitted a shrill roar.

A torrent of magic power poured out as the magic coated Lancelot in a unique design.

The dragon looked like a gigantic bullet.

Next, Lancelot vanished.

Yes, the dragon disappeared in an instant.

In front of many people, the dragon disappeared.

A few seconds later, sonic booms greeted the crowd as a meteoric light emerged from within the sea of flames. The meteor went up into the clouds above. In no time at all, the meteor was already near the only other duelist here.

Silvia rode Lancelot out of that impossible encirclement.

Walten couldn't believe his eyes.

Veronica also stood up suddenly. Her eagle-like eyes brimmed with shock too.

Ash, Eco, and Glenn didn't see this coming either. Their expressions changed.

What is up with that speed?!

Almost everyone emitted audible gasps. Silvia shook her rein once.


Lancelot's roar had magic power infused into it. The magic power exploded outward.

A sizzling heatwave was released from Lancelot. A few blue magic circles appeared.

Those are dragon-breath magic circles.

Helen and Walten reacted at the same time, they deployed a hexagonal barrier.


Silvia ordered.

A beam of magical light cascade down from the sky like a small waterfall. The magic beam struck Helen and Walten.


Numerous explosions clouded the hexagonal barrier.

Dust and magical explosions blurred the combat zone. No one could see Silvia, Lancelot, or her opponent.

The audience is still trying to figure out what just happened.

Silvia turned the whole battle around after using that speed boost. She used only three seconds to turn the tide of battle to her favor.

They wanted to know if the fourth princess who reared a Maestro while in school can defeat a genius student who defeated an ex-top 10 dragon rider.

If she can then she will ascend from the title of a princess, she will get her own title and honor as the second valiant fighter.

"That speed..."

Ash mumbled.

"It looked like the skill Lancelot used during the Necromantia attack..."


Veronica looked at Wu Yan.

"Lancelot's speed, did you do that?"


Wu Yan admitted.

"I only taught her how to execute the technique. As for whether or not she can put it to good use, we will see..."

Silvia got used to Lancelot's immense speed and now she can stay on Lancelot's back despite Lancelot going into sonic booms.

However, Silvia is still mortal. Staying on the dragon's back for a prolonged period under that speed will put enormous strain on her.

As per the rules of the duel, she cannot tie herself to her dragon like during her training. She has to stay on the dragon with her own skills and will.

She is effectively riding a giant mechanical bull with dozens of times the stamina consumption.

Once she runs out of stamina, it is game over for her.

The speed and G-force from riding the supersonic Lancelot will cause her blood flow and five senses to go awry. Fainting is a real possibility under these conditions.

At her current abilities, she can stay on for 10 minutes at most.

After that, dizziness, blurry vision, breathing difficulties, and exertion will force her to drop or surrender.

Silvia was asking permission from Wu Yan to use that skill.

She wanted to use that skill to overcome the homing sea of flames technique of her opponent.

In 10 minutes, she must defeat Walten.

Failure of which will result in her defeat.


Veronica clenched her fists in anticipation.

"Let me see your growth and possibilities..."

At the same time, something stirred with the smoke.

Winds blew the smoke away as two figures went into the skies. One of them chased after the initial dragon.


Lancelot went into the sky like a silver bullet piercing through the horizon. Helen can only follow behind as it lagged, trying to juggle attacks and acceleration.

Helen is also smoking while Walten looked dusty. It appears they didn't block the beam attack completely.

This enraged Walten.



The dragon conjured multiple magic formations before spewing forth flames.


Silvia did a massive U-turn, dodging the flame breath that breezed by like a phantom and slowing down behind Walten and Helen.


Lancelot used another dragon breath on his opponent.

Walten used an emergency hexagonal barrier magic.


The hastily-crafted barrier was deployed just in time to block the beam, another dust cloud blocked the audience's vision of the combat zone.


Helen's anguished cries echoed from within the smoke.

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