Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1379: Fighting again, the instant end of a battle


The brilliant light flowed like a stream of stars into the sky. The Astral energy coated Gawain like a silk robe.

The Astral quickly suffused Gawain as he quickly regained his former strength.


Wu Yan’s eyes lit up.

“It’s Astral.”

The brilliant starlight-esque energy is the Astral, the life force sustaining lifeforms on this world.

The Astral quickly started spreading in Gawain.

This is proof that Gawain’s Astral Pathway recovered.

Gawain also knew about this. He bellowed as the tentacles around him shattered.


As if to celebrate his return to power, Gawain cast a magic formation.


The magic formation created a thick jet of flames that incinerated the 10 undead Stradas that besieged him before. In no time at all, he returned the undead dragons to their ashen forms.

Lucca also successfully rode Gawain.

“Lord Rowan!”

Lucca is beaming radiantly. Like an elf in fairy tales, her smile lit up the night.

“You did it! Good job, Lucca!”

Wu Yan also patted Gawain’s neck when they descended near him.

“Well, you happy with the results?”


Gawain responded with gratitude.

The dragon couldn’t thank him enough for providing emergency supplies of Astral, and, more importantly, for helping his master recover from her fear of flying.

Through the Astral Pathway, Gawain knows Lucca still needs time to overcome the fear of flying, but her strong feelings for Gawain overpowered her own fears and doubts.

Lucca should be able to ride him properly now.

Gawain is just as happy as he is thankful for Wu Yan’s help.

“Well, if you want to thank me then stop creating trouble for other people.”

Wu Yan chuckled.

“I don’t want to deal with your crap again.”

Gawain lowered his head in shame.

“Lord Rowan!”

Lucca announced her intention loudly. She is high on the joys of flying with Gawain again.

“I want to join the fight!”

“Join the fight?”

Wu Yan looked at the other undead dragons still sieging the academy.

“Right, the Necromantias are still around…”

“Lord Rowan.”

Lucca suddenly said.

“Can I ask you to do something for me?”

“Oh, a request, eh?”

Wu Yan crossed his arms.

“Not another invitation to get in bed together, I presume?”

Lucca shook her head with a red face.

“No, I want Lord Rowan to ride Gawain with me!”


He gasped.


Lucca revealed a strong will in her eyes.

“I want to do the Dragon Dance again. I know I can quell this undead uprising but I fear I may not be able to stop my fear from haunting me mid-flight.”


Wu Yan continued.

“You’re saying you won’t be as afraid with me around?”

“Yes, if it’s Lord Rowan…”

Lucca explained.

“I am sure I can do it.”

Wu Yan scratched his cheek.

“Fine, I guess I can pitch in.”

Wu Yan jumped on top of Gawain before placing his hands on Lucca’s waist.

“Here, not as afraid now?”

Wu Yan whispered into her pointy ears.

“Just do your best, I will make sure to hang onto you.”


Lucca nodded with a firm look.



Gawain started emitting a ton of magic power.

Lucca grabbed the reins.

She looked back at Wu Yan.

“Lord Rowan…”


“C-can you hold me tighter?”

“Like this?”


“Like this?”

“Tighter please.”


Wu Yan wrapped his arms around Lucca’s slender waist like he is trying to absorb her.

“How’s this?”

The suffocating sense of security made Lucca smile. She closed her eyes.


In an instant, Gawain flew across the sky like a white meteor.

A normal person would lose consciousness from the intense G force. They might even fall off.

But, this is slower than Supersonic Speed.

Wu Yan can ride Lancelot as if he is on a tricycle. Gawain's speed is within his manageable range of speed.

He watched Lucca do her thing.

She started shining with Astral.

The Astral lights drew a trail in the sky when she flew.

Gawain is painting something in the air.

It is the same as drawing a few giant magic formations in the sky.

In no time at all, they finished the magic formations.

There is a giant dragon's head drawn into the formation. It looked mystical.

That is a giant Starbrand.

The magic formation lit up the night sky with its soft glow. Then, the magic formation emitted a giant wave of energy.

Lucca opened her eyes.

"Dragon Dance: First dance, purifying dew rain!"

The dragon dance is like a ceremonial ritual. This is the end effect of that ceremony.

A brilliant light show exploded over the skies of Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.


The rain fell down as a cascade of shining droplets.

The Necromantias that were exposed to this rain exploded into dust.

They returned to their ashes state.

Thousands of Necromantias got exorcised by Lucca.

Having finished her grand spell, Lucca leaned back into the warm chest behind her.

Her eyes brimmed with dazzling emotions.

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