Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1380: Avalon and Nehalennia dragon families

“Another failure, huh?”

Milgauss watched with a dark look as the purifying Starbrand cleansed his dark undead storm.

Ansullivan Dragonar Academy is still burning and smoking like a hurricane had wrecked the place.

If the destruction of the academy was a goal, Milgauss could still chalk this up as a success given the devastation he wrought on the school.

However, that wasn’t his true objective. He could care less about the school.

He just wanted to see the white dragon.

Seems like a massive endeavor undertaken just to see a dragon that can spew white flames.

That is what most people would say.

However, Milgauss wanted to confirm it with his own eyes.

He just couldn’t believe there is a dragon in this world that can make him tremble in fear just from viewing it through a video link.

Since Milgauss is actually…

“Ah, yes, so it was you, Milgauss.”

That familiar voice recalled Milgauss’ attention. He couldn’t miss it for anyone else.

“Lord Milgauss!”

Anya took out a knife as she stood in front of Milgauss.

They looked as a few figures exited the staircase to the top of the clock tower.

Wu Yan, Rebecca, Silvia, Lucca, Ash, and Eco.

The strongest 6 individuals in the school appeared to confront Anya and Milgauss.


Anya is shocked.


“Why are we here?”

Rebecca is still in her slightly charred Arc Armor. She locked her eyes on the two spies.

“Did you think this conspicuous spot was a good hiding spot?”


Milgauss pressed down on Anya’s shoulder.

“I wouldn’t presume so, however, please do enlighten us.”

Ash answered Milgauss.

“Lucca found you.”


Milgauss cast his glance in Lucca’s direction.

“Ah, an Elbaff?”


Lucca nodded.

“My people’s senses are keen. But, I didn’t detect you two at first.”

Lucca pointed her finger at an object.

“We tracked you down by that thing’s ominous energy.”

She was talking about the demonic sword oozing sticky dark magic power.

The blade that can summon Necromantia.

“Milgauss, was it?”

Silvia called him out.

“You attacked Ansullivan last time. Now, you tried to destroy the Academy, I swear I will not let a vile individual like you escape justice.”


Milgauss snickered.

“You’re a princess and a student but I see some of the Iron-blooded Valkyrie’s traits did rub off on a Dragonar like you. She didn’t have what it takes but you did. At least, I am not disappointed with how you turned out.”

“Wh-what are you saying?”

Milgauss sounded like he knew the members of the royal family personally.

Plus, his figure seemed familiar.

But, that is impossible, that guy is already…


Milgauss turned his attention to Eco. He is more intrigued by her.

“At long last, Imperial Princess of the Avalon Dragons…”

“Imperial princess?”

Rebecca and Silvia were shocked to hear Milgauss call out Eco’s true identity.


Ash is confused too.

“Wh-who are you?”

Raising her guard, Eco leered at him.

“What are the Avalon Dragons?”

“You don’t know?”

Milgauss gasped.

“You need to pick better partners, as expected of an ignorant brat, I suppose?”


Ash got angry.

“I had always wondered about your extensive knowledge of dragons…”

Wu Yan spoke up.

“You even know Eco’s identity, you are supposed to be a Zepharosian but that can’t be right. Who are you?”

“Rowan Randall, another pleasant surprise. Fine, since you guys are woefully unaware, let me elucidate you all.”

Milgauss used a haughty tone with him.

“Long ago, the progenitor of the dragons, the wise dragon king Imbolc disappeared suddenly. In his disappearance, two bloodlines remained.”

“One of them is the Avalon holy dragons bloodline, the brat next to you comes from that bloodline.”


They gasped.


Eco is also unaware of her true bloodline.

“What of the other one?”

Wu Yan set his eyes on Milgauss.

“The other bloodline…”

“The other bloodline swore to forever treat the Avalons as enemies.”

Milgauss huffed.

“The Nehalennia underworld Imperial Dragons.”


Rebecca mumbled.

“Underworld dragons?”

Wu Yan frowned.

“The Avalons and Nehalennias are the only two imperial draconic factions in this world. They are the most powerful dragons in this world.”

Milgauss sharpened his gaze.

“Now, Rowan, tell me, what is the true identity of your white dragon?”

“Its power, I felt it, that dragon is on par with the Avalon imperial dragons and Nehalennia underworld dragons at full might!”

Milgauss tensed up under his mask.

“Tell me! What is that dragon?!”

The area turned silent.

“You want to know?”

Wu Yan chortled.

“Let’s exchange a few questions, how does that sound?”



Wu Yan walked over to Milgauss.

“You tell me who you are and I will tell you about my Pal.”

“Sounds fair?”

Milgauss sighed.

“Forget it.”

“One day, I will get to the bottom of this. We will end this here.”


Silvia and Rebecca tried to stop him.

“Are you running away?”

Wu Yan turned frosty.

“Do you think I will let you get away again?”

“Do not be rash, Rowan…”

Milgauss and Anya ran over to the edge of the clock tower.

“There is a bigger banquet in the future. We will decide our fight there!”

They both proceeded to jump down.


Silvia and Rebecca tried to stop them.

“A bigger banquet, eh?”

Wu Yan watched as the two disappeared down the clock tower.

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