Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1381

“Dang, this is terrible.”

When Wu Yan saw the destruction wrought by Milgauss and his undead dragon army, he couldn’t fathom that this extent of damage was done in a single night.

Multiple buildings got leveled with pieces of rubble and wood scattered around. The buildings that survived were also charred black. Some of the buildings are still burning.

The infrastructure was heavily damaged by Hydras bursting out from the sewers. The Asia dragons also created giant potholes in the roads and streets in the academy.

Suffice to say, the academy was half-destroyed.

Wu Yan, Rebecca, Silvia, Eco, Ash, and Lucca assessed the damage while a few injured students were carted away by medics. There are also students with minor injuries walking around, picking up the pieces of last night’s crisis.

This is not a scene one should expect to see in a school.

While there were casualties, nobody died during this attack. No dragons died during the defense too.

This is a miraculous outcome considering the undead army that sieged them ferociously attacked them.

Most of the damage mitigation can be attributed to Rebecca’s timely intervention and her incredible leadership skills in rallying students and teachers against the undead dragons.

Ash and Silvia also contributed greatly by taking most of the fires coming from the undead dragons. At least 30% of the undead dragons were killed by Silvia’s Spiral Dragon Breath and Ash’s Arc armor.

Lucca is the MVP as her purification Dragon Dance returned the undead dragons to ashes.

In other words, Rebecca, Lucca, Ash, Eco, and Silvia are the reason why the school isn’t completely destroyed yet.

They are the heroes this time around.

Wu Yan who is supposed to be the strongest Dragonar didn’t do anything. At least, no witness reports could be traced to his direct involvement in the defense.

Some might even doubt his allegiance considering he didn’t directly defend the school.

Of course, with his power, there wasn’t a need to run or deploy complicated plans like the undead dragon army.

Plus, Rebecca vouched for him so they believed whatever she told them.

In any case, there is an urgent need to rebuild the school. Injured students were sent to the hospital, and displaced students and teachers were placed into makeshift disaster centers. A report was also filed with the kingdom. They had a mountain of tasks in front of them.

Student council room…


The six student council members sat down at the conference table. They pulled an all-nighter fixing whatever they could.

“Come, drink some tea to calm your nerves.”

Cossette pushed a cart of teas and snacks into the room. Her friendly smile and hot tea couldn’t come at a better time.

“Phew, I am revived.”

Ash drank the tea down in one chug. He sighed soon after.

“Fortunately, our student council building survive the attack. Talk about a silver lining, eh?”

“It’s all that Milgauss guy’s fault!”

Eco shrieked.

“Who in the world is that guy? He gave me such a bad vibe.”

The others frowned.


Rebecca mused out loud.

“Is he really a foreigner? He sounds like he knows the dragons and this country well.”

“Plus, he said Eco is the imperial princess of the Avalon Holy Dragons.”

Ash glanced at Eco.

“An imperial princess? Her?”

“I don’t know but it feels like you got some strong opinions about me.”

Eco talked down to Ash.

“I am that powerful, do you believe me now?’

“No, god, no.”

Ash shook his head.

“I am just struck with disbelief. You’re lazy, a glutton, can’t hold your temper, and you even pee in your sleep, what kind of imperial dragon pri-”



Ash got sent flying with a kick from a blushing Eco.

“Sorry for eating and sleeping like a pig, I guess just can’t hold my temper after all!”

Eco stomped over to Ash. She grabbed him by his neck and started shaking him.

“How dare a guard dog like you diss me! I oughta stomp you to death!”

“Y-you’re not stomping anyone to death!”

“Shut up! Do you want to die again?!”

“I am already dead.”

Ash’s eyes started rolling up with Eco grabbing his windpipe.

The others sighed.

“Well, at least we know why Eco can create a mimic armor 3 months after her birth.”

Rebecca said.

“As an imperial dragon princess, I am not surprised she can do this much.”


Eco released Ash. Ash used this chance to catch his breath.

“Lord Rowan.”

Lucca tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve.

“What’s wrong?”


Rebecca & co turned to him.

“You found something?”


Wu Yan shrugged.

“You seemed like you knew Eco was an imperial princess?”

Rebecca continued.

“I remember you asking me about the Avalon Holy Dragons a while ago.”

“I only found out recently. However, yesterday night was the first time I’ve heard of the Nehalennia Underworld Dragons.”

Wu Yan rubbed his aching temple.

“Ash, you need to watch out.”

“Who? Me?”

Ash gasped.

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