Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1391: Meeting the awesome king

Cossette led Wu Yan and Silvia to the king’s throne room after making them change into formal suits.

He isn’t used to the restrictive clothing so he kept tugging at the tight collar.

“Why does the king want to see me?”


Silvia frowned in confusion.

“Given my dad’s personality, he shouldn’t be someone who would be so eager to see a talented individual. Truth be told, I don’t know either.”

“You don’t know?”

Wu Yan asked.

“Right, what kind of person is your father anyway?”

Silvia’s expression turned green as if she recalled something unpleasant. She sighed in dejection.

“You will know soon enough.”


“Oh, don’t be too disappointed, okay?”

“When you say this, it makes me want to know more.”

He heard about bad things surrounding the king.

So far, he only knows the king is bad at doing his job. He isn’t aware of his personality.

If Silvia reacts like this then the king must be a real tool.

They arrived at the throne room.

Immediately, Wu Yan knew why Silvia doesn’t want to bring up her father in their previous hangout sessions.

“OOHHH!!! I’ve been waiting for you, my beloved daughter!”

A dark silhouette rushed at them before leaping into the air. The dark shadow drew a beautiful parabola in the air that would land near Silvia if…

“What the…”

Wu Yan didn’t analyze the situation. He subconsciously kicked the dark shadow in his face.


The dark figure crashed some distance away while leaving a trail of blood. His legs twitched as the figure soon lay there motionless.

Wu Yan finally got a good look at the assailant.

He was draped in regal clothing and he had a huge cape. He looked normal except he needed to trim his beard. He couldn’t immediately tell if he was middle-aged or in his twilight years.

The dizzy-weird-grandpa-looking guy with a nosebleed just screamed embarrassment for anyone who knew him.

“Who is this piece of work?”

Wu Yan assessed.

“Even if he was an assassin, couldn’t they have sent out a better candidate?”

“No, he wasn’t attacking you.”

Silvia chimed in.

“He was attacking me.”

“Attacking you?”

She averted her gaze, she is so ashamed of this old man.

“That’s my dad, the King of Lautreamont Knightdom, Oswald Lautreamont.”

“The king?”

Wu Yan couldn’t believe his ears.

“I know it’s hard to accept.”

Silvia admitted.

“This is the truth.”

Wu Yan looked at the king again.

“So, you’re saying I just kicked the king in his face?”


“I don’t feel any sort of threat at all. In fact, I feel extremely satisfied.”

“It’s okay.”


“I enjoyed watching that too.”

The two looked at Ozwald in silence.

This is why Sylvia didn't want to bring Ozwald up. Anyone would avoid bringing this guy into the topic of the conversation. She briefly ended the conversation whenever they talked about her father.

Even if this king did give him his position, Wu Yan would gladly return it to the king.

Talk about a bad father.


Wu Yan rubbed his temples.

“Why did he jump over?”


Silvia said nothing.

Then, someone answered for her.

“Isn’t that obvious?...”

The dying king raised his bloody hand as if to touch Silvia’s visage in his dying moments.

“To… Give… My beloved daughter the hug of love…”

Then, he fainted again.


Wu Yan and Silvia looked at one another.


Wu Yan sighed.

“What do we do now?”

“Go back.”

Silvia said.

“He will call for us when he regains consciousness.”


Wu Yan laughed.

“That’s that, I guess.”

“I know you guys want to leave but stay for a minute.”

Someone called out to them.

They turned around to see a lady with a ferocious smile looking at them. She beamed at the two.

“Long time no see, Rowan, Silvia…”

They identified the lady.


That is the valkyrie-blooded first princess, Veronica.

Her personal guard, Glenn is also near her. He is wearing his Arc Armor.

“Quite early…”

Veronica said.

“I thought you two would arrive later today…”

Silvia felt like an eagle was staring at her. She shrunk back a bit.

“Silvia said it would be better if we came here earlier.”

He spoke on Silvia’s behalf since she can’t hold a straight conversation with her sister yet.

“Rather, why are you here? Princess Veronica?...”

“You were using my name just fine, why did you suddenly add an honorific?”

Veronica pursed her lips when she saw her father collapse on the ground.

“Much as I would like to avoid seeing this guy, I decided to greet you since you came all the way here.”


“Yeah, the one who told Ozwald to write a letter to Silvia and you was none other than me.”

Wu Yan looked at Silvia while she looked at him.

Veronica explained in a half-complaining manner.

“It is not strange, yes?”

“Strange? No.”

Wu Yan answered.

“Why me?”

“After I left, something big happened in Ansullivan, correct?”

Her eagle-like eyes glimmered.

“Let us talk about this in detail…”

Wu Yan finally knew why the royal family didn’t give Rebecca a definitive answer regarding their response to the Necromantia siege on Ansullivan Dragonar Academy. Veronica planned to get the details from Silvia and Wu Yan from the get-go.

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