Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1393: The source of her troubles, the reveal

After ironing out the details of the security job, Veronica inquired about the Necromantia attack on Ansullivan Dragonar Academy.

Veronica was concerned about the attack.

She is serious about getting to the bottom of this.

Like last time, she personally got down to the site of the attack to investigate. This time, she chose to hear it from Wu Yan who was directly involved instead of relying on summarized reports.

Wu Yan respected her serious attitude. He also cooperated, detailing everything he knew before, during, and after the attack.

Including what they talked about with Milgauss.

Silvia’s mind wandered when he brought up Milgauss. Veronica knew something was up when Silvia missed her repeated cue for inputs.

Silvia is afraid of Veronica.

She didn’t think Silvia would have the guts to ignore her during a serious discussion like this. This means whatever she is thinking about must be incredibly important.

Veronica took another long look at Silvia before ending the discussion there.

Silvia looked at Ozwald before choosing to shelve the question on her mind. She sighed before exiting the room.


Veronica halted Wu Yan.

“I need your help with Silvia.”

Glenn was also shocked by Veronica’s plea for help.

The Iron Valkyrie never begged for help from anyone.

At least, Glenn has never heard her begging for help from other people.

Does Silvia need help at all?

Glenn couldn’t understand but Wu Yan could.

She is just worried about Silvia. Despite her tough exterior, Veronica still acted like a sister.

Wu Yan chuckled.

“It’s fine, I know how to get her to open up.”

Wu Yan said before leaving the room.

“A reliable man, makes me want to retain him even more.”

Veronica narrowed her eyes.

“But, isn’t he a bit too close to Silvia?”

Veronica sounded sour despite asking him for help earlier. Glenn silently giggled inside his heart.


Cossette greeted her mistress like her usual self. However, Silvia continued on as if she didn’t see her.


Cossette’s smile dissipated.

It looks like she is back to her old self.

“Lord Rowan.”

Cossette gave Wu Yan a concerned look.

He patted her on the shoulder.

Quickly catching up with Silvia, the three of them walked along the corridor without saying anything. The air is heavy with awkward silence.

Silvia’s heart relaxed as the soothing sound of footsteps calmed her down.

Wu Yan’s existence helped her out during the first Necromantia attack, Veronica’s visit, the confrontation with Milgauss, and other times.

Without him, she wouldn’t have Lancelot.

Without him, she would never have the courage to stand up to her foes.

Without him, she would never get her sister’s acknowledgment.

Without him, Milgauss’ would have gotten to her mental state.

He must have noticed her weird behavior by now.

Silvia knows how much she is troubling him, her partner.

When will she be independent?

“Anybody ever told you that you’re not good at hiding your thoughts?”

Wu Yan said. Meanwhile, Silvia turned around with an astonished look.

He continued walking.

“I know you have your share of trouble as the princess of a country but you should learn from Veronica. She knows how to get help when she consulted Rebecca and Cossette in the past.”

He is implying that Silvia should learn to lean on others.


Silvia hesitated.

“Why are you always there when I need a push?”

“No choice.”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“I am your guardian, the caretaker of the scaredy princess.”


Silvia couldn’t protest against that notion.

Silvia finally decided to seek help.

"Actually, I've been thinking about this for a while now."

Wu Yan stopped, Cossette also looked at Wu Yan with thankful eyes.


Silvia continued.

"He gave me a familiar vibe, I probably know him."

"You mean..."

Wu Yan continued.

"Someone from your past?"

"I suspect."

"He is most likely my brother, Julius Lautreamont."


Cossette gasped.


Wu Yan also paused.

He had heard about this man before.

The crown prince was sentenced to death for killing his Pal.

He should have been dead.


Cossette said.

"Wasn't he executed?"

"Yeah, that's why I couldn't be sure."

"I just don't get it. Why would he serve the empire and bring destruction to the knightdom time after time?"

Silvia gnashed her teeth.

Julius is someone she looked up to since her childhood.

With one of the most respected individuals in her life standing on the enemy's side, Silvia grappled with her own convictions and beliefs.


Cossette grabbed Silvia's slender shoulders.

Wu Yan also pondered this situation, his eyes had sharp glints in them.

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