Shoujo Grand Summoning

SGS 1399: The questions, verification, speculations, and chance

Outside, along the corridor…

Glenn waited for Veronica patiently.

As her guard, it is his job to make sure she is safe. Even when she is asleep, he has to be ready to defend her at any moment.

Glenn does not need to attend the dinner since the royal family is with trusted guests. However, he waited outside just in case she needs him.

Wu Yan exited the dining hall without giving Glenn a glance.

Noticing something amiss, he raised his guard.

Then, Veronica, Silvia, and Cossette came out with very grim looks.

“Princess Veronica?”

Veronica shook her head.

She chased after Wu Yan along with Silvia and Cossette.

“Explain yourself.”

Veronica questioned him.

“Where did you get the info? How do you know Julius is alive and might be the mastermind behind the Necromantia attacks?”

“Julius isn’t dead?! And, he’s the one who attacked us?!”

Glenn grimaced.

“What is going on?! How is he still alive?! What do you mean he is the mastermind?!”

“Sir Glenn, calm down.”

Silvia tried to calm Glenn down.

“Don’t mess with me, Julius couldn’t be…”

“Silence, Glenn.”

Veronica stopped him.

“I am questioning him right now, don’t get in my way.”

“O-Okay, I understand.”

Glenn suppressed his emotions but he kept his gaze on Wu Yan. He wants to hear what he has to say.

Julius and Glenn were good friends. They swore to protect each other when they were studying together.

It was Julius’ death that made Glenn the cold man he is today.

He continued walking without minding Glenn’s outburst.

“I only said he might be working with the mastermind, he isn’t the mastermind per se.”


Veronica tensed up.

“Okay, let me hear the details.”

“Sister, allow me.”

Silvia chimed in.

“Rowan’s suspicion was aroused by me.”


Veronica urged her to continue.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’ve talked with the attacker once, he called himself Milgauss.”

Silvia explained.

“I couldn’t shake off the familiar feeling he gave me. He had the same vibe as our brother.”

“A vibe?!”

Glenn interrupted again.

“You acted on a gut feeling?”

“Yes, you’re right, we can’t confirm his identity with gut feelings.”

Wu Yan stopped Glenn.

“But, we confirmed that Julius is still alive.”

“He is?”

Glenn clenched his fists.

“The king accidentally let slip that he didn’t execute Julius, he exiled him.”

Veronica said.

“You were fishing for information when Silvia told you that Julius might be alive, huh?”

“I am sorry for the king but we cannot allow this to continue further.”

Wu Yan said.

“We suspected his survival and now that we’ve just confirmed Julius is alive, it’s time to move on to the next question.”

“Is Milgauss Julius?”

Veronica interjected.

“Looks like we have to prioritize uncovering Milgauss’ identity before we can leak this news.”

“Sure, but, another thing caught my attention.”

Wu Yan said.

“You remember Milgauss talking about a bigger event?”

Silvia nodded to which Wu Yan grinned.

“I wonder if he is talking about the Continental Summit.”


Silvia, Veronica, Glenn, and Cossette all gasped.

“You’re saying Milgauss might attack during the summit?”

“With almost all the Maestros in the royal knight order gathered in the capital, the empire would be foolish to start an attack in the enemy’s capital.”

Veronica sounded confident.

But, Wu Yan pointed out a flaw in her expectations.

“I am not talking about an external attack. I am talking about an internal attack.”

“An inside attack?”

“Yes, Milgauss is a Zepharos empire citizen.”

Wu Yan sighed.

“Their airships are already in the capital, yes?”

Milgauss can easily sneak onboard an airship and infiltrate the capital.


Silvia said.

“Even if they infiltrated using an official airship, our checks and controls will filter these people out.”

“Silvia, you’re missing the point.”

Veronica spoke up.

“Rowan means that Milgauss is going to come here with his guardian and/or co-conspirator.”


Silvia was stunned.

“As a guard, Milgauss can legitimately enter this nation. After that, he is free to move and attack.”

Veronica balled her palms in anger.

“If he succeeds, our nation will be imperiled. If he fails, Zepharos can just cut him off as a rogue agent. Or, worse, Zepharos can reveal his identity as Julius and make our scandal known worldwide, showing the impartiality of our justice system. Either way, Zepharos will walk away a victor.”


Silvia is at a loss.

“What do we do?”

“Calm down, we are just speculating at this point. “

Wu Yan motioned for them to settle down.

“In any case, we need to confirm if Milgauss is one of the guards hired by this noble of the Zepharos empire. After that, we can move to the next step.”


Veronica nodded.

“Milgauss needs a backer to come out of his airship. The guards outside will prevent anyone without a voucher from stepping outside their airships.”

“The masked ball tomorrow night will be the perfect opportunity for him.”

It felt like tonight’s calm was an ominous portent of what is to come.

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