Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1404: The Nehalennia Imperial Dragon scion

“Nope, I don’t see it.”

Wu Yan patted Silvia’s shoulder. Letting her hide behind him, he sighed.

“Lord Klaus, we all have eyes here.”

Wu Yan pointed at the dragon that is destroying Zepharos airships.

“That dragon hatched from the giant egg which came out of the pillar of light before that. Now, guess where that pillar of light came from? One of your Zepharos airships.”

Wu Yan shrugged.

“Why is one of our dragons in your airship?”


The others concurred.

“Lord Rowan, are you saying that dragon is ours?”

Klaus sarcastically laughed.

“If we can get the protection of the dragons then a ship or two is nothing.”

“No, the Zepharos are not fated to get the dragon’s blessing.”

Wu Yan denied his claim.

“Your magic engineering efforts are known throughout the lands. I wonder if you have artifacts we don’t know about?”


Wu Yan grinned.

“Artifacts that can control dragons or make them go berserk.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Klaus turned dark.

“Are you saying we controlled a dragon and made it attack our own ships?”


Wu Yan continued.

“The burden is on you to explain why a giant dragon emerged from a light pillar from one of your airships. Also, why is that dragon attacking only Zepharos airships?”

The others looked outside.

The giant dragon only destroyed the airships of the Zepharos empire.

The giant dragon then bellowed while hovering in the sky.


Stumped for words, Klaus couldn’t defend himself.


The dragon stared at the Ferdiand castle with its glowing eyes.

“It’s looking over here!”

“Is it coming for us?!”


The attendees panicked as they scrambled for the door. Klaus also took this opportunity to run.

Now there are only Wu Yan and Silvia here.

Silvia also grabbed Wu Yan’s hand nervously.

“Rowan, we should…”


Wu Yan looked in a certain direction.

“The culprit is still here. It would be a shame if we run now.”

A guy with silver hair and a silver mask stood silently. He gazed at the giant dragon while emitting a sinister aura.


Silvia yelled.

“Did you do this?”

“Other than him, I don’t have any other suspects.”

Wu Yan snickered.

“Hey, Milgauss, is that what you meant by a bigger banquet’?”

Milgauss looked at them. They were taken aback by what they saw.

Milgauss had bestial eyes.

Those eyes looked like they belonged to a dragon.


Silvia gasped.

Wu Yan stood between Silvia and Milgauss.

“Who are you?”


The villain cackled.

“My name is Mordred.”


Wu Yan frowned.


Silvia couldn’t believe her ears.

“It can’t be! You can’t be Mordred!”

“Who is that?”

“My brother’s Pal.”

“Julius’ pal?”

Wu Yan knitted his brows.

“I thought your brother killed his Pal.”

“Oh, he did.”

Milgauss/Mordred said.

“But, he killed the other one.”

Silvia tilted her head. Wu Yan connected the dot first.

“Two personalities?!”

“No, two souls.”

Mordred chuckled.

“The other Mordred (good half) found out about me and conspired with Julius to kill me.”



“Why, you ask?”

Mordred opened his malicious eyes.

“Because I am destined to change the fate of dragons.”


Silvia was puzzled.

“Why should dragons meet the demands of humans in order to survive? Only because of Astral?”

Mordred balled his palms into fists.

“Don’t screw with me. We can just eat humans, they are a rich source of Astral, it is still the same result.”


Silvia felt her hair stand on end.

“I see.”

Wu Yan conjectured.

“Your extremist thinking is why Julius tried to kill you.”


“He knew I would bring calamity to the world so he tried to put a stop to me.”

“He shouldn’t have.”

Wu Yan chuckled.

“What can a dragon like you do?”


Mordred grinned.

“What if I tell you I am the other scion of the two great dragon bloodlines, born from Imbolc, the imperial dragon scion of the Nehalennia Underworld Dragons?”

“You’re from the other bloodline?”

Silvia gasped.


“So, you’re the other one.”


Mordred guffawed.

“Yes, I am Eco’s nemesis, the ruler of the underworld dragons.”

“Another dragon royal.”

Silvia turned pale.

If Mordred defeats the other royal then he will become the ruler of all dragons. Making dragons consume humans would be easy for a dragon king.

Humans will live like livestock under this dragon’s rule.

“Julius tried to kill me but I detached myself and possessed him as a spirit.”

Mordred explain while Silvia trembled.


“This is Julius’ body.”

Mordred grinned. It looked at the giant dragon outside.

“Now, I am about to possess the best body I could hope for. I don’t need this body anymore.”

A dark aura rose from Modred’s body. Then, the dark cloud of evil spirit energy shot out the window at the giant dragon bellowing in the night sky.

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