Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1405: Impossible? Please...


The dragon with angelic wings let out another deafening roar. This time, its red eyes were filled with pain.


Ash also howled in pain inside the dragon’s horn. His Star Brand flashed with ominous dark lights.

The dark aura enveloped the dragon before creeping into the dragon’s mouth.



The dragon and Ash moaned in pain.

Then, the armor-like scales of the dragon turned dark as if something corrupted it from the inside out. The dragon’s wings also turned dark like that of a crow’s.

The giant dragon’s three horns morphed. The horn with Ash in it was gone while the other two side horns turned into spiral horns.

The dragon also had 9 eyes now. It emitted a ghoulish aura that accentuated the evil red eyes it had.


The dark dragon bellowed as if it is ushering in the age of carnage.

The dragons that were worshipping the Avalon princess stopped. They surrounded the corrupted dragon while growling.

Tense air spread throughout the crowd.

The Maestros were rebelling against the Princess of the Underworld.

The Maestros instinctively knew they only served the Avalon Princess Eco instead of Mordred. They rebelled against the usurper.

If this was a democracy, the message would be clear: Eco is the true leader, and Mordred is not.


Enraged by the Maestros, Mordred started brimming with dark energy.

Wu Yan calmly assessed the situation. He analyzed the dark giant Underworld Dragon.

“Mordred took over Eco’s body.”


Silvia gasped. She was tending to Julius’ wound.

“You mean, that dragon was Eco?”

“Ash was within the dragon’s main horn. The Maestros also gathered by her side as if they were her loyal servants.”

Wu Yan explained.

“Other than the Avalon princes, I don’t think anyone can command such authority over the dragons.”

“Mordred took over…”

A weak voice chimed in.

“I deprived Mordred of her original draconic body. Now, she took away the Avalon Princess’ body. Soon, she shall subjugate the dragons and make easy prey out of humans. We are in trouble now…”


Silvia looked at Julius who was struggling to stay conscious.

“Is that you? Brother?!”

“Long time no see, Silvia…”

Julius forced himself to get up.

“We do not have the time to talk, we must drive Mordred out of Eco’s body.”

“Do you have any idea how to do that?”

Wu Yan asked Julius since he seemed like he knew best.

“I assume you know Mordred operated since you two were Pal-Master in the past.”

“I can assess the memories Mordred stored in me.”

Julius nodded. He looked at Ash who was embedded in the dragon’s head.

“If the rider was still conscious, we can use his connection with Eco to drive the intruder out.”


Julius grimaced.

“He is no more than an Astral generator at this point. Eco is also fighting hard against the mature Underworld dragon.”

“In other words…”

Wu Yan said.

“We can only defeat Mordred, huh?”

“That is a viable strategy but we are going up against the strongest dragon…”

Julius bitterly laughed.

“The Avalon Princess and the Underworld Princess must vie for Navi, the incarnation of Dragweiss to obtain true power. However, with all the dragons actively resisting Mordred, it is hard for us to interrupt the fight. Humans can’t possibly defeat Mordred on their own!”

“Oh, really?”

Wu Yan laughed.

His eyes flashed as he analyzed Mordred. It was still busy fighting the alliance of Maestros.

Modred: Level 79

“Impossible, huh?”

Wu Yan slowly walked to the balcony.

His fake Star Brand started shining as an unbelievable torrent of magic power flooded the balcony. The sheer magic released caused strong gusts to hit Julius and Silvia.

Silvia smiled when she recognized this pattern. Meanwhile, Julius had his worldview turned upside down.


Can humans use magic without Fafnirites and Arc Armor?

Also, this magnitude of power…

No way…

“In its current de-powered state, no, even if the dragon achieved its Dragweiss-fused state, I don’t think it is invincible.”

His magic power shot into the sky in a giant plume of condensed magic power.

A dense red fog emerged from his body.

Descend, Black Dragon Lei Xian!”

The space itself started shattering when he summoned his other dragon.

Crackle crackle

A scaly skin as dark as Mordred's but without corruption emerged from the fog. Dark lightning also spawned near them.

In the shattered space, a pair of sinister red eyes opened. Its oppressive aura started suffusing the land.

Julius trembled at the might of this dark dragon. The pressure felt like it could crush bones.

“W-What is that?”

“Black lightning?”

Silvia also gasped.

“I-Isn’t it supposed to be white flames?”

The feeble fabric of space-time got torn apart as shards of space fell near them.

A dark silhouette bolted out of the cracks in space. The dark laser went straight for Mordred.

Wu Yan is also nowhere to be seen.

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