Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1407: Two dragons duke it out


The dark lightning crawled across the sky like a sinister web.

Crack crack crack

Everywhere the dark lightning struck, space itself shattered like glass.

The cracks in space lashed out at anything near it. Then, the scene expanded over the capital’s sky.

The citizens were rightly terrified, it looked like the end of times. Some of them wanted to run but recalled that the destruction traveled faster than they could travel on foot. Others gave up and just kept praying to whatever gods they believed in to have mercy on their mortal souls.

If these are the reactions of people far away from the center of the event then imagine Mordred’s fear of being surrounded by this dangerous lightning.

Its 9 eyes were filled with terror.

The Black Dragon Lei Xian can destroy space.

This terrifying power is something a fully-powered-Navi-fused imperial dragon couldn’t defy, much less Mordred’s current state.

Wu Yan told Lei Xian to restrain himself. If this calamitous black dragon unleashed its full power, the entire city would have been swallowed up in the void created after Lei Xian destroyed space.

It might very well be true that no dragons can beat the Avalon scion or the Nehalennia scion.

But, Wu Yan’s dual dragons are not true dragons. They are vassal beasts who are equivalent to calamity given form.

If the dragons were allowed to go on a rampage, the dual dragons can probably one-shot a peak tier 9 super-powered individual, much less a peak tier 8 Modred.

Wu Yan told Lei Xian to use only 10% of its powers to wreck the sky. Even so, Mordred is already fearing for its life.

No way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way no way

Why is there a dragon like this?

A stronger dragon than me?! How can any dragon be allowed to possess such power?

When did the dragons rear a being of this caliber?!

What is the point of dividing the dragons into Avalon and Underworld dragons?

Why do I exist?

Mordred is already questioning his own existence after hatching a nefarious plan to take over Eco’s body and rule all dragons.

No, nobody is stronger than me.

It is only because I haven’t merged with Navi the Dragweiss incarnation.


Once I wrestle full control from Navi, I will be able to defeat these two dragons.


Mordred started channeling magic.

Mordred has to split her attention between attacking the Dragweiss incarnation and defending against Lei Xian.

This body isn’t Mordred’s. She doubts he would destroy Eco like this.


Mordred ignored the lightning storm and dove straight for Wu Yan and Lei Xian as if its body was a battering ram the size of a castle.


Wu Yan could read the dragon’s mind. He ordered his dragon to move.

The black dragon stored its dark lightning away. Mordred took this chance to ram Lei Xian.


Two huge mountains collided in the sky.

The shockwave blew the surrounding clouds away. The citizens also struggled to stay on their feet.


Mordred used magic to enhance its strength. With Lei Xian’s claws firmly grabbing the corrupted dragon, the two dragons slid further away.

Mordred is hundreds of times bigger than an adult Maestro.

Lei Xian is only about half Mordred’s size. The dragon easily pushed the black dragon Lei Xian away.


With its shoulders pinned, the dragon was enraged that Lei Xian grappled it. Opening its huge maw, the dragon gathered magic power.

Multiple formations formed near the dragon’s mouth. It was pointed at Wu Yan.

“Dragon breath?”

Wu Yan placed his right palm on Lei Xian’s head with one knee on the ground.

Lei Xian emitted a bolt of dark lightning. The dark lightning enveloped the magic formation.


The dark lightning destroyed the magic formations.

Specifically, the dark lightning snuffed the magic formations out of existence by destroying the fabric of the time-space it relied on for existence.

No space, no magic formations.

However, the space around them can repair itself.

Mordred tried to do another dragon breath.


Wu Yan got annoyed.

He must fight while trying not to destroy Eco.

A battle of defense?

“No, I just need to drive Mordred out.”

Wu Yan looked at Ash who was half-embedded in the dragon’s body.

“Black dragon.”


Lei Xian did a headbutt.

That shut the dragon’s mouth.

A silhouette zipped past Mordred. The blurry figure landed on the unsuspecting Mordred’s head. Next, Wu Yan placed his hand on Ash’s head.

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